DOASCC – Chapter 24.2 – Killing CP

Fang Huiwang’s fans became even angrier. Before they were afraid to speak, worried that they might cause Fang Huiwang’s spokesperson position to be taken away so when the endorsement finally fell off, they counterattacked even fiercer and of course aimed toward Xie Ran.

At this time, a marketing account released another broadcasted video of “Somewhere Else” which was Meng Feixuan provocation before and after his performance in the sky garden.

This video was cut from the show’s main video so no one knew from what source the marketing account got it. But it didn’t matter anymore, the video itself already caused an earthquake among Fang Huiwang’s fans and former “Fang x Ran CP” fans.

Meng Feixuan was a virtual idol of Xie Ran studio so his action was regarded as Xie Ran’s own words.

In addition, in the eyes of the general public, Meng Feixuan interactive system was carefully designed so in a way what he said was what Xie Ran had to say.

In fact, just in the source that was released, Xie Ran himself also said to Fang Huiwang: “You just ran out of tune, you are now considered a singer, right? I suggest you strengthen your business capability. “

Then Meng Feixuan after finishing his performance also provoked the other side: “I can sing better than him.”

This video was without doubt a catastrophe for “Fang x Ran CP” fans who had painstakingly persisted so far.

For the past few years, they failed to see the potential they saw that year but they didn’t fail in seeing Xie Ran’s cold treatment of Fang Huiwang. For these old fans who could persist for ten years, as long as the person concerned did not say it in person, they would still have room for imagination.

Even if the final was like this, this relationship was once good.

This video directly destroyed their last thought, Xie Ran not only killed the CP cleanly but also heartlessly.

On top of that “Fang x Ran CP” chat, a large number of fans resigned and those who refused to give up were abused as being only Fang Huiwang fans.

Then almost all “Fang x Ran CP” fans revolted against Xie Ran on Weibo.

[# Xie Ran crossed the line to destroy “Fang x Ran CP”# Boss Xie, I call you boss Xie because you are really successful now, the name of Xiao Ran is no longer worthy of you as you have already become a man. I can understand that you want to get rid of the history of selling CP popularity but do you need to kill your former colleagues? Is it amazing to laugh at him on the show and destroy him in business? Do you really want to be a person like this?]

[# Xie Ran crossed the line to destroy “Fang x Ran CP”# Boss Xie the internet has memories, even if you can destroy your former colleagues, how you debuted back then, everyone would still remember. People can’t forget their roots. I’m ashamed that I really liked you and was a fan of your CP.]

[# Xie Ran crossed the line to destroy “Fang x Ran CP”# Boss Xi wants to take the route of being an overbearing president now, how could he allow himself to be tied to CP? The best way is of course to let the other person disappear completely. ]

[Ahem, pure passers-by here, I also think that Xie Ran has gone a little too far this time. Fang Huiwang is no treat to him at all now so why did he do something like this?]

[Fang Huiwang is really miserable, they started by selling CP together. But now that the other side is on the shore, he turned back and kicked him back into the water. This is very showbiz]

[Uh, you CP fans are quite funny. These two people for a long time had nothing to do with each other and Ruiyan also said endorsement thing has nothing to do with Xie Ran. Xie Ran can’t even tell the truth because he can kill them all?]

[It’s not polite to talk about other artists in public like this, okay? What’s more about former colleagues like this, Snowball tv should never have shot it and let it be leaked like this for the whole country to see. Xie Ran also should have thought if what he said was appropriate or not. ]

CP fans, which could last for ten years, had some authentic feelings and they were even more sincere when they stopped being their CP fans. Plus, Fang Huiwang’s fans also added fuel to the fire so these remarks were soon widely circulated.

Although Fang Huiwang was not as good as Xie Ran, there were not many villains by principle in the entertainment industry. In such an atmosphere, people inevitably felt that Xie Ran had done something unkind, and felt sympathy toward Fang Huiwang.

For a while, Fang Huiwang saw that all his products, digital albums, magazines and other big earners were sold off. It looked like CP fans, turned their grief into purchasing power and vowed to fight against Xie Ran by supporting Fang Huiwang and not let his commercial value hit the bottom.

Fang Huiwang looked at these serial operations and saw that Kuang Youfang was also dazzled.

Fang Huiwang was already inferior to Xie Ran in the hearts of the public. No matter how hard he tried, it didn’t help and he also did not have the ability.

However, Fang Huiwang was a person whose strength was turning his disadvantage into an advantage, a true or false news, a video, directly turning their vulnerability into a new selling point. Not only did it give old fans new power but also smoothly purified all Cp fans to his side.

As for the view of passers-by, as long as it was not a matter of principle, the passer-by perception wouldn’t be too bad as they wouldn’t usually impact starts too much.

The internet storm had no effect on Xie Ran himself. When netizens were curious whether he would issue a statement on the Meng Feixuan provoking Fang Huiwang incident, his studio was already very stable, despite the scolding of former “Fang x Ran CP” fans and Fang Huiwang fans, they calmly released the new itinerary for him.

On the same night, Xie Ran was invited to participate in the live broadcast of his friend Jia Shiqing to promote his new play.

This itinerary was picked up by Guan Shunan for Xie Ran. Guan Shunan was recently worried about Xie Ran’s entertainment career, because of Fang Huiwang and the recent comments about Xie Ran were not very good, but Xie Ran remained unmoved.

