FDS – Chapter 12.1

It would have been nice if there was rice. Zhao Yunxiao, who had already finished preparation, waited for the return of Yunhuo while continuing to clean the dried animal skins by the light of the fire. Feeling hungry he eats a yellow fruit to fill his stomach. When the bone soup turned milky white, the sound of Yunhuo’s big wings stirring the air finally could be heard, making Zhao Yunxiao stand up and shout at the flying figure in the firelight, “Yunhuo!”

A flash of red landed, it was Yunhuo who returned with something in his mouth. Zhao Yunxiao rushed forward. Yunhuo dropped the thing in his mouth on the ground, and Zhao Yunxiao, who saw what it was, felt like he was instantly struck in his heart by something. It was some beast skin, very beautiful, beast skin. The fur of this beast skin was not very long and its color transitioned from pure white to shiny red layer by layer, just as if it was dyed to look like this. There were a total of five skins on the ground, with blood stains, enough for Zhao Yunxiao to make a three-body leather coat.

Zhao Yunxiao reached out and hugged Yunhuo, whose mouth still smelled of blood. He wrapped himself around Yunhuo’s neck and said into his ear: “Thank you….  As a matter of fact, I can wear anything so there was no need to look for such beautiful leather. “

The eyes of Yunhuo were as bright as rubies in the firelight. The meat of gophers was not tasty but its skin was very beautiful so females liked clothes made from gopher fur. But gophers were very difficult to catch, not only could they only be seen in the depths of the forest at night, their claws and teeth were poisonous, so even if you caught them but were bitten or scratched by them and didn’t take antidote herb on time only death awaits you. Only females with very strong partners could wear clothes made from gopher fur and even then they would be envied by others. In his old tribe only two or three females were able to wear such clothes.

Zhao Yunxiao did not understand how difficult and dangerous it was to get the gopher skin, but this did not prevent him from being moved by this action of Yunhuo. Grabbing the fur on Yunhuo’s neck he didn’t want to let go even though Yunhuo’s mouth had a thick unpleasant blood smell that made him uncomfortable. Yunhuo, who was tightly held by the female, was so happy that he felt he was floating. A few gopher furs were nothing, as long as “his” female liked them. He will make sure that all “her” clothing would be made from gopher skin.

He gently pushed Zhao Yunxiao away with his foreleg and then Yunhuo flew to the waterfall to clean his face and paws. Zhao Yunxiao put those fresh skins aside first and started cooking. Putting the mashed meat in a relatively small pot, Zhao Yunxiao put the pot into another larger pot half-full with water before covering it with a lid. He was going to steam meat for Yunhuo to eat. Yunhuo watched Zhao Yunxiao’s actions curiously, tail wagging. Zhao Yunxiao, using animal skins as oven mitts, brought the pot down before adding a little more wood to the fire. It was already getting dark and this was their lighting tool.

Zhao Yunxiao scooped up a bowl of bone soup, and then used long thick wooden sticks to stir the soup to make it cool down faster. The soup made from dinosaur bones was much more fragrant than ones made from other bones, also the cooked dinosaur bones looked more transparent. What was even more amazing was that the bone marrow of dinosaur bones was not white even after being cooked, but transparent. Zhao Yunxiao can’t even bear to eat it.

Yunhuo laid motionless on his stomach, enjoying the happiness of the female preparing dinner for him. This was the second happiest moment he looked forward most to every day. Number one was of course sleeping with a female every night. The mountains and forests were colder at night so the soup soon cooled down. Zhao Yunxiao brought a big pot of soup to Yunhuo and let him  enjoy it. Yunhuo licked Zhao Yunxiao’s hand and then bowed his head to drink soup. At the first sip, he paused and then drank without any further pause. Zhao Yunxiao was glad that Yunhuo liked his soup so he picked up his own bowl and drank it. Mhmm, it really tasted very good, he didn’t expect that the bone soup made from dinosaur bones would be so delicious! Ah, the beans were also delicious! It might be true that wild ones tasted better than the farmed ones!

