DOASCC – Chapter 7.2 – What is the obsession?

The comment section was so noisy but Fang Huiwang in front of the camera was unaware of it. While courteously exchanging pleasantries with the staff, he methodically packed up his luggage, and then followed the staff out into the car.

“OK, brother Fang, I will take you to the airport first.” The staff said, “I’ll go over and pick up xiao Ran now and meet you at the airport later.”

But then, Fang Huiwang suddenly said: “Why don’t I go with you guys to pick up Xiao Ran?”

He smiled and added, “I haven’t seen him for a few days, so I miss him.”

The staff was a little surprised, but since Fang Huiwang took the initiative to mention it, they could not refuse him, so they directly changed directions of the car towards Xie Ran’s house.

At this time, the CP fans in the comment section could no longer stay calm and the screen was full of [kswlkswl], the fans of both sides could not be controlled.

Anyone who heard it did not say a word, letting it steam was the most powerful rhythm master.

In the camera, Fang Huiwang was casually sitting in the car playing with his cell phone, as if all of this was very normal.

He was sending messages to Kuang Youfang.

Fang Huiwang: [Is the hot search arranged?]

Kuang Youfang: [It’s arranged. When you meet Xie Ran, the topic will follow immediately.]

Fang Huiwang: [Well, don’t disappoint me.]

Kuang Youfang: [Don’t worry, we have made two sets of plans, no matter what attitude Xie Ran has, we can stir it up.]

Fang Huiwang breathed a sigh of relief as his eyes showed a hint of gloom.

The outside world might not know but his situation was actually not as good as it used to be. He was getting older but he delayed his transition. These two years, many young talents appeared, so he was rapidly losing his fans.

He had to seek new opportunities, and entering the virtual idol industry was an important step for him.

The virtual idol market was very popular at the moment and as long as traffic and topics can be made up, there will be a continuous stream of capital coming to his door.

He originally had high expectations for Nangong so he also invested a lot of money in Nangong development.

This is why he did not hesitate to use Xie Ran as a stepping stone to hype the launch to the maximum.

But how could he have expected that Xie Ran would completely suppress him?

In fact, with the quality of Nangong, he should still be competitive in the previous market.

Unfortunately, he chose to debut on the same day as Meng Feixuan.

Meng Feixuan’s emergence caused an impact on the entire virtual idol industry ecology, the previously debuted virtual idols at least still had fans that supported them but Nangong’s technology was directly beaten at his launch day.

All popularity was collected by Meng Feixuan so Nangong completely became a cannon fodder in this situation. Even if he was occasionally mentioned, it was still just a backdrop to Meng Feixuan’s appearance so even his basic commercial value was lost.

As a result, all the companies that were interested in investing in Nangong terminated their project negotiations and the valuation of Black Star Technology also shrank significantly. The capital chain of Yewang studio also became problematic.

Fang Huiwang was instantly forced to the end of his rope.

“Xie Ran.” Fang Huiwang snorted, unable to tell what his emotions were.

At this time, the person he hated the most was Xie Ran but right now, if he wanted to make a turn around, the quickest way was still relying on Xie Ran.

In recent years, the public opinion environment had become much more relaxed and many artists relied on the hype of CP popularity, but even these CP had not yet reached the “Fang Ran” CP height of that year.

Fang Ran had many loyal fans and a sentimental filter, so as long as he used it properly, there was no worry that his popularity would not rise again.

This was evidenced by the traffic that he and Xie Ran brought together on New Year’s Eve, and if Xie Ran hadn’t suddenly gone crazy, things wouldn’t have turned out the way they did.

He previously wanted to get back together with Xie Ran, in addition to the old feelings he had not yet forgotten, he also considered other aspects. At that time, he wanted to push the boat along the river, but now it became even more urgent.

After thinking about it, the car had arrived under Xie Ran’s apartment. Fang Huiwang got out of the car and showed the staff the way: “This way.”

The staff said animatedly, “You really deserve to be an old friend, Brother Fang, you are very familiar with Xiao Ran’s home.”

“I’ve been here a few times.” Fang Huiwang said seemingly casually.

The group walked and chatted all the way as Fang Huiwang recalled with emotion: “I still remember when I was in “Tomorrow’s Starlight” and lived in a dormitory together with Xiao Ran. Xiao Ran was sleepy and afraid of being late for training, so he bribed me with snacks to make me wake him up every day. But every time I woke him up he was still not happy..… he really could not wake up, and could not help it.”

“That’s right.” The staff joked, “I don’t know if Xiao Ran already got up, but if he is still asleep, you should wake him up.”

Fang Huiwang said with a smile: “What’s the problem with this?”

With their conversation, the frustrated girls in the comment section finally went crazy.

[Who says they haven’t interacted for ten years? How well my brother Fang knows Xiao Ran!!!]

[He remembers everything that happened ten years ago!]

[I also remember that during “Tomorrow’s Starlight”, it was brother Fang who woke up Xiao Ran every morning but sometimes he still wasn’t woken up, so he first went to the canteen to pack up food for Xiao Ran, 5555. Now that they can live together again, it’s really good. ].

[I hope that with brother Fang together with him, Xiao Ran will not be late!】

[Brother Fang, go wake Xiao Ran up, Fang Ran fan girls collectively cheer for you! ].




In front of the camera, Fang Huiwang and the staff finally came to the door of Xie Ran’s apartment. But before the doorbell was pressed they saw the door “click” and open. Xie Ran stood upright at the door, fully dressed, glancing at his watch, as he said to them expressionlessly: “You’re ten minutes late.”

Everyone: “……”

Somehow, there was a sudden pressure of being lectured by the leader.

“Xiao Ran got up early today…” The staff hurriedly said.

He did not finish speaking before Xie Ran suddenly pulled the suitcase and walked out, smoothly closing the door and dryly saying: “Let’s go.”

The staff looked confused and looked at each other, they were here to shoot the preparation footage but before it could even be started, it was already over?

Xie Ran’s aura was also suddenly and inexplicably strong, so they didn’t dare to raise objections for a while.

“Since Xiao Ran is already ready, then let’s go.” It was Fang Huiwang who stepped in to break the deadlock. Then he glanced and said to Xie Ran with a gentle expression: “Xiao Ran, do you need me to help you with your luggage?”

Xie Ran looked askance at him, then pushed the suitcase: “Okay.”

Fang Huiwang, who had thought he would politely refuse: “…”

After Xie Ran pushed the luggage out, he only glanced at the staff who had subconsciously backed off to make a way for him.

Xie Ran, holding his one hand in his trouser pocket, walked straight through the crowd to the direction of the elevator. He had long hands and long feet so when he walked, he naturally gave off an insurmountable aura. The others hurriedly followed, and then unconsciously fell behind him.

Fang Huiwang was stunned for a moment, then pulled up the suitcase and followed after them with small steps.

In the live broadcast room, the comment section that was so excited just now all turned into ellipses at this time.


[Shit, Xiao Ran is good.]

[emmmm, it seems to be different from what I thought. ]

[I can see that Fang Huiwang is good towards Xie Ran, but don’t you think he looks more like Xie Ran’s entourage?] 

[At the press conference, I wanted to say that Xie Ran was so powerful that he did not look like a star, but more like a domineering president. Fang Huiwang is like a little brother in front of him….]



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