At this time Jia Shiqing sent an invitation so Guan Shunan accepted it without hesitation.

Jia Shiqing became friends with Xie Ran during his filming days, he was an actor with a very good reputation in the circle. After getting married and having a child a few years ago, he also developed a good man’s image.

Xie Ran at this time really could interact with a friend with a good image to more or less help his own image.

This matter was decided casually and Guan Shunan did not discuss it with Xie Ran first. She was originally worried that Xie Ran would not agree but did not expect that Xie Ran seeing the itinerary would only think for a moment about it before agreeing.

In the evening, Xie Ran appeared in Jia Shiqing’s broadcast on time. As soon as he appeared, the number of people in the broadcast immediately skyrocketed, and caused a lag at once.

This was also a place that made the former “Fang x Ran CP” fans helpless.

Just like Fang Huiwang’s performance not being good in the entertainment industry was not by principle black material, Xie Ran’s action of killing CP was also not a problem in the eyes of passers-by. Cp fans were furious but were ridiculed by passers-by for being too unkind, which did not affect Xie Ran itself.

Besides, he didn’t rely on CP to stand up.

His popularity among fans and passersby was undoubtedly the highest in the entire entertainment circle.

The host joked: “Mr. Xie taking the time to come here really makes us happy. Jia Shiqing was worried that Mr. Xie would be too busy to come over but it seems that friends are still very important in Mr. Xie’s heart.”

This section was written in advance by Guan Shunan, which would also be called a resource exchange with Jia Shiqing.

Xie Ran did not say much, he only glanced at the camera and said: ”Studio picked it up.”

Host: “……”

Jia Shiqing: “……”

Dude it is really hard for you to answer it like a human?

Sure enough, the anti fans who smelled the wind and the “Fang x Ran CP” fans who just stepped back immediately became cynical in the comment section.

[Xie Ran studio is now making millions of dollars per event so he don’t have time to deal with a small artist]

[Boss Xie is so straightforward, he is really worthy of standing at the top of the entertainment industry. ].

[How old are you? Do you also want to be a friend of Boss Xie? ]

[Mr. Jia, take it easy you need to be careful or else Mr. Xie might turn around and destroys your job. ]

Fortunately, the studio was prepared for it and the moderator quickly blocked all these accounts.

The fans immediately came out with the following comments.

[What rhythm do the anti-fans take advantage of? If Xie Ran didn’t want to come he wouldn’t come. Is it something worthy of you to comment?]

[Xiao Ran is really busy right now but he still comes especially for Mr. Jia.]

[The fact that Mr. Xie and Mr. Jia have been friends for many years and are still the same now shows that Mr. Xie has no problem being a human being. I am afraid it is not something that someone has done by himself, right? ]

[Is there a problem with Mr. Xie not wanting to be sucked blood from?]

Jia Shiqing’s reputation was still very good and he showed a warm relationship with Xie Ran in front of the camera. With the wind direction changing, people gradually also felt that Xie Ran was indeed not as snobbish as the cp fans said.

Wasn’t it true that he was having a good time with Jia Shiqing?

Guan Shunan was also on the scene, seeing the direction of the wind in the comment section changing, she couldn’t help feeling secretly relieved, her painstaking arrangements were not in vain.

At this time, the host also began to follow the process, cuing Xie Ran and Jia Shiqing, who had been friends for many years saying: “You two must know each other’s little secrets for so many years. I wonder if you have any plans to share some of them with us today.”

The microphone was handed to Xie Ran first who just said: “Yes.”

This kind of topic was used to hype up the atmosphere and no one really thought they could hear any great secret, but the host did his best and immediately made a gossipy and exaggerated expression as he said: “Oh, what is it, quickly tell us! We want to hear it!”

Xie Ran elbow propped on the arm of the sofa as he slightly rested his cheek on his hand, he lazily said: “Jia Shiqing cheated with female artist Shen Zhu, for six months, right?”

Jia Shiqing in the original body owner’s memory maliciously exposed the original body owner’s sexual orientation, resulting in the original owner finally quitting the entertainment industry.

At that time, Jia Shiqing did so because he was caught cheating on his wife by paparazzi, so he replaced his own scandal with the more popular Xie Ran scandal.

Originally, Xie Ran didn’t take his action to heart and did not intend to pay attention to it, but perhaps because of the butterfly effect caused by his crossing, Jia Shiqing’s cheating was caught on camera in advance.

Jia Shiqing suddenly invited him, in addition to doing his own play promotion he wanted to take this opportunity to record his words to exchange with another’s scandal.

Of course, all this was discovered by Meng Feixuan who had nothing to do all day and roamed in the world of data.

Meng Feixuan said proudly, “I set Mr. Xie name as a keyword, and as soon as there is a mention of you in a message with anyone, I would immediately monitor it!”

At this time, the entire live broadcast room’s comment section had been filled with question marks and exclamation points. The Guan Shunan on the side only felt like her eyes went dark as her body started to shake.

–I let you on the show to show your friendship with people! How can you give people such a big story!

No, why didn’t you tell me first when you had this kind of material!


The author has something to say: Mark (seals pat on the chest): I’m great!

Jia Shiqing: I regret it now. I regret it very much.


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