FDS – Chapter 12.2

Yunhuo let go of Zhao Yunxiao and watched him make their dinner for tonight. Yunhuo’s eyes were as heavy as his heart at this moment. Just now he felt the female’s acceptance of him so now he desperately wanted to possess this female and let her completely become his partner. However, reason reminded him again and again that he could not do it, he absolutely couldn’t do it. If he liked her he couldn’t be selfish and possess her. He would rather just be with this female in his beast form than risking harm or curses from the female.

When the meatloaf was ready, Zhao Yunxiao made a small bowl for himself, before giving the rest to Yunhuo. He scooped up a piece of meatloaf, which was easy to dissipate heat but since it was not very very hot he directly fed it to Yunhuo. Yunhuo opened his mouth and Zhao Yunxiao just threw it, Yunhuo mouth moved and the piece of meat that could only be stuffed between his teeth entered his stomach.

“Yunhuo, is it delicious?” Zhao Yunxiao hoped to be praised by Yunhuo.

Naturally, Yunhuo wasn’t able to answer him since the only thing he could could understand now was the word “Yunhuo”, which was the female’s name for him. But he did not need to answer, he just bowed his head eagerly wanting to eat but was stopped by Zhao Yunxiao: “It’s still hot I will feed you.”

Scooping up another piece of meat, Zhao Yunxiao blew it cool before feeding it to Yunhuo. Yunhuo knew that he should let the female go ahead and eat, leaving him alone but he couldn’t help craving the female feeding him. In such contradictory hesitation, Yunhuo unwittingly ate most of the meatloaf, while Zhao Yunxiao only ate the small portion.

When the meatloaf was gone, Yunhuo drank all the soup of the steamed meatloaf in the pot and licked the pot clean, making Zhao Yunxiao overjoyed.  Letting Yunhuo rest in his spot after a hard working day, he went to wash the pot and dishes. Yunhuo, worried about Zhao Yunxiao being alone, followed him. After picking up the cutlery, Zhao Yunxiao boiled a pot of hot water for him and Yunhuo to wash himself. What he wanted most at this moment was to take a long hot bath, but it was something he could only dream about for the time being. Lighting a fire at the cave entrance to illuminate the cave and drive away wild animals and mosquitoes, Zhao Yunxiao, who had already finished bathing laid on their “new bed” with Yunhuo.

At this point of time Zhao Yunxiao was already tired and sleepy so in the warm plush arms of Yunhuo with Yunhuo’s tail patting him to coax him to fall asleep as soon as possible. When Zhao Yunxiao finally fell asleep, Yunhuo gently moved to the side of the bed, and then got out of bed. Under the firelight, Yunhuo’s body transformed. Untying the branches that made Zhao Yunxiao sleep uncomfortably he took off the animal skins from his upper body and covered him with them. Determined that Zhao Yunxiao would not wake up, Yunhuo left the cave. He left his smell here so beasts in the mountains would not dare to come here making him feel relieved. Looking back at the cave again, Yunhuo picked up the gopher skins and went to the waterfall.

For almost all night, Yunhuo did not return. But as the red moon disappeared into the night sky, Yunhuo returned. Getting into bed and changing into a beast, he wrapped his paws around Zhao Yunxiao who was curled up into a ball because of the cold. Feeling the warmth return, Zhao Yunxiao let out a small whisper and returned to sleep. After a busy night, Yunhuo closed his eyes and fell asleep amidst Zhao Yunxiao’s sweet-smelling breath.



When he opened his eyes, Zhao Yunxiao, who saw that Yunhuo was still sleeping, did not move. Yunhuo fur was very bright and smooth but Zhao Yunxiao had never seen Yunhuo lick his fur so he couldn’t understand how Yunhuo could still be so clean. Was it because he was wiping him everyday? Zhao Yunxiao felt a little smug and satisfied. Yunhuo’s hair that spread from the center in a triangular shape extended from his entire head to his body. The hair in the central triangle of his eyebrow was significantly thicker than in other parts of the face, not very long, only in a thin layer. It could also be said that Yunhuo’s whole body was red except his teeth. Zhao Yunxiao didn’t find any other red fur in Yunhuo warehouse either so he wondered if Yunhuo was the only one so red.

Yunhuo, even in deep sleep, looked fierce but it was only Zhao Yunxiao’s objective assessment since he certainly didn’t feel that way himself. He believed that Yunhuo would never be mean to him for no reason. After looking at the place where Yunhuo had been hurt, Zhao Yunxiao was glad that Yunhuo’s injuries had healed and didn’t leave any scar, otherwise he would always feel very guilty. If he had not come out at that time, he would not have been discovered by the dinosaurs, and Yunhuo would not have almost died. But in that case, he doesn’t know when he would have met Yunhuo. He didn’t understand why Yunhuo avoided him before, was it for fear of scaring him?

