DOASCC – Chapter 12.1 – The Aesthetic Logic of AI

Fang Huiwang finally chose to yield to Xie Ran once again.

He did not want to give in and wanted to act tough and insist on choosing a bed and breakfast but Xie Ran did not want to. Now he was going to stay in bed and breakfast when Xie Ran stayed in a five-star hotel by himself.

The other two groups of guests were already a little discouraged because their money was behind. But when they saw Xie Ran really insisting on choosing a five-star hotel, there was some hope in their heart.

Although Xie Ran made a lot of money, he also acted extravagant.

Jiang Wei and Zhu Chuanjia finally chose the bed and breakfast after calculating the amount on the spot. Jiang Wei said, “Now our initial expenses and wages add up to a total of two thousand four. The five-day room fee is seven hundred and five, and there is one thousand and six hundred and five after paying the room fees. Xiao Ran and Xiao Fang’s group now have more than 3800, but their room fees are two thousand, that is, there are more than 1800 left. In this way, there is not a big gap between us.”

“No.” Zhu Chuanjia raised his eyebrows. “Xiao Ran also spent a lot of money today. He had to pay for a taxi by himself, and he just spent 100$ on dinner. They should have about the same amount of money left as us.”

As soon as Meng Xixi and Chen Xiaoxuan heard it, their eyes lit up, Meng Xixi said: “If we choose a convenient hotel, won’t we have more money left than brother Xue?”

They just ate instant noodles so they didn’t spend much.

Jiang Wei clapped his hands and said: “That’s right.”

Fang Huiwang “…” Forget it, his heart was already bleeding!

Xie Ran was not wavering, with his elbows supported on the arm of the sofa he lightly sideways calmly watched everyone gathered around counting. The scene was lively with a trace of sadness.

In the earphone, Meng Feixuan sighed: “This is the world of the poor?”

Xie Ran thought about it: “Probably?”

“Actually, it’s quite sparkling.” Meng Feixuan paused for a moment as if he was struck while thinking like a human, then he asked as he was not very sure: “It is called ‘fireworks’ right?”

Not waiting for Xie Ran to speak, he asked himself again: “Almost forgot, sir should also not understand. Don’t worry I will teach you.”

Xie Ran: “…”

He felt like he was on the brink of failing.



Although the price of the five-star hotel was disturbing, its advantage was obvious. It was also very close to the meeting place of the task, it was only a 20 minute walk which could save a lot of transportation expenses.

Fang Huiwang reassured himself that he could at least get to the meeting place early tomorrow and try to get the first prize for arriving, as long as Xie Ran did not drag his feet.

The next morning, Fang Huiwang woke up early and was ready to call Xie Ran but found that Xie Ran got up earlier than him and was already washing up in the bathroom.

Fang Huiwang’s eyes were hot for a while.

Wasn’t the quality of Xie Ran’s work and rest too good?

But this was also good, at least today, the first place was secured. Fang Huiwang breathed a sigh of relief and called: “Xiao Ran let’s hurry to eat and then leave.”

“Make yourself at home.” Xie Ran came out of the bathroom, wearing a swimsuit, and casually covered himself with a bathrobe: “I’m going to swim.”

Fang Huiwang: “….?”

They should hurry but he still wanted to go swimming?

He can’t be really thinking that he came here for vacation, right?

Fang Huiwang immediately became anxious: “Do not joke, we are in a hurry…….”

He had not finished speaking yet when the room door closed with a ‘bang’, Xie Ran did not listen to him as he went out.

Fang Huiwang felt like his heart was struck again by a heavy punch.

The camera men that followed him, while carrying the camera: “…”

Xie Ran swam for half an hour before returning, Fang Huiwang had been holding back his anger but did not speak as he was methodically changing clothes, eating breakfast with an elegant posture and calm attitude that no one could shake.

Fang Huiwang took a look at the time, at first, he had been hopeless, simply giving up as he patiently waited for Xie Ran to finish eating, only reluctantly pulling the corner of his mouth: “Now we can go, right?”

Xie Ran raised his eyes, seemingly unaware of the displeasure in his words, only giving a faint ‘hmm” as he raised his hand to call the waiter: ”Please call a taxi for me.”

