DOASCC – Chapter 43.2 – The Painting Style Is Not Right

Traveling speed from the other gate was almost the same, so Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang, together with the other Dynasty Smoke Pavilions members also arrived at the game at this time, bumping into Xie Ran and the others. When enemies meet outside, they would naturally catch each other’s eyes.

The previous scene in the desert was so unexpected that no one expected that Tsubaki Flute, one of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion’s experts, wouldn’t be able to win against a chicken and would be pecked to death by it.

Since the start of the game, some players have been killed by other players’ pets, and some have been killed by monsters, but no one had ever heard of someone being pecked to death by the most common chicken on the outskirts of the city! In particular, the chicken was so fierce that it was something that had never been seen before!

The people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion were terrified. The scene was in chaos, plus the people from the Wind and Rain guild were right in front of them. They were so confused that they didn’t dare to look for trouble with Xie Dafang for a while. By the time they calmed down, Xie Dafang and his men were already far away.

Tsubaki Flute was still on his way from the resurrection point, so when the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members encountered Xie Dafang and Meng Feixiang, they naturally wanted to seek revenge. However, there were various NPCs at the ticket gates that maintained order. The fierce chicken was also still there, so they didn’t dare to make any moves, so they could only verbally taunt them.

Jian Jingsheng, as Dynasty Smoke Pavilion’s guild master, did not pay enough attention and let Xie Dafang walk away. But now he could not help stepping forward and was about to speak, when he noticed Xie Dafang and Meng Feixuan holding hands.

At this moment, he seemed to feel the spring breeze blowing over Bright Moon City, as the whole desert grew into a green prairie. Jian Jingsheng subconsciously clenched his fist and coldly looked at Xie Ran. “Xie Dafang, when the Martial Arts Conference is over, let’s have a match.” Xie Ran did not even glance at him, as he faintly said, “Not interested.”

“It’s not up to whether you’re interested or not.” Jian Jingsheng’s heart was burning with a fire. He could no longer tell what he was feeling every time Xie Dafang did something amazing. Every time the forum or world channel discussed Xie Dafang enthusiastically, the resentment in his heart would rise.

Obviously Xie Dafang was just a counterfeit. Just a stand-in, so how could he be more outstanding and eye-catching than Yin Luyan? How come even Yin Luoyan looked at him differently?

Why did everyone in the entire server think that Jian Jingsheng was the one abandoned by Xie Dafang? The only way to prove that he was better than Xie Dafang was to kill him with his own hands, showing everyone that Xie Dafang wasn’t important to him.

As if to show his determination, Jian Jingsheng turned his head to the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion member next to him and motioned, “Keep an eye on Xie Dafang, don’t let him get away.”

“All right, guild master.” The man nodded. The other members from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion also smiled with pleasure on hearing his words, seeing that Jian Jingsheng was finally determined to deal with Xie Dafang himself. With his strength today, he would definitely be able to wipe out this shame.

Another member added contemptuously, “He doesn’t even have a ticket. Doesn’t he know that even if he comes into the central city, he can only stare?” Fu Guang hated Xie Dafang from the bottom of his heart, so he slightly hooked his lips and sneered. “Xie Dafang, why don’t I give you a ticket? You can sit with us and save some money, saving all of us trouble.”

The man in front said, “Then he would be too cheap. All our tickets are for good seats.” Because Jian Jingsheng was a candidate in the finals, Dynasty Smoke Pavilion was given priority when buying tickets for relatives and friends.

Xie Ran didn’t answer and the Wind and Rain guild members became anxious. Bancheng Yanyu hurriedly came forward. “Brother Jian, why don’t you…”

Before he could finish speaking, a sudden hearty laugh could be heard from the direction of the central city gate, as the voice of a middle-aged man sounded. “Boss Xie, Brother Meng, you have finally arrived!” The ticket gate was packed with players waiting in line to enter, but as soon as this loud voice was heard, everyone subconsciously followed after it.

