DOASCC – Chapter 5 – Black Technology

For a while, Xie Ran’s live stream was noisy.

At first, the people who watched the live broadcast were all Xie Ran’s fans, but most of them did not understand the technology itself, purely grasping Xie Ran’s remarks and going back and forth with it.

Until this time, when a netizen saw that a netizen had actually made the remark of a “professional”, netizens were immediately awakened and posted Xie Ran’s live stream link on Weibo @various V technology companies elite that were identified. Those who knew people in the industry would directly send it to the industry insiders.

It was “seeking identification” but in fact, it was “seeking to refute the rumor” and “to hit the face”. Although Xie Ran’s speech was like this, most people did not believe that a star studio could be capable of achieving technological breakthrough.

Many professional science and technology companies could not do anything but a star actually boasted that he had done it, even writers did not dare to make stuff like this up!

The attention on the live broadcast was very high and the actions of a large number of netizens immediately alarmed many people in the technology industry so soon many people in the industry were attracted, triggering a new round of onlookers and heated discussions.

Seeing so many people in the industry V being alarmed, many Fang Huiwang fans and Xie Ran black fans suddenly got excited, watching back and forth between the live broadcast and Weibo. Only waiting for the big V to speak and expose Xie Ran, then they would immediately link it to each other.

They didn’t believe that Xie Ran could turn the car over thoroughly this time.

Kuang Youfang also did not expect that there would be such a windfall in this press conference. You know, in addition to harvesting a handful of two-dimensional traffic, Yewang Studio also wanted to take this opportunity to seek investment from technology companies which was the quickest way to make money.

However, the current market of virtual idols was diverse and really powerful companies would not look forward to star studio’s production. Kuang Youfang made a lot of effort before they could make a release using Black Star brand and it was difficult to hand the project information to a few large companies.

It was originally planned to take advantage of the heat of the conference to let the big companies see the commercial value of Nangong.

Unexpectedly, Xie Ran boasted so much that he directly attracted so many big names from the industry. With Xie Ran as a foil for their popularity, regardless of the quality of Nangong, Kuang Youfang believed that those companies would still consider them.

Kuang Youfang smiled with the corners of his mouth just as Fang Huiwang changed with Ni Le on the stage so he could introduce the technical information of Nangong.

Kuang Youfang told Fang Huiwang about the situation and said in a tone of mockery: “Xie Ran is really your lucky star. No wonder you have been reluctant to leave him for so many years.”

Fang Huiwang gave a noncommittal “snort”, his expression a bit complicated: “Xie Ran was too hasty this time.”

Kuang Youfang raised his eyebrows: “Anyway, he is doomed to fail, it will just help us. When you get back together, your benefits will be also his benefits, he will not be bad.”

“Get back together?” Fang Huiwang looked gloomy. Remembering the phone that had just been hung up by Xie Ran, Fang Huiwang said with a hint of coldness: “In that case, why don’t we give it another push.”

“That’s exactly what I want.” Kuang Youfang showed a tacit smile and quickly sent the information to several familiar water army companies.

Soon, a large number of netizens and several industries’ Big V from Weibo poured into Xie Ran’s studio livestream. Watching, they asked them to compare and comment on the press conference of Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang.

With the power of these people, soon the “Xie Ran virtual idol consciousness” became a hot search.

For a moment, the screen was very busy.

[Please close your eyes, boss, bring me a hammer!]

[Buy it or leave, do you bet on Xie Ren or Fang Huiwang?]

[I bet on Xie Ran but for nothing else, I like his professional spirit of bragging and making draft first Doge].

Under such circumstances, Xie Ran fans’ efforts to control comments was not helpful. After all, even they did not dare to jump and say that Xie Ran understood technology.

Almost everyone was waiting to see the show.

Finally, among the expectations of the public, bigV Lan Zhi, who was certified on Weibo as “Chief Technology Director of Seeking Technology” took a lead in posting a Weibo.

Seeking Technology was currently the largest technology company in China and was also one of the first to develop AI technology.

Lan Zhi V: Mr. Xie Ran’s speech is really wonderful! He mentioned several directions such as the synergy between neuroscience and AI, which is the direction that most labs are currently tackling. His feasibility analysis of the practice of pattern structure theory is also very unique which benefited me a lot. I personally hope to meet Mr. Xie Ran privately and have a face to face discussion.

In addition, at the request of everyone, I also took the time to watch two minutes of another studio live, they did a beautiful job at the character design, for the rest, I will not comment.

People who were mocking Xie Ran with great enthusiasm: ??????? Huh?

What does Lan Zhi mean?

Was Seeking Technology short of money?

Just when the netizens looked confused, several other bigVs spoke one after another, all of them having basically the same meaning as Lan Zhi and actively expressing their desire to meet Xie Ran. Moreover, they even more directly made it public by @Xie Ran studio on Weibo, asking whether they were accepting the investment cooperation.

It was not until this time that netizens realized ——

Wasn’t Xie Ran just bragging???

[Shit! Is what this guy saying true? Xie Ran doesn’t really have the ability to realize the evolution of virtual idol consciousness, does he?]

[Oh, my God, am I hallucinating?] 

[Guys, wake up. Do you know what you’re talking about?] 

[This means that China’s technological advancement has made a breakthrough and it was brought about by a star??]

[Ah, ah, ah, I’m so looking forward to what Xie Ran’s virtual idol will look like!] 

[Add me too!! Let the idol out!]

Not only netizens but also Kuang Youfang and Fang Huiwang were caught off guard by the bosses’ speeches.

Kuang Youfang could not hide his impatience as he looked at Fang Huiwang: “What is going on, Xie Ran could not do it, can he?”

