DOASCC – Chapter 8 – Very perfunctory

In the live broadcast, Xie Ran stood silently at the entrance of the elevator, wearing a simple long coat but still looking very slender and straightforward, completely different from his former cordial and easygoing appearance. His whole person naturally showed the superior people’s high-level presence.

All the staff retreated subconsciously but no one felt that there was anything wrong.

Fang Huiwang walked behind, thanks to the courtesy of others, but he was holding a suitcase in his hand, and he had to keep a gentle appearance. Against Xie Ran, he really… looked just like an assistant.

Outside the camera, not only Fang Ran CP fans fell into a subtle silence, but Kuang Youfang, who had already prepared the drafts and was ready and full of confidence to make a final confirmation with the water army, was also confused.

They originally made two sets of plans, if Xie Ran could look back and interact positively with Fang Huiwang in front of camera, it would be best to directly stir up CP of personal acquaintance and then renew their previous relationship.

It also did not matter if Xie Ran didn’t cooperate at all, he could take his ruthless and impolite rhythm, which could be used to set off the Fang Huiwang’s gentle and elegant temper to set up Fang Huiwang’s calm and patient persona but they did not expect Xie Ran to act completely not according to the script, their interaction was interactive. 

It was not polite but it could also not be said to be impolite. He just turned Fang Huiwang into a younger brother just by the virtue of his aura.

What kind of gesture should they use to stir up the news?

Kuang Youfang felt like a mouthful of old blood in his throat could not come up, almost suffocating him.

The head of the water army was still frantically sending messages for confirmation.

Tooth God network marketing section general: [Brother Fang, how’s it going? What plan should we use?]

Kuang Youfang’s face was livid but the money had already been spent so the arrow on the string had to be shot. Finally he could only confirm it: [First set, change some details, first probe the trend, so do not be too hasty.]

Tooth God network marketing section general: [OK]

Thanks to their studio experience, he quickly adjusted the direction ,not letting the spent money go down the drain.

But the effect of this marketing was still far below what they expected at the beginning, even with the sentiment filter of ten years ago, most passers-by were not interested, so it was difficult to really set off the craze.




Somewhere Else‘s crew and guests were still unaware of the movements on the internet, as they had all turned off their cell phones and started the ten hour long flight to Y country, the destination of their trip.

It was 2.00 p.m the local time, when the weather in Y country was pleasant, but the air was slightly humid, so their team was holding their coats while impatiently taking out their phones.

As soon as Xie Ran’s mobile phone was turned on, the voice of Meng Feixuan come from the Bluetooth headset made into earring that was put on one side of his ear. 

“Sir, during the time you turned off your phone, I monitored that there were a large number of Internet water armies posting information about you and Meng Feixuan on various platforms on the Internet. Although they were very obscure, I used my advanced data mining system to analyze that their purpose is to hype your and Fang Huiwang CP. He is really shameless!” Meng Feixuan said seriously.

Xie Ran: “……”

Meng Feixuan’s algorithm system was the most advanced system in his original world. Placed in this world, it was easily the most unique and absolutely the national level.

Such a system was now used to analyze gossip in the entertainment industry.

It seemed that the entertainment industry would have no privacy.

Xie Ran’s expression did not change: “The result?”

“Hee hee hee.” Meng Feixuan suddenly gloated and learned to smile from somewhere: “Wait a minute, I’ll read it to you.”

“Frustrated Fang Ran girl – For the first time in ten years, I felt self doubt. I have been looking forward to live broadcast of ‘Somewhere Else’ since the lineup was announced but in the moment I saw them in the same frame, I wondered why their feelings are now completely different from that of ten years ago, even when they were on the same stage during New year celebration, Xiao Ran seemed to have completely moved on.”

“Don’t claim to be a frustrated Fang Ran girl if you can so easily move on? Don’t you see that brother Fang is very familiar with Xiao Ran’s house? It is obvious that they have been in contact with each other all  this time. Also brother Fang is so concerned about Xiao Ran.”

