DOASCC – Chapter 6 – Sensation Of The Whole Network

Mark was Xie Ran’s AI assistant in his original world. An AI that had not yet undergone the Turing test, but was keen on studying human behavior and had a very strong sense of self-learning.

For example, Mark thought that as a native Chinese system, he should have a Chinese name, so he used the system to generate a name for himself: Meng Feixuan.

On a whim, Xie Ran changed the name of the studio’s virtual idol to Meng Feixuan.

But he did not expect that Meng Feixuan would actually follow him.

On the stage, as if revived by magic, the young man stood up looking at Xie Ran below the stage, with a brilliant and vivid look.

Below the stage, all eyes and cameras were directed at Meng Feixuan, whether it was at the scene or watching a live broadcast, everyone opened their eyes wide as they looked at him in disbelief.

This was too realistic!

If everyone had not seen the process of Meng Feixuan’s change with their own eyes, they would have almost wondered whether Xie Ran’s studio found a real person to fool everyone.

How was that possible?!

How on earth did he do it?!

For a moment, the whole venue lost its voice at the same time and the on-screen comments in the live stream were reduced instantly. At this moment, everyone’s heads were empty.

In the midst of this silence, Meng Feixuan spoke first, titling his head slightly as if he was thinking he then said to himself: “Oh, I see.”

With a sudden realization, he showed Xie Ran a tacit smile: “So, sir, I am your artist now, right?”

Xie Ran smiled. He knew that what Meng Feixuan just now was analyzing the monitoring data and system data at the scene so he could quickly sort out the current situation.

Meng Feixuan was his best assistant and never bothered him.

Xie Ran nodded: “Yes.”

Getting his affirmation, the teenager raised his chin, turned around calmly, waved to the media under the stage, then tilted his head slightly, and unexpectedly accurately captured the live broadcast footage.

With his eyes bent up, he looked directly through the camera at the netizens in front of the screen: “Hello, everyone. I’m Meng Feixuan, an artist from Xie Ran Studio. I’m glad to meet you all.”

Then he sold cuteness.

The teenager’s voice was clear but with a trace of metal, which suddenly woke up the audience from the trance.

The whole network exploded.

[He is looking at me, he is looking at me!! awsl

[He is a virtual idol?? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, no matter how you look, it’s a real person!!!]

[He is so cute!!!!】

[Splash, Xiao Ran, do you think my kneeling posture is standard?]

[(surprise .jpg) therefore, it is really possible for Xie Ran to change the ecology of virtual idols in China….]

[Above one, be more confident, and remove “possible”!】




Not only was the comment section shocked but there were countless people stunned by the sudden changes.

At the release site of the Yewang studio, Nangong was still singing and dancing on the stage, but the media off the stage had already been agitated.

These media had been in close contact with the scene at Xie Ran studio, so they immediately learned about the situation there. After knowing the amazing changes in Meng Feixuan, they began to get restless.

Anyone could see that Nangong had no news value, and today’s headlines were bound to be occupied by Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan. If they hadn’t been taking into account the future cooperation with Yewang Studio, it was estimated that half of the media would have already run away.

Backstage, Ni Le slumped on the sofa in disbelief as he murmured: “Impossible, impossible…”

Fang Huiwang and Kuang Youfang looked pale as well.

Even if they did not understand technology, it could be seen by the naked eye that Meng Feixuan’s technology was by no means comparable to Nangong.

As Ni Le just said, the audience could only understand things they saw.

The change shown by Meng Feixuan had been enough to crush Nangong.

“How can it be?” Fang Huiwang eyes were wide open as he looked at Kuang Youfang: “What should we do now?”

Kuang Youfang was scrambling to contact the water army company urgently, asking them to withdraw the water army and the newsletters they had released, so he didn’t have time to answer him.

The launch of Yewang studio was in chaos, and the scene of Xie Ran’s studio broadcast was also in chaos.

The sudden change in Meng Feixuan was so shocking that none of the questions the media had prepared could be used.

After all, who would have thought that this kind of new tech would appear at a star press conference that was supposed to focus only on star popularity?!

The media were in a mess, but Meng Feixuan was still calm. He blinked at the situation, looked at the reporter who had just stood up to question Xie Ran running away and asked: “Excuse me, do you have any questions?”

The reporter originally wanted to make it difficult for Xie Ran in order to make headlines but unexpectedly, the situation reversed in an instant. He suddenly blushed as if he had been publicly executed and it took him a while to open his mouth wide and look at Meng Feixuan in surprise “You, you… you are talking to me?”

Meng Feixuan asked doubtfully: “Otherwise, who?”

“You can interact?” The reporter was even more shocked: “Are you a real person or a program?”

“Program.” Meng Feixuan with a reserved expression replied straightforwardly: “Why, do you have a problem with that?”

Reporter: “……”

Others: “…”

Seeing a program solemnly saying that it was a program seemed to be a little uncomfortable and the feeling was… a bit subtle.

But at this time, everyone did not care about the peace of mind. After finding that Meng Feixuan could interact unexpectedly, the silent venue boiled up again.

