DOASCC – Chapter 13.1 – The real masterpiece

‘Somewhere Else’ had been broadcast for several seasons, but this was the first time the program group met someone like Xie Ran, who could continue to make money in the stock market while everyone was doing their tasks.

In particular, Xie Ran, for two days in a row, selected the highest increase in day stocks and let everyone suddenly realize that he entered the stock market because he had the ability.

If he did this every day, then wasn’t everyone else just playing along?

The other two groups of guests realized it and suddenly no longer felt any fighting spirit and wilted directly.

The program group was also very ignorant. After all these years of doing this program, they found the loopholes for the first time. But it was not surprising for them after they thought about it carefully. This operation required not only courage but also ability. In addition, in the whole entertainment industry, you would simply never find the second Xie Ran.

It’s just that there were no such rules at the beginning and if they changed rules now, it would be simply targeting people. The program group was in a dilemma.

This state lasted until the third day of the task, the elder group and the girls group sisters who were very energetic in the previous two days were obviously listless just like a broken can.

At the end of that day, the program group panicked. The funding competition was the core content of the ‘Somewhere Else’ . What viewers liked the most was seeing stars try their best saving money.

Xie Ran’s actions not only directly killed the suspense, but also destroyed the mentality of the other guests. If no measures were taken, the program could no longer be recorded.

In the evening, when the task was finished, the senior group won the first prize, with a 200 dollars bonus. While Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang as the second group, won 100 bonus.

After all, the girls’ group was young and their state of mind was the most affected. Today, they directly plummeted and ranked third, with a bonus of only 50.

However, the senior group was not encouraged because immediately after the closing of the stock market, Xie Ran made the profit of 3000 again and his income far exceeded that of the previous two days.

Zhu Chuanjia burst into tears and spread out on the sofa like a salted fish and shouted: “I lost my dream,”

Jiang Wei, an old shareholder, looked at Xie Ran affectionately: “Brother Xie, when the program ends, please give me some advice for stocks. You will be my elder brother in the future.”

The program group was full of black lines. Was it  appropriate for you, a senior, to call a younger generation elder brother?

As expected, Xie Ran just said: “It is not appropriate for you to call me like this.”

Program group: Younger generation still has a sense of propriety.

Xie Ran continued: “Call me Boss Xie.”

Program group: “…?”

Jiang Wei just obeyed: “Yes, Boss Xie.”

The sisters also followed and shouted: “Boss Xie, take care of us too.”

Now, even the basic entertainment industry’s generation order was messed up.

The program group finally became completely restless as the program director had to take Xie Ran to the side and have discussion with him alone. Asking Xie Ran to not continue to make money from the stock market.

“……I believe you can understand this, right? ” The director tried to reason and after finishing he looked at Xie Ran.

Snowball TV had always been strong, especially the ‘Somewhere Else’ that was their ace variety show. How many stars in order to show a face in this program would not hesitate to lower their own appearance price? They also always cooperated with the program group’s requirements.

But these people obviously did not include Xie Ran.

Xie Ran sat in his usual president’s sitting posture with one arm on the armrest of the sofa, slightly supporting the side of his face. Faintly looking at the director, his face was expressionless as he did not answer him.

You could see from his attitude that he didn’t seem to care at all and made the director unconsciously produce a feeling of being stared at from high above and despised.

This was not the director’s first time negotiating with others but it was the first time he felt this kind of indescribable pressure.

Obviously Xie Ran did not show any strong emotion and did not even speak.

As the time went by, Xie Ran still didn’t make a sound and even his expression did not change.

Finally, just as the director’s psychological line of defense was about to collapse, Xie Ran suddenly said: “This is not in line with the spirit of the contract.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, the string in the director’s heart finally loosened as he hurriedly said: “I know. As compensation, we can provide you with three days of snowball TV’s open screen advertising resources.”

The director suddenly came back to his senses after he spoke, how could he so easily show his cards at once?

To know, Snowball TV’s traffic was number one in video sites and the open screen advertising was very valuable.

Originally, his plan was to reason with Xie Ran first and then offer to compensate him for one day with open screen advertising to persuade Xie Ran. This would not only solve their problem but also give the feeling of giving personal favor.

Three days of snowball TV’s open screen advertising was their bottom line and their last resort.

But who knew that Xie Ran would simply not follow his ideas but also with some simple words make the director directly hand over his cards.

Xie Ran straightened up and still looked very calm: “Alright.”

The director wanted to cry without tears, but the words had already been spoken so it was impossible to take them back.

Sitting on the side without interrupting them, Fang Huiwang’s heart was wildly happy as he heard these words. Since he found out last night that Xie Ran could continuously make money in the stock market, his depression and irritation of the previous two days disappeared.

He realized that with Xie Ran’s superb profits, the resources of Ruiyan were within his reach.

The only problem was that Xie Ran had been too eye-catching in the past few days. It was a bit embarrassing for him. Fortunately, he had made arrangements with his studio to fight a turnaround battle with the tasks that followed.

At this time, their group had been significantly pulled apart from others groups so even if Xie Ran exited the stock market, it would have little impact. But without Xie Ran stealing the limelight, he would be able to perform more outstandingly.

But he still did not expect that Snowball TV would actually give three days of opening screen advertising, which was a complete surprise.

Fang Huiwang suppressed the excitement in his heart, pretending to be at ease and said: “Then, thank you director.”

Just as the words left his mouth, Xie Ran suddenly glanced at him and seemed a bit puzzled as he asked the director: “This opening screen advertisement should be a single resource, right?”

“Huh?” The director didn’t expect him to say this, the guests of the program were competing as a group, so the resources as default were also group resources. But at this time when Xie Ran mentioned it, everyone reacted. This resource was actually to compensate for Xie Ran’s loss after quitting the stock market, which had nothing to do with Fang Huiwang.

But Xie Ran was so straightforward that he did not give Fang Huiwang any face.

Their partnership was broken up, again!

The director was a little embarrassed for a moment, and laughed dryly to shake it off: “This can be decided by you.”

Fang Huiwang simply could not believe it. It was hard to not let his expression collapse, but his smile was still inevitably stiff and he looked soberly at Xie Ran: “You…. what do you mean by this?”

Xie Ran was unmoved, gently resting his hand on the armrest, his posture very relaxed: “Exactly like you understand.”





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