FDS – Chapter 7.1

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhao Yunxiao took the laser stick and entered the forest again. Enduring nausea and fear, he picked the biggest dead animal and dragged it out of the forest. The forest was cold so the bodies were still fresh. When Zhao Yunxiao came out of the forest, the beast that had been watching him roared. Thinking that his wound hurt, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly left the animal and ran over.

Kneeling beside the beast, Zhao Yunxiao examined its wounds. As soon as he sat down, one of the beast’s paws snapped at his body. Zhao Yunxiao raised his eyes, puzzled. The beast half-closed his eyes, and the other paw clasped Zhao Yunxiao again, circling his entire body in front of his own. Zhao Yunxiao became even more puzzled, what happened?

After touching the claws of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao was no longer afraid of its curved and sharp claws. Zhao Yunxiao explained as if he had treated it as a man: “I’ll take care of that animal so you will have something to eat at night.”

The beast’s claws retracted, while Zhao Yunxiao was almost stuck in the beast’s arms. For fear of touching the wound of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao had to press the beast’s shoulder blade with one hand as he said: “I will clean up in the lake now and I will cook a broth for you in the evening.”

The beast whimpered a few times and licked Zhao Yunxiao’s hand, its long tail slapping the ground, not cooperating at all. Zhao Yunxiao was trapped, but didn’t dare to break free with force, the beast was injured. He adjusted his posture and sat next to the beast, waiting until night to cook and clean himself up. Thinking that the beast might want him to accompany him, Zhao Yunxiao smoothed the messy hair next to the beast head. Beast was red, red all over and even its eyes were red. He had never seen such a beast.

“It’s you, right?” Zhao Yunxiao asked in a low voice, but with certainty. A voice in his heart kept telling him that the kind person who was silently taking care of him in the dark was this beast.

“Thank you.”

Red eyes looked at him as Zhao Yunxiao met the gaze of the beast and said: “Get some sleep. If you are injured, you should sleep more.”

The beast’s eyes darkened, sure enough the female was still afraid of his eyes. The hand over his eyes left and stroked down his head, then his chin, neck, and body. The beast closed its eyes, this female already behaved like it was not afraid of him too much so he should be satisfied. He himself knew that his eyes were scary.

The beast’s body softened under female touch and his eyes closed, then Zhao Yunxiao felt himself become tired as well. After a thrilling life-and-death ordeal, once he relaxed he only felt dizzy. But the beast was injured, what if some dangerous animal appears again? Zhao Yunxiao did not dare to sleep. But the more he did not dare to sleep, the heavier his head became. After resisting for a half a day, he finally fell asleep.

Red eyes opened, and the beast gently turned his head so that the person sleeping against his head could lie in his arms. The beast’s heart almost leapt out of his throat. He was so close to the female that he could clearly smell the sweet smell of “her” body, the smell of seduction. Swallowing, the beast gently moved the female’s body down so “she” could rest on his right limb. After swallowing a few more mouthfuls of saliva, the beast took advantage of Zhao Yunxiao’s sleep and unscrupulously looked at his shoulders and collarbone peeking through the animal skin…

When he woke up the sky was already dark, and the red moon hung in the night sky. Zhao Yunxiao only felt warmth. There was something holding him tightly so he turned his head to look and almost screamed out of fright. Anyone who slept next to a beast with long saber teeth would be shocked. Fortunately, Zhao Yunxiao reacted quickly and recognized who the beast next to him was. The beast’s chest rose and fell evenly, it was still asleep. Zhao Yunxiao also did not move and just laid there quietly. Under his body was animal skin and he was resting on the beast’s limb. With another limb the beast  embraces him. No wonder he felt warm, the beast almost embraced him in his arms, so its body that was still covered with blood gave him enough warmth.

How long has it been since he was held so tightly by a “person”? Although this wasn’t a person, it still made Zhao Yunxiao feel the warmth of the body he didn’t feel for a long time. From the point of view of ordinary people, the beast looked terrifying. Not to mention its red body, his two long saber teeth that could easily bite off the human flesh, a huge body and sharp claws. Had it not been for the encounter with the beast under such circumstances, Zhao Yunxiao would have panicked and fled somewhere.

It was strange that he could sleep so quietly in the arms of a beast who dared to fight a dinosaur. Not only saving him bravely, but also taking good care of him and holding him in his arms to keep him warm. Zhao Yun boldly withdrew his hand and touched the saber teeth of the beast. The beast’s claws moved slightly, and scarlet eyes slowly opened. In fact, it woke up when Zhao Yunxiao woke up. It really couldn’t sleep peacefully when it was living in the wild.