Fang Huiwang said: “How could he understand these things?!”

Fortunately, at this time, the introduction session of Nangong ended and entered the performance display moment. Ni Le came down from the stage, and the two of them hurriedly grabbed Ni Le to ask questions.

Ni Le did not see Xie Ran’s speech so he just frowned: “Did he secretly find other teams to work with?”

“Didn’t you say that there is no one in this country better than you?” Kuang Youfang was a little anxious to put down this fire: “What’s going on now? We’re not really losing to Xie Ran, are we?”

“What are you in a hurry for?” Ni Le was very dissatisfied with his attitude and became angry because of his tone: “The concept of virtual idol consciousness has long been put forward, and it is nothing new. Even if Xie Ran was instructed, that concept might sound good but it’s impossible to use it in practice for now. I don’t believe he could make a break-though.”

Fang Huiwang frowned: “But those big V say…”

“Their perspective is different from the netizens, they look at the future possibilities, so they will push those concepts and theories, but the netizens only believe what they can see.” Ni Le snickered, “It’s useless to speak well if you can’t get it out at the launch.”

During their argument, Xie Ran’s voice came from the live stream: “Next we will invite our company’s virtual artist, Meng Feixuan.”

With his voice, the eyes of the whole network looked closely on the stage.

From Xie Ran’s side slowly emerged a figure, the light gathered together to form a tall dark-haired teenager.

The young man, with handsome sunshine, fluffy black hair and a simple, soft white shirt, looked blankly in front of him.

Xie Ran still looked indifferent as he officially introduced Meng Feixuan’s background information: “Meng Feixuan was independently developed by our company. His birthday is July 29 and he is a Leo….”

Unfortunately, his statement did not cause any waves. 

Both the offline media and the viewers in the live broadcast room could not help but have the same kind of reaction of that’s it?

Objectively speaking, Meng Feixuan’s image design and modeling were not bad, which was built in accordance with the most popular juvenile idols image in the entertainment industry.

Unfortunately, his overall rendering still could not get rid of the common sense of animation.

Xie Ran’s focus this time was entirely on the evolution of the consciousness of virtual idols, and he didn’t care too much about the image of character. In addition, it was too late to transform it, so Meng Feixuan’s modeling was still of the original studio’s version.

This would not have been too big a problem, but with Nangong in front of the audience, Meng Feixuan looked too ordinary and too rough.

As a matter of fact, the netizens whose expectations were thoroughly hoisted by the big V’s immediately quit.

[???? Isn’t it a bit dull? I have my pants down and you’re showing me this?]

[Fuck! Were these big guys fooled by Xie Ran?]

[What the hell? They did not even get the modeling right, so when he showed it, it was all exposed!]

[Idol awareness? Look at Meng Feixuan having that dementia appearance, it can be compared to Nangong’s vivid appearance. That basic performance program was not set up properly, right?]

[logging off. it’s a waste of time, go to see Nangong, he just started his performance!]




It can be said that everyone’s expectations were high and so was the disappointment, for a time, the screen was full of mockery of Xie Ran.

Ni Le proudly glanced at Kuang Youfang: “Look, I was right, this thing is impossible now.”

Kuang Youfang breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “In that case, it will be more beneficial to our promotion.”

As Ne Li previously said, netizens did not understand those advanced technologies, for them, only what can be seen could be real.

On the stage, Nangong sang and danced as well as passionately interacted with the audience under the control of the program. Winning the unanimous praise.

Fang Huiwang looked at this mobile phone screen, and was very happy. Now Xie Ran would regret it, right?

In the livestream, Xie Ran was not in a panic as everyone imagined.

For him, the real goal of the live broadcast had already been achieved. Next, they just needed to wait for major technology companies to ask to cooperate with him, then the real virtual idol revolution would be about to begin.

Xie Ran nodded: “This is the end of today’s press conference. We welcome you to continue to pay attention to Meng Feixuan’s development.”

With that, he turned around and left the stage.

The offline media who were preparing to make trouble: ? ? ?


【?????? What do you mean by that? What about media questions and answers?】

[He is in a hurry.]

[He’s too scared, right? Is he too scared to face it and just decided to run away?]

A media representative couldn’t hold back and stood up shouting: “Xie Ran, are you going to run away from the battle?”

At this moment, the light on the stage suddenly shifted, and a bright, metallic teenage voice suddenly sounded: “Sir, is that you?”

Xie Ran footsteps stopped, he turned around as everyone subconsciously looked toward the voice.

Only to see the originally slightly mute Meng Feixuan suddenly move, title his head and look in the direction of Xie Ran.

His movements were smooth and natural, with a hint of ignorance, but there was no sense of rigidity from the set task program, it was just like a real person.

He looked at Xie Ran, blinked, not very sure as he continued: “The consciousness atomic group arrangement is highly similar to that of Mr. ……”

Until then, Xie Ran’s face, which had been unperturbed throughout the conference, finally showed a faint trace of surprise: “Mark?”

Meng Feixuan’s eyes lit up at his work and a bright smile appeared on his face: “It’s me, sir.”

“I finally found you.”

This sentence was like a switch, the light on Meng Feixuan’s body suddenly changed, like a two-dimensional skeleton was suddenly attached to the real flesh and blood, that rough flat animation feeling quickly faded as his whole body suddenly looked real, natural, three-dimensional, even his fluffy hair roots were clear.

His features were bright and delicate and his eyes were glowing just like those of the real human beings.

His hands naturally put in his pockets as he stood upright in the middle of the stage, staring at Xie Ran from a distance.

It was like he was a real person.

No, one could almost say that he was a real person.

He lived.

Media: ?????

Netizens: [????????]


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