DOASCC – Chapter 18 – Number One Of CP List

As Meng Feixuan’s voice fell at the huge glass wall adjacent to the sky garden, red and blue lights quickly swung open like water lines, stacked upon layers, and quickly captured the attention of everyone at the scene.

It was as if there were invisible hands creating things, using the brilliant light as raw material, flying to sort, weave, stack, creating strange objects: billboards, light boxes, steel monsters, machines, and punk-inspired future buildings. All crammed together, a neon crowded and chaotic science fiction scene appeared.

The entire sky garden became colorful, full of dystopian imagery of the holographic stage.

Meng Feixuan stood in the middle of the stage as all the neon lights were shining on him and all eyes moved towards him.

But he only looked at Xie Ran: “The world might be fake but I am real.”

“Sir, I will accompany you across all time and space.”

The appearance of the teenager was so real that if they didn’t see the light cast with his own eyes, the guests present would have suspected that he was a real person.

When he finished saying this, his fingers followed as the sound of electric guitar sounded. The metallic sound seemed to be carrying electric current, which unexpectedly matched with the science fiction light and shadow.

This was a song that everyone had never heard before. The melody was extremely ear catching and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Xie Ran could not help laughing.

During his process of learning, Meng Feixuan was gradually no longer satisfied with learning only human behavior, so he decided to take on the challenge of learning human emotions, and one of his homework assignments was studying the effect of music on human emotions, and aspired to create a song that could move Xie Ran.

This song was Meng Feixuan’s assignment.

Xie Ran was not actually touched at that time, but he still set this song as the theme song of the advertisement of Zhuzi Technology as an encouragement to his system.

At this time, in another time and space, suddenly hearing a melody, Xie Ran felt something that could be considered an emotional state.

Meng Feixuan’s performance was even more stunning, his every action and sentence of signing was just right, almost perfect to extreme.

At this moment, there were many people immersed in his performance.

In front of such an extreme audio-visual feast, no one remembered the video that Fang Huiwang just showed.

The most exasperating thing was that after Meng Feixuan finished singing, he puffed his cheeks and said regretfully: “My performance today is perfect, unlike that human being!”

Fang Huiwang almost vomited blood on the spot.

It was really offensive!



After a week of closed recording, Xie Ran returned to the studio and began to deal with the backlog of work during this period.

“The latest evaluation given by Seeking Technology for Meng Feixuan was 1.2 billion RMB, this offer was twice as much as the highest valued virtual idol on the market. Seeking Technology has also promised very generous joint operation conditions.” Manager Guan Shunan said with a happy face, “I think we should agree to cooperate with them.”

Xie Ran did not react as he just tapped his finger on the table twice: “No, the offer is too low.”

If it wasn’t for the ethical guidelines of not violating human beings in the core code of Meng Feixuan, this offer would have made him want to destroy the internal system of Seeking technology.

“That’s still low?” Guan Shunan’s eyes widened in surprise as she immediately became a bit anxious: “Xiao Ran, Meng Feixuan is excellent, but we can’t exactly open our mouths either. Do you know that some companies have already expressed dissatisfaction with us these days?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Xie Ran does not seem to think there was any problem: “This is a business cooperation, not a social activity. I have no obligation to make them satisfied.”

Guan Shunan was speechless for a moment. The problem is that you make them too unsatisfied making it impossible to continue discussion.

It was only after a while that she continued to persuade: “Xiao Ran, although I don’t know much about these virtual idol technologies but I know that these things are not irreplaceable. We can’t continue to hold Meng Feixuan in our hands.“

“Bullshit, I am irreplaceable!” Meng Feixuan really couldn’t help humming.

Xie Ran touched his earlobe, his ears felt a little itchy.

“Meng Feixuan is irreplaceable.” He said.

“…… ” Guan Shunan wanted to say something but she felt that since this year, especially after the release of Meng Feixuan, Xie Ran had become very strong, so even though she did not approve of Xie Ran’s decision, she did not dare to refuse it and could only resentfully say: “Seeking Technology has clearly indicated that this is the final offer.”

