DOASCC – Chapter 24.1 – Killing CP

@RuiyanAutomotive: Congratulations to the famous actor @XieRan for becoming one of our shareholders. From this day onwards, we officially signed a cooperation contract with @XieRan Studio and will jointly develop driverless technology. Meanwhile our voice navigation system will be launched in August. Please look forward to it.

In fact Xie Ran fans, just like the majority of passers-by, could not help but leave a series of question marks in the comments.


[Children, you have a lot of questions ??? Right!!]

[Hello, can you please take a look at your own post? Do you think it’s reasonable to put famous actors and self-driving technology developers together? ?].

[Xie Ran working on a virtual idol came up with artificial intelligence so at least it might be a little related to his line of work (actually not!!) What is driverless technology anyway?]

[Here it is coming again, ten years after his debut Xie Ran, Jinzhou award actor once again promoted the development of science and technology in China! The sequel is coming!]

[Boss Xie: thank you, people in the entertainment industry, after winning the Jinzhou award for actor, I think I decided to make a greater contribution to the world and decided to develop black technology by myself….]




Ruiyan Automotive weibo was like a nuclear bomb, instantly detonating the topic in various circles. Everyone after posting a question mark, couldn’t help but think about what kind of surprising thing Xie Ran was going to do next.

Although the news seemed to be outrageous, although the well-known actors and driverless technology put together were really eye-catching, no one voiced their doubts anymore and basically everyone accepted this setting in silence.

After all, Xie Ran studio had developed a virtual idol that could evolve itself. Driverless technology was actually only a branch of artificial intelligence, so this could be considered reasonable… right?

…… reasonable what the f*ck! The artificial intelligence developed by Xie Ran Studio itself was not in line with the setting of the entertainment industry. But with the fact already in front of them people could only wonder if they were too prejudiced against the stars in the past.

The news exploded in many fields but the reaction in the fan circle was not as intense as everyone expected.

For Xie Ran’s fans, he had already become the top of the pyramid and was not a simple existence as other artists in the entertainment circle and could no longer be compared with others. Especially Fang Huiwang, if they still battled against him, it would be like lowering Xie Ran’s price and helping Fang Huiwang to boost his.

For Fang Huiwang’s fans who jumped at any provocation they became jokes in the eyes of passers-by. Moreover, Xie Ran was now the shareholder of Ruiyan. If they really annoy Xie Ran, wouldn’t he just remove Fang Huiwang from his spokesperson’s position directly?

In the Yewang studio, Kuang Youfang watched the news dumbfounded, his lips trembling: “How did this happen?” How did this happen?

Fang Huiwang’s face was as pale as his, but he did not lose his cool in the same manner as Kuang Youfang. He squeezed his phone tightly for a long time before a bloody smile appeared on his face: “He is really capable, no wonder… It’s no wonder…”

Kuang Youfang worked in the entertainment industry for many years but it was the first time he felt at a loss for words. He used to think he could play with public opinion like it was in the palm of his hand but for the first time he realized he couldn’t control anything. He couldn’t even hear what Fang Huiwang was saying as he asked nervously: “What are we going to do now? What if Xie Ran wants to deal with us?”

“What are you panicking about?” Fang Huiwang took a sip of the drink as a ruthless light fleshed in his eyes, making even Kuang Youfang scared into silence: “Why would Xie Ran want to deal with me? Do you think he still cares about us now? Is he even taking us seriously?”

Fang Huiwang’s words made Kuang Youfang felt dumbfounded for an instant.

In fact from the time of the New Year’s stage till now, Xie Ran had never looked them in the eyes. It was them who wanted to tie and use Xie Ran, but from the beginning, they had never been Xie Ran’s opponent.

In fact since Xie Ran was so high above, why would he even need to bother with them?

Kuang Youfang was embarrassed, but also relieved. But before he could calm down completely he received a phone call. Kuang Youfang’s temple “burst” as he desperately looked at Fang Huiwang: “People from Ruiyan called, said Mr. Gao was being investigated. I’m afraid that your endorsements with Ruiyan will become invalid.”

Mr. Gao was the head of the public relations department of Ruiyan Automotive and Fang Huiwang negotiated his spokesmen position with him. Naturally there was also a hidden ulterior beneficial relationship between them.

Xie Ran was too lazy to deal with them but it didn’t mean they were safe. Xie Ran became a shareholder of Ruiyan. Although he didn’t mention anything, many departments noticed the contradictions between him and Fang Huiwang as well as the wind on the Internet. In order not to block the newly added important shareholders, the senior management of Ruiyan automatically checked out the slightly sudden cooperation and as a result took down General Manager Gao.

Naturally, Fang Huiwang’s endorsement was also suspended.

The endorsement with Ruiyan was canceled, making other brands also not Fang Huiwang in the future, which was fatal to popular idols.

Fang Huiwang’s posture remained the same, he didn’t seem to be surprised, nor was he panicked. Even the curve of his mouth didn’t change as he only gave a light “hehehe’ : “Not bad Xie Ran.”

Kuang Youfang said: “Ruiyan people clearly said it has nothing to do with Xie Ran….”

Fang Huiwang tapped his fingers on the table: “It was because of him so what difference does it make if it wasn’t because of his orders?”

Kuang Youfang seeing Fang Huiwang smiling even more recklessly felt a shiver go down his spine.

When the news of the cancellation of the endorsement cooperation between Ruiyan and Fang Huiwang broke out, it undoubtedly caused another big storm.

Although Ruiyan’s side repeatedly stressed that this matter had nothing to do with Xie Ran, these people were tied for more than 10 years already so even melon eater passerbys had some conspiracy theories.


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