“What moving on? It’s obvious that the gap between these two has grown! I have to say that CP feelings are really mysterious. Ten Years ago, Fang Ran was very sweet and even now, Fang Huiwang did not seem to change, but Xie Ran is obviously not on the same level as him.”

“The mashed fans took the opportunity to blow up again, my brother is very popular, so don’t carry pot by yourself.” Meng Feixuan, after reading it, gave a little puzzled ‘Huh’ “This was actually posted by a real person. Shocked. So even blind people can surf the Internet!”

“…” Xie Ran was silent for a moment before he asked: “How did you become so nosy?”

“I’m idle.” Meng Feixuan said: “With regards to the amount of data in the entertainment industry, I can calculate it two million times in a minute.”

He then added in a gossip tone: “By the way, I also analyzed a lot of star secrets, do you want to hear it?”

“No.” Xie Ran refused decisively.

“Sir’s curiosity is too low, which is not conducive to your understanding of complex interpersonal feelings.” Meng Feixuan seriously suggested. “I also made a good entertainment report…”

Xie Ran: “……” That was the real reason, right?

At this time, the program team had already started filming, the leader clapped his hands to focus everyone’s attention on him and said: “Hello everyone, now that we have arrived in the capital of country Y, we will spend a week together. According to our rules, please hand in your cell phones first.”

Several guests immediately howled, and in front of the camera complained: “No cell phones for a week, it’s too hard, bah!”

“I don’t want to hand it over, my phone is my life!”

“How can I live like this?”

In the midst of their complaining, Xie Ran did not hesitate to take two steps forward as he turned off his cell phone neatly. As he handed out his cell phone, there seemed to be a hint of impatience.

Others: “…”

Do you need to cooperate so actively?

The team leader appreciated it: “Look at Xiao Ran’s awareness, you should learn more from him.”

Everyone was doing it for the effect, but they were too embarrassed to shout again when they saw the situation. Then they muttered a few words truthfully and then handed in the mobile phone.

Fang Huiwang walked to Xie Ran after handing over his cell phone: “Xiao Ran hasn’t changed a bit.” He said: “He is still as well-behaved as before.”

Xie Ran glanced at him and uttered a word ambiguously: “So noisy.”

Fang Huiwang: “…?” This was just disliking him, how could his words be considered noisy?

If the camera was not still filming, his expression would probably have collapsed on the spot.

Xie Ran did not know that his words unintentionally caused psychological damage to Fang Huiwang, as he finally felt refreshed after his headphones went quiet.

He was relaxed for less than a minute when Meng Feixuan’s voice sounded once again: “This program is really inhumane, actually taking the phones! It’s too much!”

Xie Ran pinched his nose but his expression remained unchanged: “Why are you still there?”

“I am AI ah, where there is a network, there is me!” Meng Feixuan said proudly: “I am still witty, sir. Next time you should wear a smartwatch. Don’t worry, I’ll always be there for you!”

Xie Ran: “…mm-hmm.”

He was careless.

After receiving the phone, the team leader began to explain the rules of the trip to the crew and guests.

There were three groups of guests participating in this program. In addition to Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang, the other two groups were Chen Xiaoxuan and Meng Xixi, members of the popular girl group “Sea Wind Girls”, and the other was of senior veterans from the entertainment industry. Zhu Chuanjia, an once-popular singer-songwriter, and Jiang Wei, a veteran actor.

According to the rules, the travel program group would provide each guest with an initial fund and accommodation for the first day, and from the second day on, all the expenses for accommodation and tasks would be paid by the guests themselves.

In order to increase the difficulty and appreciation of the program, each guest’s initial funding was only enough to pay for the lowest accommodation and catering expenses. If guests wanted to improve their quality of life, they needed to find ways to earn additional income.

During this period of time, the program group would also issue different tasks to the guests, each with corresponding rewards and punishments.

At the end of the week, the program group would count the remaining funds for each group, and the group with the most remaining funds would win the grand prize.