The implication was that if Xie Ran studio did not agree to it, their cooperation would be terminated.

Other companies’ offers were also not as good as Seeking Technology.

Xie Ran was not moved: “Let’s put it aside first.”

Guan Shunan had no choice but to move on to the next topic.

She opened a report and pushed it to Xie Ran, saying in a cold voice: “Recently, there has been a lot of nostalgia for “Fang Ran” CP on various major platforms. Many marketing accounts have taken the lead in posting the “Fang Ran” CP old candies of ‘Tomorrow Starlight’ era. Popularizing it for some  young newcomers fans but also gaining a lot of new fans.”

The report was related to data about Xie Ran on various domestic media platforms, and from the report, you could see that during the time Xie Ran was recording the show, his and Fang Huiwang CP data showed an explosive upward trend.

The major marketing numbers on Weibo, WeChat and gossip forums have posted nostalgic posts about the era when the “Fang Ren’ CP was a big hit. They called it the first stock of domestic celebrity CP and took the opportunity of Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang working together again after ten years to start looking ahead to their new sugar.

At the same time, a large number of ‘Fang Ran’ CP BL creations suddenly appeared on BL websites and video sites. The high quality BL videos were topping the front page of many websites, attracting a large number of newcomers who were previously unfamiliar with “Fang Ran” CP before.

The interaction of ‘Fang Ran’ during the period of ‘Tomorrow Starlight’ was undoubtedly extremely moving, plus the time that “Fang Ran” were working together again which made marketing accounts say that their feelings remained across time.

However, in a short time, that ‘Fang Ran’ CP had become a trend that swept past the internet. Not only were the ‘Fang Ran’ CP old fans revived, but many new people were also sucked into the hole. This allowed the ‘Fang Ran’ CP to overcome several other CP pairing and topped the Weibo CP list while it’s popularity was still rising.

“It’s obvious that someone is hyping this CP.” Guan Shunan said angrily: “Is Fang Huiwang confused? So anxious to get popular that he is sticking to you. But this kind of thing is really disgusting, everyone knows it, but you can’t issue a statement to clarify it clearly. Otherwise you will look small-minded and will offend a large number of CP fans.”

“The best way to break this situation is to put some other CP material out to let you stir the muddy water. Unfortunately, you usually don’t even have gossip for people to speculate about, so there is no new CP material available at this critical moment.” Guan Shunan said with some regret.

Xie Ran was not upset: “They are all small tricks that can not be put on the table, don’t worry about it.”

Seeing that Xie Ran was so calm, Guan Shunan also calmed down a little bit and reminded him: “Xiao Ran, you should pay attention to keeping a distance with Fang Huiwang in the future. But you will have a double advertisement for Ruiyan, which would be a little difficult to handle.”

“Speaking of that,” Xie Ran said: “I have turned down the advertisement for Ruiyan.”

Guan Shunan was so shocked that she almost jumped up: “Why, Ruiyan is a very good resource, even if you do not want to be tied down by Fang Huiwang,you don’t have to….”

“No time.” Xie Ran interrupted her: “I have other cooperation with Ruiyan.”

Guan Shunan:???




Yewang studio

“Xie Ran backed off the Ruiyan’s double advertisement.” Kuang Youfang asked Fang Huiwang strangely, “What’s going on here, why didn’t he want such a good resource as Ruiyan?”

Fang Huiwang didn’t seem too surprised and only sneered: “How can I know what he is thinking? If he doesn’t want it, it will not affect me.”

Kuang Youfang keenly sensed that there seemed to be some changes in Fang Huiwang after he came back from the recording of the program. He asked suspiciously: “This doesn’t make sense, he’s not trying to draw a line with you, is he?”

Fang Huiwang’s eyes become gloomy: “Then you’ll have to ask him.”

“What is your situation with him now?” Kuang Youfang frowned, a little uneasy: “Didn’t I tell you to find a way to get back together with him no matter what? It doesn’t matter if it’s fake, just make it look like it’s a real thing.”

