FDS – Chapter 11.2

The training and education of neuters was more similar to the ancient upbringing of the ladies, and the educational environment of neuters, pure males and women were considered polarized. Women could go shopping in any style but neuters could only show off their arms and calves outside, even their thighs couldn’t be exposed. The more you showed the wolves the more dangerous it was. No matter how humans developed it was in their nature to reproduce and have offspring. It wasn’t known if it was because of the emergence of neuters but it has become more and more difficult for pure males to resist the charm of neuters. Homosexuality was something that only existed in the ancient history of the original earth, except for the intermarriage between unisex and women which were prohibited, all other forms of marriage were legal – pure males with other pure males, female with other females, pure males with females and pure males with neuters.

Zhao Yunxiao was very good at running a household and cooking, which was a necessary skill for every neuter. Neuters must grow up around other neuters because if neuters can’t do or know something there is no way that he would be able to take care of his neuter offspring. So in this regard, the international community paid special attention to the education of neuters, which were necessary for the better reproduction of human beings.

Even though life here was boring and monotonous, and everyday life was all about finding food, Zhao Yunxiao was not bored at all. Neuters were not adventurous, thrill-seeking, and challenging as pure males, they were mostly quiet, slightly introverted and seeked a stable life so they wouldn’t have too many variables in their day to day lives. Life with Yunhuo like this, no matter how tough the conditions were with only Yunhuo by his side and Yunhuo only having him by his side he liked it.

When you think of it in this way, neuters were actually quite boring it’s was no wonder that Mingyuan would fall in love with someone else. So, would Yunhuo also find him boring? Zhao Yunxiao let out a sigh. It was already hard for him to think of Yunhuo as ordinary beast, for him Yunhuo was a person in the skin of the beast. Otherwise, no wild animal would tolerate the desire to “eat” the “meat” so close to it. Zhao Yunxiao rubbed his legs again that was burned hot by the hardness of the Yunhuo. Perhaps, he was really too lonely and wanted someone who could truly only love him for life. This was the true sadness of a neuter person, if his future children were also neuters he would raise them as lively as pure males so they won’t become uninteresting and dull like himself. After a long time, Yunhuo might also find him boring, right?

Zhao Yunxiao’s heart was too heavy. Lin Mingyuan’s cheating had made him have serious doubts about himself. All the neuters he knew had very happy families and marriages, and the news reports rarely broadcasted any news of neuters being abandoned by their husbands; more often than not, the neuters couldn’t stand their husbands anymore and filed for divorce. He was the only one who was abandoned and kept in the dark for over a year. He was really a failure.

He shook his head to shake off all of these negative emotions, Zhao Yunxiao  didn’t want to become a person who felt sorry for himself. The light brown animal skin that was being wiped on his hand was soft and the fur was very short. Zhao Yunxiao stood up and unfolded it, then compared it to his own body. This kind was enough to make clothes for him, but how should he do it? The problem still comes back to the tools. Zhao Yunxiao put down the animal skin and went to his tablet filled with books to see if he stored any books about the lives of ancient people.

In the evening, carrying another part of the bones and other things back, Yunhuo saw Zhao Yunxiao sitting outside the cave holding the mysterious plate in his hand. He put down things and went over.


Zhao Yunxiao looked up with surprise in his eyes: “You are back.” Then he realized that it was already dark so he immediately put down the tablet and stood up to say: “Sorry, I forgot the time, the beast skins aren’t finished yet.”

Yunhuo came over only to see that the strange tablet was filled densely with strange symbols (words). Zhao Yunxiao put down the tablet on the stone bed and said: “I want to make a beast skin dress, but I don’t know how to make the tools. Wait here.” With that he ran out, while Yunhuo sniffed around the tablet, quite curious.

Zhao Yunxiao came back, holding the piece of animal skin in his hand, and stuck it on himself to show Yunhuo: “Look, how about I make one of these leather clothes?”

With a twinkle in his eyes, Yunhuo walked to Zhao Yunxiao’s side, taking the animal skin and throwing it aside. He obviously didn’t like it. Zhao Yunxiao helplessly picked up the animal skin and said: “I think it’s very good.” He touched it and rubbed it on Yunhuo’s face: “See? It’s very soft and thin, it’s so hot during the day that I don’t want something thick.”

Yunhuo’s response was to hold the animal skin and throw it aside again as he went out. While Zhao Yunxiao who followed him just said: “I think it’s good.”

Yunhuo threw the animal skin outside the cave, and then flew away. Zhao Yunxiao froze as he watched Yunhuo fly away, his head filled with questions. What exactly did Yunhuo mean?

Looking in the direction that Yunhuo had disappeared, and then looking at the newly placed leather bag outside, Zhao Yunxiao picked up the animal skin that had been abandoned by Yunhuo and shook it before taking it back to the “bedroom” and laying it on the stone bed. Then he spread out the leather bag that Yunhuo had brought back,  there were still only bones inside. It seems that Yunhuo has divided the dinosaur skin into two pieces. Dinosaur skin covered with scales was very sturdy and not to mention hard. He really didn’t know how Yunhuo was able to separate it, he was becoming more and more mysterious.

The bones that had been spread out before were already blown dry so Zhao Yunxiao dragged them back to the warehouse and prepared the new ones. It was dark in the warehouse, and it was already the time to prepare the dinner so Zhao Yunxiao decided to come back tomorrow to finish the sorting work. The animals brought back by Yunhuo at noon were big enough for them to have another meal in the evening and there still would be some leftovers. Just thinking that it was very hot here during the day, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly took out the meat and smelled it. It was all right and hasn’t gone bad. He was afraid that the meat would go bad so he kept it in the shade of the tree. The climate here was cool as long as you could find shade, which was not bad.

Zhao Yunxiao was really fed up with eating  broth and barbecue every day so not knowing when Yunhuo would be back Zhao Yunxiao decided to try something new tonight. Ah, if only Yunhuo hadn’t thrown away the animal’s internal organs. No he will definitely communicate with Yunhuo tonight about it. Zhao Yunxiao went to the pile of sunburned dinosaur bones to find five or six of the smallest bones and choose the hardest one from the dinosaur claws and then found a stone nearby that he could pick up with one hand.

Smashing the bone with the stone he smelled it, There was no smell of decomposition, and there was also no blackening and deterioration in the bones. Zhao Yunxiao re-cleaned these bones, before putting them into the pot to cook them, throwing in herbs, salt fruit and some big red beans he found when he was at the lake that Yunhuo let him take with him because they were edible. Dinosaur bones have a sense of translucency compared to other animals’ bones, and were cold if you held them in your hands. Against the light, he seemed to see the marrow, unlike the bones of ordinary animals.

As the bone soup was boiled, Zhao Yunxiao washed the sharp paw, then found a rough stone and began to polish it. Sharpening the front of the claw, he removed the fat and cut off the lean meat on the claw. There were still some unused white pots in the warehouse that Zhao Yunxiao washed during the day that came in handy now. When he cut the meat into strips, he added a little more fat, washed the remaining bones and smashed them with the stone before cooking them with the dinosaur bones.

He then  found another strong bone to wash, and Zhao Yunxiao began to smash the meat strips, which he wanted to smash into minced meat. While smashing it, he added a few salt fruits to them. Smashing the meat strips into minced meat but not to the point of mashed meat, Zhao Yunxiao cut the remaining wild vegetables into small pieces with sharp claws and then set them aside.

Looking at the distance, Yunhuo still has not returned so Zhao Yunxiao lit up another fire as the sky grew darker. The fire shone outside the cave while Yunhuo inside the forest was hunting a prey.


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