You know, this was the first virtual character to answer a reporter’s question directed to him since the rise of virtual idols!

In the past, virtual idols who made their debut could also make some simple interactions, but they were all set up in advance with the program of the pattern of Q&A template.

There had never been a virtual idol like Meng Feixuan who suddenly took the initiative to cue reporters without any rehearsals and also showed such vivid emotions.

The media scrambled to ask Meng Feixuan questions, regardless of the quality of the questions, only asking what they could think of at the moment.

However, Meng Feixuan did not interact as actively as everyone had hoped, but blinked and looked inquiringly in the direction of Xie Ran.

Xie Ran was not in high spirits like everyone else and just waved his hand casually: “This is the end of the press conference, let’s go home.”

Meng Feixuan immediately nodded: “Alright.”

With these words, the light on his body suddenly changed, and the whole person, like broken glass, turned into colorful blocks of light before turning into powder, and then dimmed in everyone’s gaze as he gradually disappeared.

Only the voice of the teenager with a slightly metallic tone was left.

“I am leaving, You are welcome to continue to follow my development.”

The media was not willing to give up easily so the whole venue was suddenly in uproar, and everyone could no longer resist squeezing in the direction of Xie Ran scrambling to ask questions for fear of Xie Ran running away.

“Xie Ran, was Meng Feixuan’s change specially designed by you?”

“Was Meng Feixuan really artificial intelligence? Was the interaction set up in advance or was it random?”

“Is it true that Meng Feixuan was developed by your studio? Will you enter the technology industry in the future? “

Xie Ran, who remained unmoved by everyone’s enthusiasm, turned around and left without hesitation. The security guards arranged in advance were trained to stop the media, and the camera in the live feed of the live broadcast was also cut off.

Only leaving a cavity for everyone to vent their excitement.

It was ruthless.



Xie Ran left simply, but the Internet completely exploded.

The media scrambled to report, with more and more boasting headlines.

《Meng Feixuan born from nowhere, will he shake the pattern of virtual idol industry?》

《Xie Ran Studio is about to start a virtual idol revolution!》

《Meng Feixuan made a stunning debut, but Nangong gloomily fell.》

《The “Inside|Screen: Will Seeking Technology offer a sky-high price to seek cooperation with Xie Ran’s studio?》

At the same time, Xie Ran and Meng Feixuan also dominated almost the entire hot search list, and the screenshots of the press conference spread all over the network, especially the amazing changes in which Meng Feixuan seemed to magically transform, which was edited separately and watched repeatedly by netizens.

Under hot search below everywhere was a heated discussion among netizens.

[Meng Feixuan’s modeling is really amazing, I only have seen such an effect in the later stage of the movies, and this was for the first time live projection!] 

[Meng Feixuan’s on-the-spot question and answer is wonderful, isn’t it? Is he really conscious?] 

[Come on, how is that possible? It’s just a speech recognition system, many intelligent assistants can do it.]

[Then why can my Alexa only say “Sorry, I can’t understand what you are talking about!” I was so angry that I almost jumped and beat her up!]

[The voice is only part of the system, did you forget all these big bosses’ words? Although I don’t understand much, but they all said Xie Ran has the ability to make a breakthrough in the field of AI?]

[Do you really believe these lies? If Meng Feixuan was really conscious, how come Xie Ran did not allow him to continue to answer the reporter’s questions? I think it is clearly a lie!]

[Don’t you think it’s too magical? I still feel like dreaming, the most advanced virtual idol technology was actually developed by a star???]

[To be more rigorous, his studio did not say that Xie Ran developed it himself.】

[I am the only one who noticed that the relationship between Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran is a little sweet?]

[=_= CP fan, did you get knocked on your head recently? ? ? ? You guys have forgotten about Fang Huiwang here?]




The netizens argued about whether or not Meng Feixuan was an artificial intelligence, although Meng Feixuan’s performance was amazing, but most people still did not believe that he really had an independent consciousness. Among them, the argument of “speech recognition system” was recognized by many people.

This did not stop the value of Xie Ran studio from soaring wildly, and not only agents sought cooperation, but many large technology companies also rushed to inject capital.

Xie Ran studio had been in the limelight for a while.

The outside world was still buzzing with rumors and the center of the topic was Xie Ran who did not care and directly closed the door to thank the guests.

But the closed door to thank the guests obviously did not bring peace and quiet.

Xie Ran sitting on the sofa of his apartment with one hand on his cheek, looked at the phone on the table without expression.

The voice of Meng Feixuan was constantly coming from the phone.

“Sir, I’m very popular!”

“Oh, Seeking technology valued me at eight hundred million, spicy chicken! They have no eyes to see black technology!”

“There are still people who compare me with that Nangong, but he has no intelligence of his own. Wait for me to hack into his computer and put some virus!”

Xie Ran: “If you keep learning nonsense words, I will insert some virus into you.”

There was a “hiss”, a metallic sound like a cold breath from the phone

A few moments later, Meng Feixuan said: “I installed the antivirus software!”

Xie Ran: “……”

It was indeed his own system.


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