Fang Huiwang did not answer as he only scrolled on his mobile phone screen. What was displayed on the screen was the content of the recently popular “Fang Ran’ Cp.

Kuang Youfang had a bad feeling when he saw it but because he was a little angry he still said: “You’re not going to break up, are you? I made a lot of effort to stir up the “Fang Ran’ CP, so it’s not the time to break it up yet.”

“Why are you in a hurry?” Fang Huiwang smiled at him coldly: “You can’t break it. Just keep hyping. The hotter it gets, the better it will be. When I want to break it up, I will break it up. Xie Ran has no say in it.”

He did not know if it was an illusion or not, but Kuang Youwang felt that Fang Huiwang seemed to be a lot stronger, so he subconsciously did not dare to refute him. He only lowered his head and said: “What’s your next plan?”

“Two things.” Fang Huiwang put down his phone and said, “First, make an appointment to meet with Lan Si’s contact person. I will talk to him personally.”

Kuang Youfang smiled a little surprised. Lan Si was a luxury brand that Yewang studio had been talking to but not yet negotiated terms.

All along, Fang Huiwang’s work mainly lied in front stage exposure and he would rarely negotiate business cooperation personally. After the failure of speculating his high-level aesthetics, Kuang Youfang thought there was no longer any hope but he did not expect him to not only not give up but also go talk in person.

Kuang Youfang suddenly felt a little strange but then he said: “Okay.”

Fang Huiwang continued: “Secondly, call Ni Le over. I want to re-discuss Nangong with him.”

Speaking of Nangong, Kuang Youfang could not help but feel a little pain. If it weren’t for investing a lot of money in the development of this virtual idol, their studio would not have fallen in such difficult times.

Kuang Youfang endured heartache and said: “Nangong no longer has much value. Now everyone in the market is watching Meng Feixuan, so the reaction to Nangong is very cold. My idea is to sell Nangong at a low price and get back some money at last.”

“Why is Nangong worthless?” Fang Huiwang said with a sneer, there was also a twist of hatred in his eyes: “Which point of Nangong’s image and setting is inferior to Meng Feixuan? What Meng Feixuan can do, Nangong can do the same.”

Kuang Youfang finally knew what was wrong with him.

Fang Huiwang had always been an ambitious person, but in the past he had kept this ambition well tucked away and maintained his star modesty on the surface. But now, all his ambitions were out as if he was trying to prove something.

But Kuang Youfang didn’t feel bad about it, because he could clearly feel that along with Fang Huiwang’s ambition, his ability could also grow.

This may really become a turning point for the studio.

Kuang Youfang unconsciously treated Fang Huiwang a little more respectfully: “Yes, I’ll get with it.”

“Meng Feixuan.” Fang Huiwang gritted his teeth and sneered, using his company phone to open the WeChat of the water army studio he was working with. He didn’t even want to fake it anymore, he wanted to do the confirmation himself.

This week of recording was the most humiliating week of his life. Xie Ran perfunctorily ignored him, and finally let Meng Feixuan, a mere dummy, come out and humiliate him.

Even at this moment, Fang Huiwang could still clearly recall Meng Feixuan’s expression at that time, arrogant and mocking.

Does Xie Ran really think he can’t do anything to him? Then he underestimated him too much.

Yewang studio [Mr. Duan, the ‘Fang Ran CP’ needs to be posted continuously. I want this CP to be at the top of the list.]

The other side returned quickly, with a little urgency.

Tooth god network marketing section general: [Brother Fang, there was an accident.]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [I don’t know why but the internet suddenly is crazy about ‘Xuan Ran’ CP. All major platforms are producing work and the number of work is very large.]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [Now, the real time popularity of ‘Xuan Ran’ CP has exceeded Fang Ran. We tried to control the field, but the other side data is so strong that we can’t control the other party at all.】

Fang Huiwang’s face changed.

Yewang studio: [Xuan Ran?]

Tooth god network marketing section general: [It’s Meng Feixuan and Xie Ran. They even have work produced in english!]


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