FDS – Chapter 4.1

Walking slowly into the lake, Zhao Yunxiao didn’t stop until the lake water submerged his chest and abdomen. After standing in the lake for more than ten minutes, he slowly moved aside, the water weeds were winding around his ankles, so he was careful with every step he took. It was not until he was exhausted that he swam back to the shore.

The cold night wind blew strongly as Zhao Yunxiao, who was soaked all over, shivered, and hurried back to the rock cave by the lake.  The lake was surrounded by forest on three sides and a rocky cliff on one side. Zhao Yunxiao found a small cave in the rock formation which was the best hideout he could find so far.

When he went back to the cave, he took off his wet clothes and put them at the entrance of the cave to dry, and then blocked the hole with the stones he had brought. Zhao Yunxiao took a stone and drew a line on the rock wall. There were already several lines there, which meant that another day had passed.

The sun was hot during the day, but the wind during the night at woods was a bit chilly, there were also sporadic calls of wild animals. Counting the lines on the stone wall, there were already 19. Zhao Yunxiao still could not believe that he had come to such a strange place, let alone that he had actually traveled through it. He remembers falling into the water, and when he woke up, he was not in the hospital, but by the lake, which was a completely different place from where he fell into the water. The lake where he fell into the water was so large that it could not be seen at a glance, but the area of this lake was small and not very deep.

After the initial panic, Zhao Yunxiao had to calm down. The blood red moon overhead at night reminded him that this was another world. The place where he fell into the water was surrounded by hotels, there was no such dense forest and rocky cliff. He guessed that he had probably transmigrated just like in the book he used to like to read.

He didn’t eat anything before “coming”. After “coming”, he was hungry for another day, but then his desire to survive overcame his despair, and Zhao Yunxiao gained the courage to go to the forest to look for food. He was lucky to find fruit trees on the edge of the forest. After seeing a boar-like animal with wings open its bloody mouth and swallow each fruit, Zhao Yunxiao picked up the ripe fruits that had fallen to the ground after the boar had eaten and left and fled quickly. He had really transmitted to another world, in his world boars definitely didn’t have wings!

He no longer had time to bother about Lin Mingyuan’s cheating, Zhao Yunxiao’s biggest problem now was survival. He had no wings so he couldn’t fly over the rocky cliffs, and he didn’t dare to enter the forest. After eating a fruit to feed himself, Zhao Yunxiao tried to find a way to go back. He crossed from the lake, so most likely he will be able to go back from the lake. He was missing and his father must be sad and worried so he must go back.

During the day, animals would come to the lake to drink so Zhao Yunxiao didn’t dare to go out and just hid in the cave he found. It was not until the night that he dared to come out of the cave. At night, only small animals would come to the lake. These animals were very docile at first glance, because Zhao Yunxiao saw that they only ate moss, grass and leaves. Unlike the larger animals in the daytime who looked at his direction while drinking water. Like they noticed there was a delicacy there, their  sharp sword teeth or tusks frightened Zhao Yunxiao. Fortunately, these animals only looked in his direction without having intention of coming to search for him so he was able to live safely so far.

After determining that he was safer at night, Zhao Yunxiao began to try to find his way back home. He fumbled around in the lake every night, but frustratingly he was still here. Coming to this place, the cell phone, tablet and wolf-proof laser wand that Zhao Yunxiao had brought with him were still somewhat useful. All three things could be charged by sunlight but of course there was no signal on his phone. During the day, Zhao Yunxiao, who was afraid to go out, passed the time by reading books or playing mini games on his mobile phone. Grateful for human wisdom, if it was still hundreds of years ago and he needed electricity to recharge he could only entertain himself by making some noises with the tablet in his left hand and mobile phone in his right.

