FDS – Chapter 4.2

Walking to the tree with bread fruits, Zhao Yunxiao searched the ground first to see if there were any ripe fruits that had fallen. The bread fruits were also named by Zhao Yunxiao himself. It’s not because that fruit tasted like bread but because they could satisfy hunger just like bread that Zhao Yunxiao called them like this. But he was not very lucky tonight,  all the bread fruits on the ground had been gnawed.

The tree with bread fruits was very tall and  Zhao Yunxiao did not know how to climb the tree, so he could only find long branches to beat down the fruit. It took him almost an hour to get the six bread fruits he needed. The bread fruits went bad after two days so Zhao Yunxiao only brought back enough for him to eat for two days at a time. After wrapping them in  broad leaves he took them back, Zhao Yunxiao didn’t dare to stay in the woods for a moment longer. The forest at night was like a man-eating black hole, it always frightens him.

After trying to get the fruits he was sweating and his hands were muddy. Zhao Yunxiao first washed the leaves in the lake water, and then washed the fruits. After washing, he took off his clothes and went into the lake again to wash his body. Without thinking about his father or how to return to the original world, Zhao Yunxiao allowed himself to enjoy the tranquility of the moment. It was different from the loneliness of waiting alone at home, it was pure tranquility. There were natural winds, natural birds, insects and natural forests, without any artificial traces. Even the water was sweeter.

If it was his original world, his father would like to retire here. Allowing himself to float on the water, Zhao Yunxiao looked at the blood-red moon hanging in the night sky. There was only moon without any stars at night time, what kind of world was this? Or was it another new star developed by mankind? There was a sparkling sound in his ears so Zhao Yunxiao closed his eyes, and the unstoppable tingling of his head gave his heart some peace he needed so much. Was it a coincidence or a necessity for him to come here? Life without Lin Mingyuan was not as difficult as he thought. Perhaps, his love for Lin Mingyuan has been gradually worn away in his daily waiting alone. Therefore, he was sad but not miserable. If he wasn’t a neuter, would Mingyuan still look for him? The answer was yes, if only he wasn’t a neuter.

“Tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Two drops of water flowed into the water along Zhao Yunxiao’s temple. Opening his eyes, more and more drops of water mingled into the lake. Zhao Yunxiao smiled to himself, Zhao Yunxiao who had left Lin Mingyuan was still Zhao Yunxiao. The world here will not change because of the addition of him, and on the way his world will not be darkened by the lack of a Lin Mingyuan. He was still Zhao Yunxiao. Even if he no longer believed in love and could no longer marry, he was still himself and no one could take away his happiness except himself.

Floating from the water, Zhao Yunxiao swam to the shore. When he got ashore, he went back to his “nest” naked with fruit and clothes. A pair of red eyes looked at his naked body unscrupulously under the cover of the thick bushes, and watched the man struggling to climb the rock formation before finally getting into the cave.

The scarlet tongue licked the lips as the sharp teeths flashed with a cold light, the bushes rustled, and a huge figure rose from the bushes, its body covered with a layer of blood in the red moonlight.



Zhao Yunxiao hung his clothes under a big stone outside the cave, and then went back to the cave to block up the entrance of the cave. The cave was covered with soft leaves, and he also used several thick large leaves to cover his body as a quilt. After reading for a while, he turned off the tablet and laid down to sleep. He slept until dawn, in daze he sat up and then screamed out in fear and quickly moved back, clinging to the rock wall.

This…, what was going on here?! All the hair on Zhao Yunxiao’s body stood up as the adrenaline in his body shot up. There was a strange leaf beside him just now!  But that was not why he was scared, there was an unknown animal that had been skinned laying on that leaf! The head and internal organs of that animal were removed while the animal was even bound by branches! There were also two yellow stones beside the leaves! He definitely didn’t have these things before he went to bed last night!

Someone was here! Zhao Yunxiao clenched his mouth and was scared to death. Staring at the unknown animal for a long time, Zhao Yunxiao, who had regained a little strength, moved softly to the entrance of the cave and looked out. Outside the lake was very quiet without any animals, after observing for a long time he gathered up the courage to remove a stone to look out. There was nothing outside, so how was it?!

Putting the stone back, Zhao Yunxiao curled up. It was the first time he was so scared since he came here. He shouted “Father” in his heart, but Zhao Yunxiao didn’t dare to move. It was not until his stomach let out a cry of hunger that he realized that it was already noon. Absent-mindedly he ate bread fruit,  but continued to stare at the dead animal, the sun came down and evening came when his stomach once again cried in hunger so he finally approached the dead body.

The color of the body was so bright that it couldn’t have been dead for long. There was also no weird color on the body, so there should be no poison or anything… Zhao Yunxiao licked his mouth, and he admitted to himself that he really wanted to eat meat. In addition to the bread fruit and the salt fruit he used to change the taste, Zhao Yunxiao didn’t have the ability to get different foods. Who on earth sent it? Zhao Yunxiao was already sure that someone had discovered his existence. People? Zhao Yunxiao’s spirit suddenly shook, was there anyone here?!

Quickly removing the stone from the cave entrance and putting on his worn out clothes, Zhao Yunxiao got out of the cave and stood on the rock looking out. He didn’t dare to shout and just hoped that the person who brought him the food would see him. He waved to the forest, hoping that the man would come and take him away. But even after his arm turned sour no person appeared.

It wasn’t a human? But if it wasn’t a human how could they skin an animal, gut it and bound them with branches, obviously for him to barbecue and eat. Barbecue? Zhao Yunxiao picked up the two yellow stones and smelled them, his eyes lit up. Rubbing the two stones against each other he was pleasantly surprised to find that there were sparks! Was that the legendary flint?

“Thank you.” Afraid to shout too loudly in the direction of the forest, Zhao Yunxiao decided to put aside his fear and enjoy the food sent by the kind-hearted “person”.


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