Opening his eyes, he saw the female touching his teeth. The beast couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking the female’s hand, then it froze.  Zhao Yunxiao, who was licked by the beast, just smiled and dodged. Looking up, he saw the beast staring at him blankly. Zhao Yunxiao touched the beast’s huge head: “I’ll get the food.” With that, he gently pulled away the forelimb of the beast and sat up.

The female smiled at him…  The heart of the beast was pounding, the smile of the female was so beautiful. This was the first time a female has smiled at him. In the red moonlight, the beast’s eyes looked even more bloody and scary, but Zhao Yunxiao was not afraid at all. He touched the head of the beast again and wrapping himself in animal skin that had slipped off he got up to get food. Unexpectedly, his action made the beast look foolish again. In the moonlight, the female’s upper body showed attractive luster. It was beautiful, this female was really beautiful. The beast’s eyes became dim, when Zhao Yunxiao could not see. Such a beautiful female wouldn’t belong to him.

After eating a bread fruit, Zhao Yunxiao found the dead animal he had left by the river during the day. As he was worrying how he should deal with it, he heard heavy  footsteps. Zhao Yunxiao looked back and exclaimed: “Why are you up?”

The beast came to Zhao Yunxiao and rubbed against him. When he stood up, he was as high as Zhao Yunxiao’s chest, so he really was big. Rubbing Zhao Yunxiao’s bare shoulder again, the beast bowed  its head and bit the  dead animal and raised his foot as it slowly walked toward the forest. Zhao Yunxiao wanted to follow him, but he was able to take just two steps before he was stopped. He thought that the beast didn’t want him to see how he ate so it left for the forest to eat.

The beast dragged its own dinner into the forest, and in a short while, Zhao Yunxiao heard what sounded like fur peeling off the body. He rubbed the goose bumps on his arms and left to the other side of the forest to pick up some dry branches, before returning to the lake and building a fire. Sitting by the fire, Zhao Yunxiao watched the direction in which the beast left, patiently waiting for almost an hour before the beast came out of the forest. Then Zhao Yunxiao immediately stood up and ran over.

The beast walked very slowly, with something in its mouth. Zhao Yunxiao ran to the beast to see clearly what it was holding. It was the skinned and gutted head of the dead animal. Zhao Yunxiao reached out and took it, ignoring the blood stains that had not been cleaned off and went to the lake to clean it up himself. The beast slowly returned to the same place and laid down.

Sure enough it … was cleaned, Zhao Yunxiao took a deep breath. Although he had guessed before, his eyes were still hot after learning the truth. Thinking of the beast silently picking fruit for him, processing meat for him, and looking for all kinds of ingredients for him, Zhao Yunxiao didn’t know how to express his gratitude to the beast. If the beast hadn’t been taking care of him, he didn’t know if he could have lasted until now, or, he might have already become the meal for that dinosaur.

He stayed at the lake for a long time to calm down his mind, only then Zhao Yunxiao returned with clean meat. Wrapping the meat in large leaves and finding a place to put it behind a nearby rock, Zhao Yunxiao did not rest but started to boil water to rub the beast body. Then he changed the medicine, the beast also had blood stains near the mouth which was stained when it was eating just now.

Changing the medicine for the beast, Zhao Yunxiao knelt in front of it and said earnestly: “Hello, my name is Zhao Yunxiao. Nice to meet you.”

The beast could not understand what he was saying, but he was glad that the other party was not afraid of him and was willing to talk to him. The voice of the female was so beautiful. Zhao Yunxiao continued to say: “I’ll call you Yunhuo, okay?”

The beast licked Zhao Yunxiao’s hand, but actually it wanted to lick his shoulder and face some more. Knowing that the beast couldn’t understand his words, Zhao Yunxiao spread his palm for the other party to lick and said: “If you don’t object, you agree. Then I’ll call you Yunhuo from now on.”

Yunxiao, Yunhuo …… If he really can’t go back, this beast will be the only family he has in this world. He hoped that this beast could become his family. Taking the initiative to get into the arms of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao stroked the neck of the beast, the beast fur resembled a male lion, but the beast’s face looked more fierce than lions and tigers with long upper jaw fangs like the ancient saber-toothed tigers he had read about in books. The two fleshy wings on the back were tucked in, but Zhao Yunxiao remembered that they were spectacular when they unfolded. A beast that could fly. Zhao Yunxiao murmured: “Yunhuo…I’m Yunxiao…Zhao Yunxiao…”


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