The founder of the Martial Arts Conference, Yang Xianyun, a Big Boss whose face was plastered on all the major forums during this period of time, came out of the gate with his wife Yan Xiaomai to greet Xie Dafang enthusiastically and shook his hand in a friendly manner.

Yang Xianyun said, “Boss Xie, if you wanted to come over, why didn’t you say it earlier? We would come to pick both of you up outside the city.” Xie Ran just waved his hand. “No harm.”

He hadn’t paid any attention to the Martial Arts Conference before, so naturally he didn’t buy tickets in advance. Today, he came over on a whim. He originally planned to buy tickets from other players, but unexpectedly found two invitations that Yang Xiangyun sent to him in his backpack, so only directly sent a letter back to Yang Xiangyun after arriving in Bright Moon City. “Boss Xie, Brother Meng, this way please.” Yang Xiangyun and Yan Xiaomai showed the way, as they gestured to Xie Ran to go first.

Yang Xiangyun was the Lord of Bright Moon City. After he personally greeted him, none of the NPC guards dared to stop him, so they hurriedly moved to the side and opened the road in an orderly manner. Xie Ran looked back at the people from the Wind and Rain guild and said, “We will go in first.”

The Wind and Rain guild members just nodded foolishly. “Oh.” In fact, it was not only them. All the players at the ticket gates were collectively dumbfounded, as they looked at Yang Xiangyun and Yan Xiaomai. The two Big Bosses unexpectedly, personally came out to pick people up. Yang Xianyun also shook hands with Xie Ran and said, “Boss Xie.” 

They felt that there was a sense of resemblance to TV news about leaders meeting. The modern kind. It was very fascinating.

The members from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion, who were just mocking Xie Ran, opened their mouths wide, making all the unfinished words stick in their throats and they were unable to make a sound.

After Xie Ran finished his greetings, he no longer cared about the Wind and Rain guild members’ reaction and just went together with Meng Feixuan and Xiaojiu to the city center.

Before leaving, Meng Feixuan suddenly turned around and pointed in the direction of Dynasty Smoke Pavilion with a sinister smile as he spoke to the gatekeeper. “I suspect that these people have prohibited items on them. I suggest that you search them properly.”

Meng Feixuan was Yang Xianyun’s valuable guest, so when he spoke, the gate guards naturally paid attention to it. They all immediately looked towards the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members. Dynasty Smoke Pavilion… !!!!

The Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members naturally did not have prohibited items on their bodies. Who among the players didn’t have weapons or medicine on them? But after all, they couldn’t resist being searched.

Because the gatekeeper NPC were designated by the game company specifically to maintain order in the competition and prevent people from making trouble they all had overriding system judgment of the players. After they were finally released, Jian Jingsheng and Fu Guang led the Dynasty Smoke Pavillion members inside to the city center.

The game company’s intention to earn more money with ticket sales was well known, so the vast courtyard was trapezoidal, with bleachers on three sides of a square ring which was in the middle, making the whole scene similar to a giant concert stadium.

The north-facing part of the courtyard was the hall where the Bright Moon City NPCs lived, so they couldn’t build a grandstand there. However, they still fit several rows of luxurious seats outside the hall, high above the ground, with an extraordinary view. The seats for the top 20 players in the competition were all arranged there, showing everyone that they were different from ordinary audience members, while also publicly encouraging other players.

However, the players could only sit up to the second row according to the ranking, while the positions in the first row in neat and tidy manner were dedicated to all the major sect Bosses, Zhulu mountain sect master Fang Muhao, the Blade God Family’s Blade God heir, the Penglai Island master, the nameless green shirted guest warrior etc. 

These Bosses were all invited by the system to watch the competition. This was also one of the gimmicks in the final. The game’s Big Bosses gathered together was an undoubtedly huge psychological stimulation and visual for the players.

The people from the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion were delayed for quite a long time, so at this point basically the entire audience had already arrived and sat in the venue, making the whole scene crowded and extremely lively. What’s more, many people kept pointing in the direction of the north seats, occasionally accompanied by cheers and screams.


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