Thinking in this way, Zhao Yunxiao felt guilty and distressed.  Guilty for his own shallow knowledge of the beast, heartbroken Yunhuo would think of him in this way. If he hadn’t indicated that he wanted to make clothes, Yunhuo wouldn’t have specifically gone to get him that kind of beautiful fur. Zhao Yunxiao fantasized that if Yunhuo could become human, would he still be silent or even less talkative as he was now? Or would he be more lively? Maybe arrogant? Well, Yunhuo did not give him a haughty feeling, nor a particularly lively feeling so probably the silent type of only a few words? But it was only his own delusions. No matter if Yunhuo was a man or a beast, unless Yunhuo left him he would never leave Yunhuo. As a matter of fact, life was good just like this, wasn’t it? Yunhuo was in charge of hunting and he was in charge of taking care of their house. When he thought of their home, Zhao Yunxiao’s heart was full. Yes, this was now his home, his and Yunhuo’s home. Although this home was very, very humble.

The claws on his back held him tight, as Zhao Yunxiao returned from his thoughts. Stroking Yunhuo’s saber teeth, he smiled and said: “Good morning, Yunhuo, awake from your nap?”

Yunhuo just turned over and hugged Zhao Yunxiao to his belly. His physique was so huge that Zhao Yunxiao still looked particularly petite even if he was lying on top of him. Scratching his chin, Zhao Yunxiao said: “Go back to sleep, I will make breakfast.” There was still a lot of work to do today.

Yunhuo opened his eyes as Zhao Yunxiao rubbed his stomach and got off of him. Once he got up and found that his upper body was naked again, Zhao Yunxiao blushed and grabbed animal fur to wrap around his upper body as he looked for branches.


Yunhuo pressed Zhao Yunxiao to the bed, licking his neck and then Zhao Yunxiao’s flushed face. Then he hooked his paw on the bedside, hooking something before giving it to Zhao Yunxiao. Zhao Yunxiao was stunned, and released his grip on the animal skin, holding the white bead dangling in front of him in both hands.

“What is this?” Zhao Yunxiao was shocked. There was a hole in the middle on this white bead, which was about the size of a pigeon egg, it also was threaded with string, which was knotted at the end making it look as if it was prepared for him.


Yunhuo caught the rope with his claws and put the bead around Zhao Yunxiao’s neck. Zhao Yunxiao felt dizzy due to Yunhuo actions. Pressing the cold bead with one hand, he completely forgot that his upper body was naked. Yunhuo who was satisfied with the necklace, licked Zhao Yunxiao’s face, and with a hook of his claws, he give him another thing. This time it was a bracelet with the same kinds of white beads, but much smaller than the one on Zhao Yunxiao’s necklace, it was a string of white beads, large and small.

Yunhuo held Zhao Yunxiao hand with his paw as his other paw put the string of beads onto Zhao Yunxiao’s wrist, and then licked him again. Yunhuo action was completely like human actions so Zhao Yunxiao, who was already having trouble treating Yunhuo as an ordinary beast, looked at the bracelet he was wearing and the white beads hanging down his neck, and had every reason to believe that Yunhuo was a human who could only appear in the form of a beast, just like the prince in the fairy tale who was cursed to become a frog.

“Yunhuo ……” snuggled into Yunhuo’s arms, Zhao Yunxiao hugged him, “Thank you, I like it a lot.”

On his white wrist, the rough white bead bracelet was definitely tailor-made for Zhao Yunxiao. Yunhuo lowered his head to lick Zhao Yunxiao’s shoulder and embraced him. Zhao Yunxiao buried himself in Yunhuo’s arms, as his tears dropped on Yunhuo chest.

“Yunhuo ……Don’t be so nice to me…. If one day you no longer want me, I will not have courage to live alone.”

Yunhuo’s body leaned forward as he let Zhao Yunxiao lie on the stone bed. Leaning over Zhao Yunxiao, he licked his tears. Zhao Yunxiao did not let Yunhuo see him cry, as he tried to bury himself, at this moment, he completely understood his heart.


Yunhuo couldn’t let his female cry. Don’t cry, I will make you more beautiful jewelry in the future. You are the only female I recognize so I will only give the best to you in future. Don’t cry, my female.



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