DOASCC – Chapter 25.1 – Coming out

Xie Ran’s news was undoubtedly very explosive, but his attitude was too casual and natural, as if he was talking about the weather at random, even the expression of his face has not changed much.

Making everyone a little confused about whether he was serious or joking, for a while besides question marks and exclamation marks no one knew what to say.

The most intense reaction was from Jia Shiqing himself, who almost reflexively slapped the table and shouted angrily: “What are you talking about!”

The table made a “bang” sound, the host who was frightened, immediately jumped in his seat. But Xie Ran who sat closer to Jia Shiqing remained the same, only glancing at Jia Shiqing in passing.

He looked extremely calm, without any emotion but it only made Jia Shiqing suddenly feel cold as sweat broke out on his back for no reason. He then realized that he was too angry so he quickly reined in his expression and suppressed his voice: “There is a limit to jokes.”He said with a not so natural sarcastic smile: “Mr. Xie you shouldn’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing..”

The fans of Jia Shiqing also came back to their senses and one by one angrily scolded Xie Ran in the comment section, demanding Xie Ran to apologize.

The comment section was suddenly full of obscenities that even moderators couldn’t clean up and frankly, did not want to clean up.

They were all Jia Shiqing’s staff, so at this time they were eager to personally go and scold Xie Ran.

Xie Ran was not affected in any way and just glanced at the camera again. In the headset, Meng Feixuan said excitedly: “Sir, I hacked into the control program!”

Xie Ran lowered his eyes and said lightly: “Then let’s look at the evidence.”

As soon as his words fell, a split screen suddenly cut out below the live interface and began to play a video.

It was the video from paparazzi who secretly filmed Jia Shiqing and Shen Zhu cheating. It was different from the previous paparazzi scandal videos that were densely filled with watermarks. This video has no watermark, and all the people in the video could be seen clearly.

Jia Shiqing, while gnawing on Shen Zhu’s neck, touched her buttocks, revealing a completely different image of lewdness from his usual image of an honest man.

There was no point of denying it.

Comments section:


[Fu*k, fu*k! ! ! It’s true!!!]

[my eyes, my eyes, Jia Shiqing was such a person? ! ! !]

[My belief is collapsing! ! ! It was Shen Zhu! ! !]

[Mr. Xie is an awesome star that took a path of paparazzi, he left them no way out! !]

[Mr. Xie is too ruthless, this is righteousness that destroy even relatives, ah Bah, destroy friends! ]

The audience was stunned, and the broadcast room was even more chaotic. Jia Shiqing saw the screen from the perspective of the host, his eyes suddenly opened wide as he rushed to turn off the camera. Because he stumbled in a panic, he fell to the ground.

He stood up awkwardly, ignoring the camera, turned around and pounced on Xie Ran: “Xie Ran! You bastard! I have no grudge against you!!!”

Xie Ran already stood up at this time, in the moment Jia Shiqing lunged over his beautiful long legs roundhouse kicked as his mouth spit up the word: “Scram.”

Then everyone saw Jia Shiqing directly kicked out and with a ‘bang’ – landing on the ground.

Comments section: […………]

[Did Jia Shiqing just draw a parabola? ? ? This is really something!]

[Oh, my God! Boss Xie killed someone!]

[Fu*k! The posture of Mr. Xie’s kick is so handsome! ! !]

After Xie Ran kicked Jia Shiqing, he looked at the live broadcast room again and found that the camera had been turned off by the staff while Meng Feixuan was cursing in his headset: “What with the power outage? Have the guts to fight me head-on ah!!!”

Xie Ran was too lazy to bother, he slowly and methodically arranged his tie before raising his chin toward dumbfounded Guan Shunan: “Let’s go.”

Guan Shunan suddenly regained her senses and noticed that Jia Shiqing’s company employees were looking at her and Xie Ran with anger.

Guan Shunan did not dare to speak for fear that these people would gather around and attack them so he hurried over to make way for Xie Ran: “Let’s go.”

Perhaps it was Xie Ran’s kick that caused a lot of shock and awe at the scene of maybe just Xie Ran’s obviously difficult temperament that made no one dare to come forward and stop him for a while , making everyone just watch Xie Ran walk away.

At the same time, Jia Shiqing’s cheating video has caused a storm on the Internet.

In the memory of the original body owner, Jia Shiqing replaced this video with the original body owner scandal. Jia Shiqing survived the crisis and later continued to show his love to his wife and made a lot of money.

Now, Jia Shiqing’s image of a good man collapsed overnight, his news roles were removed, endorsements products were removed from the shelves and he even had to pay manufacturers who jointly claimed compensation. His fate could be imagined.

However, even if Jia Shiqing’s career completely collapsed, Xie Ran’s reputation was also bruised.

Because of Fang Huiwang, some netizens thought that Xie Ran was not very kind. This time Jia Shiqing invited him to promote his new play but he directly exposed Jia Shiqing’s scandal in the live broadcast.

Although some netizens felt that he had a sense of justice, there were also a large number of people who felt that he was a villain who stabbed people in the back.

China was a community society where since the ancient times, the people often had a mentality of helping relatives and not helping others. When friends made mistakes, it was a common idea to solve them behind closed doors, so helping the friends to conceal it was also supported by a lot of people.

Xie Ran’s action could not be judged by public morality, but it was undoubtedly criticized from the stance of private morality.

For a while, the internet is abusing Jia Shiqing while mocking Xie Ran at the same time. Especially the former “ Fang x Ran CP” fans that became even more convinced of Xie Ran’s treachery, after reaching the top. He stepped on former friends and did whatever he wanted, so they gave Xie Ran the nickname of “Knife President.”

Other fans of artists who were good friends with Xie Ran also reminded their idols to be careful against Xie Ran or he might stab them.

In this storm, Fang Huiwang accidentally became the biggest beneficiary. Seeing Jia Shiqing encounter, many people really believed that Xie Ran had the intention of screwing over Fang Huiwang to get rid of his former CP and it was Fang Huiwang who had a compassionate heart.


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