DOASCC – Chapter 41.1 – Learn To Play Yellow

This was the first official PK competition held for players since the ‘Bright Moon River Lake’ server opened, which was of great significance and received unprecedented attention. The competition was based on the elimination system. The winner of each PK match would advance a round, while the loser would be eliminated directly until the end of the competition.

At the same time, advanced players would also accumulate corresponding battle power according to their PK performance and the official real-time update battle power ranking. This list could also be used to understand the player strength ranking of the competition, so everyone who could maintain a top ranking would naturally be a strong candidate for the finals.

Therefore, from the beginning of the competition, it became a daily routine for players to pay attention to the battle power ranking, creating a special thread on the game forum to update and discuss the battle power list in real-time.

There was no doubt that the celebrities on the original expert list and the guild masters of the major guilds were the key targets of everyone’s attention. And among these people, Jian Jingsheng and Bancheng Yanyu received the most attention.

Almost from the beginning of the competition, Jian Jingsheng’s battle power ranking was high, steadily occupying the first position, while Bancheng Yanyu, thanks to the mysterious Secret Book of the Chicken King, also soared in the ranking, especially due to the recent Wind and Rain guild’s trouble.

Xie Ran was in the game almost every day, so he observed the channel in amazement.

[The battle power ranking has been updated, Jian Jingsheng is still first!]

[Bancheng Yanyu also rose by another place. At this rate he might be able to enter the final!]

[Green is really the best protective color. I can see that Jian Jingsheng became stronger after he started wearing a green hat.]

As soon as this message was sent, a Dynasty Smoke Pavilion veteran with a little bit of fame immediately jumped out. [The one above is looking for death? Our master broke up with someone 800 years ago and is now in love with our vice-guild master. If you like talking about the past so much, you should be careful not to encounter our Dynasty Smoke Pavilion.]

After the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion veteran spoke, no one in the world channel dared to mention what happened to Jian Jingsheng before, so they changed the subject to another one.

Since Dynasty Smoke Pavilion took over Blade God Family, many players have applied to join, rapidly expanding the guild’s power. Coupled with the disintegration of Raging Thundercloud Tower, although the Wind and Rain guild was affected, Dynasty Smoke Pavilion became the number one guild in the whole game server. Now that the scenery before them had become quite beautiful, it became a trend for Dynasty Smoke Pavilion players to become more and more domineering. So naturally, no one could openly make fun of Jian Jingsheng.

Most players also adhered to the principle that sometimes less is more. After all, if they didn’t have the strength to back them up, it was absolutely not wise to offend Dynasty Smoke Pavilion.

When the Dynasty Smoke Pavilion veteran’s message appeared, the world channel immediately changed the topic, no longer daring to mock Jian Jingsheng. Even the more smug ones didn’t dare to say anything, since more and more people from Dynasty Smoke Pavilion jumped out to warn them.

[Whoever dares to shame our Dynasty Smoke Pavilion with that someone in the future, don’t blame us for not being polite!] This message was immediately followed by several other messages, with speed comparable to that of a robot.

[Meng Feixuan: Who is this person?]

[Meng Feixuan: If you have the ability to mention my husband, you should also have the ability to say his name!]

[Meng Feixuan: The game’s largest guild… mentioning my husband while using a code name? How dare you say such harsh words?]

[Meng Feixuan: Whoever dares to bring my husband out again, don’t blame me for releasing Fang Muhao!]

The rest of the world channel: […………]

Oh, how was this man able to type so fast? So many messages in a row without a pause. Even copying and pasting couldn’t be so smooth, right? That person really couldn’t talk. A good, beautiful young man, as soon as he opened his mouth, he let everyone become disillusioned. Of course the worst thing was mentioning Fang Muhao at the end…

Speaking of… although Dynasty Smoke Pavilion occupied Blade God Family, the Blade God Heir was still the Big Boss of Blade God Family, and the whole Dynasty Smoke Pavilion needed to be respectful to the Blade God Heir.

What on earth did Xie Dafang take Fang Muhao for? But that was just the way it was. Dynasty Smoke Pavilion members could act arrogantly in front of others, but would become silent as soon as Meng Feixuan opened his mouth.

After all, Meng Feixuan could really call out Fang Muhao at any time, while even Jian Jingsheng in Dynasty Smoke Pavilion couldn’t call the Blade God Heir any time he wanted. Awkward… the atmosphere became awkward.

Then someone secretly opened a small group discussion with his friends. [Laughing to death. Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is heavy-handed against ordinary players, but turns into actual sheep, not daring to act against Big Bosses.]

[They just bully the soft and are afraid of the tough ones. They rely on their number of people, but one day when Dynasty Smoke Pavilion falls, they will no longer dare to act so arrogant.]

[To tell you the truth, the atmosphere in Dynasty Smoke Pavilion is really bad. What kind of people are they accepting]

[Their deputy guild master Fu Guang likes to listen to flattery. He is really not as good as Xie Dafang. I don’t know what Jian Jingsheng is thinking.]

[It doesn’t matter what Jian Jingsheng thinks. He was already dumped by Xie Dafang…]

After mentioning Xie Dafang they were reminded about another thing. During this period of time, in addition to the normal progress of the competition, there was also a small group of people secretly observing Xie Dafang’s situation.

Nowadays, Xie Dafang was no longer a casual player in the eyes of onlookers, but a person who made miracles happen anytime and anywhere… while being a casual player.

In the analysis post of the forum, many people thought that Xie Dafang was the first hidden expert in Bright Moon River Lake. He was not on the list, only because he usually didn’t care about player PK.

So, at this time many people were looking forward to seeing Xie Dafang’s official fight, so they could see his true strength. There were even some people who opened the board early to bet on Xie Dafang’s final ranking.

[Speaking of which, how come Xie Dafang hasn’t been on the battle power list yet? He has the Mark Sword in his hand. Even if he just casually swung it he would be able to kill many opponents, right?

[Emmmm, someone checked all the fights and said… Xie Dafang did not sign up.]


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