Fang Huiwang’s english was average, but he understood as his eyes just glared: “Do you want to take a taxi? Anyway, we can’t get the first place so why can’t we just walk over?”

Xie Ran said simply: “You can walk over.”

Now Fang Huiwang didn’t have to ask any more questions to know what the second half of his sentence was – he could walk there, and Xie Ran would not change his mind anyway.

Fang Huiwang had a dirty word stuck in his throat. He had never spent so much money in his life.

The other two groups not only got up early but also spent a lot of time in traffic. The girls group took a bus and two senior groups rented two bicycles that not only cost less but were also more eco friendly.

When they learned that Xie Ran still took a taxi even when he lived so near, everyone was surprised but also secretly delighted. It seemed that they were worried in vain yesterday. Even if Xie Ran took all the rewards for the next task, they were afraid he would still spend it.

It was also the first time that the program group has seen such spendthrift guests in this funding competition so for a moment, they were in trance. If it was not for the other two groups of guests who were still frugal and smiled, they really would have thought it was a simple travel show.

After making sure that all the guests had arrived, the program group began to release the task.

The task of the next day was for each of the guests to take a photo that represented the amorous feelings of the Old West City, then the program group would post the photo on their official Weibo and netizens would vote for the one they thought was the best.

In the end, the group with the highest number of votes would get a task reward of  200$, the second place would get 100$ and the last, 50$.

This part was very interactive, because the photos were not signed so no one knew who the author of the photo was before the show aired, so the netizens could vote and comment on the aesthetic ability of the stars with freedom, and wait until the broadcast to reveal the answer.

In the first season, there was the tragic case of fans who unknowingly and madly mocked a certain work only to finally find out that the author turned out to be their own idol, which brought great joy to the majority of netizens.

Once the task was released, the guests began to act, each discussing where they should go to take the photo.

Fang Huiwang and his studio had already prepared for this event so at this time with a plan in his mind he finally was in a better mood. Then he went first to ask Xie Ran: “Xiao Ran do you have any ideas?”

Xie Ran just glanced at him: “Yes.”

Fang Huiwang did not expect him to have an idea so quickly so a little surprised asked: “Where do you want to go to shoot?”

Xie Ran said: “The New West Building.”

The New West Building was a commercial building built just a few years ago in Old West City, overlooking the panoramic view of the old west city. Undoubtedly, the view was good but just because of this, this place was still not a good choice.

Because the New West Building was an attraction, tourists’ photos of it were everywhere on social networking sites, and netizens had long gotten tired of seeing it.  

Fang Huiwang didn’t expect Xie Ran to take a stunning photo but the problem was that this New West Building was located in a new commercial district, nearly half a city away from them.

He has been tormented by Xie Ran for two days so now he subconsciously blurted out: “Are you going to take a taxi again?”

Xie Ran smiled: “Do you have an opinion about it?”

“……” Fang Huiwang stifled: “No.”

How could he dare to have an opinion? It was not him who was breaking up their partnership.

In the end, they spent a lot of money to take a taxi to the New West Building. Xie Ran would definitely take a taxi back and forth so frugality was impossible, Even the director was made speechless again.




In fact, Xie Ran’s artistic aesthetic level was average. Because of his lack of emotions, it was difficult for him to deeply understand the feelings presented in the works of art, but he was born with a keen eye for numbers and logic.

“The lens should rotate 13 degrees to the left and rise by 5.1 degrees. There are still some deviations, move down by another 0.5 degrees. This is it….” In the headphones, Meng Feixuan accurately reported the coordinates.

The cameras sent by the program group were connected to the Internet so where there was network, there was Meng Feixuan.

While listening, Xie Ran precisely adjusted the lens of the camera in his hand and finally, with Meng Feixuan’s confirmation, he pressed the camera button and took a photo.

Meng Feixuan: “The angle is perfect but the lighting is poor, let me give it a try.”

Xie Ran: “No need.”

Meng Feixuan: “Sir, you have to believe in my ps technology. I have perfect aesthetic logic.”

“I know, your logic was designed by me but you should also know that..” Xie Ran faintly said, “…too much is sometimes not good.”

“Wait, let me check my code.” Meng Feixuan paused for a moment, “There’s really this one.”

He sighed: “It seems I’ve evolved again without realizing it.”

Xie Ran: “…”


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