DOASCC – Chapter 27.1 – Epilogue – Returning To The Entertainment Industry

The news that Xie Ran was going to be in the new Wang Zhong was soon announced, making the whole internet full of question marks and netizens in a collective trance.

[Did I miss something? Isn’t boss Xie entering the science and technology circle? Why is he filming again?]

[Boss Xie, who is engaged in artificial intelligence and just came out of the closet, looked like he didn’t want to fool around in the entertainment circle anymore. But he suddenly agreed to take part in a new Wang Zhong movie? ? ? ?]

[Did you all forget that Xie Ran is already… Jinzhou award winner!]

[…. as a small Xie Ran acting fan, can I say I am very pleased?]

Netizens were very confused but Meng Feixuan was also very worried.

“Sir, I downloaded a copy of “The Self-Cultivation of Actors”, I can give you emergency training!” Meng Feixuan said.

Xie Ran: “… not necessary.”

Meng Feixuan expressed his disagreement: “Sir, it’s better to be cautious, otherwise with your ability to comprehend feelings, there is a certain probability that you will ruin the reputation of director Wang Zhong.”

Xie Ran remained calm: “That’s also his problem.”

Meng Feixuan thought for a while, and made a sound of snapping his fingers: “I heard that Director Wang Zhong claimed that there were no actors he could not educate, so it is the time for him to feel the mysterious power from the parallel world.”

Xie Ran: ?

He suspected that his system was making fun of him.

Xie Ran quickly joined the crew, the shooting process was unexpectedly smooth and he did not encounter any problems that Meng Feixuan was worried about.

Xie Ran completely inherited the memory of the original owner, including interpretation skills and experience. The performance skill of the Jinzhou award winner was undoubtedly very mature. At least Xie Ran did not encounter too many obstacles in understanding the core of the plot and acting ideas.

Perhaps because of his great obsession with acting and his acting career. In the process of acting, the original body owner’s consciousness and emotion gradually returned. During work he felt emotional outbursts and some strange emotion that Xie Ran knew did not belong to him.

These emotions were short-lived but abundant, which he had never experienced before.

So abundant that Meng Feixuan could not help cheering him on several times: “Sir, try just a little harder you are about to be separated from the consciousness of this world!”

Xie Ran: “…” There is no need to use such tiger and wolf words.

The truth was that these rich emotions did not belong to him and were extremely foreign to him. Wherever such emotions appeared his consciousness and that of the original body owner would begin to appear separately.

While Meng Feixuan cheered him on, he said: “Sir, although the separation of consciousness is a good thing, it also proves that you not only lag behind in emotional learning, but you also reject deep feelings… it’s looks like you need more tutoring.”

Xie Ran: “….I remember I didn’t take this course.”

“Sir don’t be afraid, we will face the  difficulties!” Meng Feixuan was full of passion. “I am an AI who never gives up so you can’t give up either!”

“…” Xie Ran couldn’t help wondering how his AI evolved?

A year later, the highest award in the Chinese film industry, the Jinzhou Award was presented at the scene.

“The winner of the 23rd Best Actor Award is -” the presenter lengthened the ending before finally reading out the name on the card: “Xie Ran!”

There was a flood of applause at the scene, no one was surprised.

The film directed by Wang Zhong was a great commercial success. With Xie Ran’s reputation, theaters were full upon its release, and it took the annual box office championship almost without any doubt.

What was even more rare was that this movie was very artistic, sweeping almost all the film awards that year and Xie Ran as male lead contributed absolute fame worthy performance.

Originally, people thought that Xie Ran, who spent so much energy on technology investment, would show deteriorated acting skills. But unexpectedly, his acting skills were far more proficient than before and his emotions in the scene moved all viewers of the movie.

It could be said that Xie Ran was one of the few actors who, after winning the Jinzhou Award once, could continue to make a breakthrough and make such improvements in his acting skills.

Each of his emotional outbursts in the movie was like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon after being suppressed and imprisoned for a long time.

Obviously out of the movie, he did not seem too emotional and was usually expressionless which could also be considered a spectacle of the crew.

For example, at this time.

Xie Ran sat in the spotlight, dressed in a suit, his short hair combed back. His long legs folded as his hand was propped on the armchair, slightly supporting his face. There was no expression on his face, he looked even calmer and more composed than a year ago, but his sharp edge did not let anyone look down on him.

Unlike other winners who were excited and even in tears, he looked calm as he just sat up straighter, his long fingers straightened his tie before he stood up elegantly and proudly, walking towards the podium in front of everyone.

The audience watching the live broadcast:

[Here we go again, here we go again, here comes boss Xie with a peace of true emperor.]

[Boss Xie: Thank you for giving me another Jinzhou Award, what is there to be so excited about? ]

[Shit, how on earth is he so calm? I was more nervous than him when I received a third-class scholarship! ]

[Isn’t the most amazing thing is that he looks like this in reality, but is completely different in the movie?]

“emmm, I have read a saying that such people are born actors because they devote all their passion to acting, so they don’t have enough emotions in their private life.” Meng Feixuan read the comment section at this moment to Xie Ran and sighed thoughtfully: “It turns out that there is such a saying.”

He “tsk” twice: “Unfortunately, this theory does not work on sir. Sir purely has no emotions.” The person who was bursting with emotion in the play was the original body owner.

Xie Ran just pretended not to hear Meng Feixuan words and without change in his expression walked to the stage and received an award from the presenter: “Thank you.”

The presenter has become accustomed to Xie Ran indifference, and wasn’t too surprised but he was still prepared to tease him: “Boss Xie has won others awards this year, but the Jinzhou Award should still be quite special isn’t it? Do you have anything to say to everyone? “

Xie Ran suddenly paused, then nodded: “Yes.”

His sudden cooperation stunned the presenter for a moment but he still hurriedly said: “Please speak.”

Xie Ran looked down the stage, his expression inexplicably became gentle while his tone also became a little warmer: “Thank you to all the audience and judges for recognizing me, I love acting. From this day onward, I will return fully to the entertainment industry and I will focus fully on acting.”

When he said this, his eyes shone, his whole aura unconsciously eased a little. His face unexpectedly showed a rare smile, unlike the old him and unlike the current him.

It was like his role in the movie, after experiencing many changes in the world, he could smile with relief and transparency.

The audience off the stage was stunned, not completely understanding what his words meant, but everyone still subconsciously applauded.

Fang Huiwang was at home watching the broadcast of the Jinzhou Awards. After Xie Ran’s high profile coming out, many of his past actions were revealed. Marketing hype for star was not considered a fatal black spot, but deliberately creating CP hype with true gay was a completely different concept.

He was at the end of his rope, since then things have gone from bad to worse. Although he still had some commercial performances in his hand, the price and popularity were not the same as before.


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