All the meat in modern society was artificially farmed but in this strange foreign world, Zhao Yunxiao ate the original flavors every day, but… it would be nice to have rice or other staple foods. The fragrance of meatloaf also drifted out so Zhao Yunxiao quickly finished the last sip of soup before picking two small scraps of animal skin and opening the lid. Hot steam made the fragrance even more intense, so even Yunhuo, who just a moment ago had his head buried in the pot raised his head. The soup in the pot was already emptied. Poking the meatloaf with a wooden spoon, Zhao Yunxiao made sure that it was not cooked yet so he covered the pot back. Thinking that tomorrow he should find a suitable branch to make chopsticks, or go to the warehouse to see if there were any bones suitable for chopsticks.

“Yunhuo, it will take a little longer to eat meatloaf,” Zhao Yunxiao continued to clean up the animal skins. The animal skin that had been wiped first was taken into the “bedroom” and laid on the stone bed. Zhao Yunxiao spread the hardest piece of leather on the edge of the stone bed as a mat before looking down at his dirty and torn cloth shoes…. Zhao Yunxiao added another item to what he had to do – shoes.

The cave was very dark, and only a faint part of the light from the fire outside the cave shone in. Zhao Yunxiao thought that tomorrow he would see how to increase the brightness of the cave at night without creating too much smoke. Without staying too long inside, Zhao Yunxiao went out. Yunhuo not only finished all of the soup but even the beans were all eaten clean.

Since the meatloaf was not ready yet, Zhao Yunxiao consciously sat down beside Yunhuo laying on his thick belly. The red eyes of Yunhuo were bright, and his front claws consciously took Zhao Yunxiao’s shoulders and brought him to his neck. Zhao Yunxiao was resting on Yunhuo’s neck and forelimbs, fitting there perfectly. Putting his arms around him Zhao Yunxiao lifted Yunhuo’s claws, which were sharp and hard, even his claws were of pale red color. He raised it, and Yunhuo opened his claws so Zhao Yunxiao could touch his paws, Yunhuo also  folded his claws as if he were holding Zhao Yunxiao’s hand.

Not worried about  Yunhuo catching him at all, Zhao Yunxiao rubbed Yunhuo’s thick pads, and then tried to stretch out his fingers to shake his claws.  Yunhuo’s claws were folded so it almost looked like their fingers were interlocked.  Zhao Yunxiao turned his head, looking into Yunhuo’s focused gaze. His heart pounded as Yunhuo’s head moved, gently rubbing his head and rubbing his face, careful not to let his sword teeth poke him.

Zhao Yunxiao held one hand with Yunhuo’s and stroked Yunhuo’s face with the other. He sensed that something was beating violently behind him, just like his own heart. Realizing that it was the heartbeat of Yunhuo, Zhao Yunxiao closed his eyes and raised his head slightly. He didn’t know what he wanted at this moment but due to his feelings he subconsciously made this invitation. The breath belonging to Yunhuo approached and something soft and wet gently licked across his lips, the clasped claws loosened, and just before Zhao Yunxiao eyes could open, he was locked firmly and forcefully in Yunhuo’s arms.

“Woo—” In the low cry of the beast a bit of sadness that Zhao Yunxiao did not understand could be heard.

Yunhuo…. If, if he had to say it he didn’t mind being with a beast… Zhao Yunxiao knew that he had already fallen in love and was more and more attracted by Yunhuo tenderness than Lin Mingyuan.

“Yunhuo, do you think it’s good for us to be together like this?”

Yunhuo did not answer as he just liked Zhao Yunxiao’s face and his exposed body. Then he hugged Zhao Yunxiao’s forelimbs so hard as if he wanted to rub him into his own body.  Just as Yunhuo licked him, Zhao Yunxiao quietly stroked Yunhuo. But when the smell of meatloaf become more intense, he patted Yunhuo: “The meatloaf is ready.”



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