The fruits on the edge of the forest were enough for Zhao Yunxiao to eat, but the most painful thing was that there was no salt and there was not much strength left in his body. There was no way that Zhao Yinxiao could wander around the forest. Although it was unfortunate to fall into this place, relatively speaking, it is also accompanied by some happiness. He found a cave where he could hide, he found a fruit that he could eat, and he also found a salt fruit that could be used as salt. The salt fruit was named by Zhao Yunxiao himself. It was a white grape-shaped fruit. He found that whether it was animals during the day or at night, they would go to the rocky cliffs to pick this white fruit to eat. There was no such fruit in the place where he hid, otherwise it would be impossible to guarantee that it would not be eaten by animals he saw during the day. Later, Zhao Yunxiao also picked a bunch of them to eat but he almost died from the saltiness.

Only then did Zhao Yunxiao understand why the animals licked them instead of eating directly. His food, water, and salt problems were solved and all that was left was going home. Holding the tablet to write, Zhao Yunxiao’s heart felt sour, he missed his father and wanted to go home. If he can’t go back he will either die in this small cave or end up in the belly of one of these beasts. When this negative emotion kept rising, Zhao Yunxiao patted his face and told himself to cheer up. Father now has Uncle Guo by his side, so he should be able to get over the pain of losing him. As for the others, Zhao Yunxiao looked at the top of the cave absentmindedly. After a long time, his friends will be sad at most, not to mention that he didn’t have many friends in the first place. While Lin Mingyuan… Zhao Yunxiao pulled at the corners of his mouth mockingly. He was already too busy taking care of himself; he had no intention to care about what would happen to Lin Mingyuan.

But no matter how Zhao Yunxiao threw Lin Mingyuan out of his head, his heart was still throbbing uncontrollably. Lin Mingyuan was his first love, a lover he had given all of his feelings to but, in the end he still got betrayed. He didn’t hate Lin Mingyuan for falling in love with another person but he couldn’t help blaming him for deception. If he hadn’t discovered it by accident, Lin Mingyuan would have continued to cheat on him. Zhao Yunxiao shuddered at the thought that he might have been kept in the dark all his life and spent his life waiting for Lin Mingyuan to come back home.

There were bursts of wild animal cries outside so Zhao Yunxiao quickly calmed down his thoughts and checked the hole. Zhao Yunxiao exclaimed secretly when he glanced through the cracks in the stone, there was a group of small carnivores hunting a very large animal. Zhao Yunxiao didn’t know any names of animals here and only knew of a wild boar with wings. Unable to bear to watch any longer, he withdrew his head and tried to slow his breathing  to become as slow as possible. If those “little” animals found that he existed, he might not see the red moon again.

The hunting was fast and calmness was restored by the lake as the sun began to set. Zhao Yunxiao brought in the clothes hanging outside the hole, they were completely dry. This was his most  precious treasure. If his clothes were torn or rotten he could only go naked or cover himself with leaves. He did not expect that a modern man from the 27th century could be reduced to a primitive man. After nearly 20 days of primitive life, Zhao Yunxiao worshipped the ancestors of human beings in primitive times, the human beings who could survive in such a difficult environment were worthy of his worship.

When it was completely dark, Zhao Yunxiao removed the stone from the cave opening and went out. Leaving his bag in the cave, he climbed down the rock by moonlight. The moon here was not only of weird color but it was also always round. Zhao Yunxiao got distracted as he climbed down, how does this planet rotate? Why was the moon always round? Are there seasons here? Was it like a new star he lived on and there was only spring and summer? If you wanted to see the distinct four seasons, you could only go back to Earth.

Jumping off the last stone, Zhao Yunxiao came to the lake, took a deep breath and secretly prayed that he would find his way home before going into the lake. Trembling because of the coldness of the lake, Zhao Yunxiao walked in step by step until the lake submerged his chest and belly. Just like he did last night, only after he became exhausted that he had returned to the shore, tonight was also fruitless. After resting on the shore for a while, Zhao Yunxiao took off his wet clothes, wrung the water dry and put it back on his body. He was going to pick fruits that he would eat tomorrow. Looking around, he found no dangerous creatures so he walked in the direction he used to pick fruits, not noticing a pair of red eyes watching him in the forest. To be exact, these eyes have been watching him for three days.


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