At this point, the team leader deliberately exposed the special prize. After building up everyone’s curiosity, the team leader slowly said: “The team that wins this season can get the advertising contract offered by our program sponsor, which is technology leader, Ruiyan Motors.”

As soon as the voice of the team leader fell, Xie Ran as well as several other guests subconsciously exhaled softly.

Meng Xixi who was still young, couldn’t help blurting out: “The advertising contract of Ruiyan?”

The team leader was satisfied with the effect he made, so he nodded with a smile: “Yes.”

Now, even Jiang Wei, the oldest and most stable of the guests, could not contain his expression.

You all should know that Ruiyan was currently one of the most well-known domestic car brands. It was not only well known locally and had a good brand image but also deep pockets. If this brand cooperation was a cake, many first-line artists would compete for it.

Even if it was just an ordinary advertising contract, and not being a spokesman for cooperation, just being in contact with Ruiyan was not an opportunity that many people would miss to pursue.

Snowball was a well-known variety show TV station and knew how to arouse the competitive spirit among the guests.

Sure enough, several guests who used to act harmonious, friendly and courteous were immediately inspired to fight. Chen Xiaoxuan energetically waved her fist toward others: “Everyone, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Zhu Chuanjia and Jiang Wei smiled, their qualifications were not really up for an advertisement. However, the effect of the program should be enough, so they immediately declared war: “Let’s see who will win at the end!”

As for Fang Huiwang, this kind of advertisement was probably not a big deal, but now that his studio’s funding chain was not stable, the meaning of this advertisement was completely different, so he really wanted to board this big ship called Ruiyan.

Even so, on the surface, he still maintained the indifference of a top star. After the other two groups of guests declared war, he looked at Xie Ran unhurriedly and said with a smile: “Xiao Ran, everyone is so motivated, we can’t lose either! We need to work hard to win this game!”

Xie Ran drooped his eyes, so no one knew what he was thinking. Suddenly after hearing Fang Huiwang speaking, he looked up and saw Fang Huiwang smiling at him.

Xie Ran nodded: “Mm-hmm.”

Fang Huiwang was afraid of Xie Ran’s previous reactions. Originally, he was still worried that he would not follow the routine, but seeing that he was cooperating with him, he became relieved. When the situation was right, he gently added: “Xiao Ran, don’t worry. I will work hard.”

Xiao Ran said “um” again and Fang Huiwang immediately breathed a sigh of satisfaction.

At the same time, Xie Ran nodded gently and whispered: “All right.”

In the headphones, Meng Feixuan continued to report.

Xie Ran remembered something when he heard about the prize just now.

In the memory of the original body owner, in this program, he and Fang Huiwang cooperated tacitly, and finally won, shooting a double advertisement for Ruiyan Motors. Because the market response was good, Ruiyan intended to choose one of them as a spokesman.

During the inspection of Ruiyan, Xie Ran’s sexual orientation was exposed, and the  endorsement of Ruiyan naturally fell into Fang Huiwang hands which brought him a lot of fame and benefits.

However, Xie Ran was not concerned about advertising. But from the memory of the original body owner, he knew that Ruiyan will soon announce that they will enter the field of self-driving technology soon. Unfortunately, until the original body owner died, this world self-driving technology had not achieved an effective breakthrough.

What he had just asked Meng Feixuan to report was the information about self-driving technology and Ruiyan’s related information disclosed in the market at present.

After getting all the information he wanted, Xie Ran withdrew his thoughts and followed the other guests as they got into the pick-up vehicle.

Meng Feixuan, who already ended his work with his strong learning consciousness, popped up again as he doubted and asked: “Sir, are you sure you want to work with Fang Huiwang next? Judging from the fluctuations of the atomic group of consciousness of the original body owner, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Xie Ran was also puzzled: “When did I say that I wanted to work with him?”

Meng Feixuan: “He just asked you and you answered.”

“I was perfunctory. What did he say?” Xie Ran asked.

“……” Meng Feixuan changed his voice into an emotionless electronic voice and imitated the tone of the dog: “Sorry, I can’t understand what he was saying.”


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