DOASCC – Chapter 1 – The CP Of The Century On The Same Stage

@WangWangEntertainment: After ten years, former friends and superstars of today @Xie Ran, @Fang Huiwang sang a chorus together again, setting off the Snowball TV New year stage.

@National Star pursuit: Before the live broadcast of Snowball TV’s new year concert tonight, there was no interaction between them for ten years. It was rumored that Wang Bujian wanted to see superstars Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang sing together again, which instantly ignited a nostalgic fever among older fans. At the same time, it also set the highest ratings for Snowball Satellite TV in five years and topped the platform-wide new year viewing record. [Link: Xie Ran and Fang collection, look back on their cooperation ten years ago.]

@gossip trumpet: Snowball TV actually invited Xie Ran and Fang who have not cooperated for ten years, to go back together. I wonder how much money Snowball TV spent? In addition, this account received news through the grapevine that this cooperation seems to have been initiated by Yewang Studio (Fang Huiwang’s Studio). What does this mean?? In any case, tonight is destined to be a carnival of Fang Ren cp fans! [photo*9]

On the evening of December 31, almost all entertainment platforms reported the same news in their headlines: Superstars Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang sang on the same stage again after ten years.

At the same time, the whole Weibo was also bombarded with comments and the “Fang x Ran CP” ranked No. 1 in the most popular search, followed by a purple red [explosion]  and both parties’ fans’ comments were out of control.

[ah ah ah! Mom, this CP came back to life!!!]

[Sit up, dying grandma, the CP you kowtow to, is on the same stage again!!!].

[Sobbing, ten years! It’s been ten years! I didn’t expect that I could still live to see this scene.]

[Is this true? Snowball is worthy of snowball, such a big news could be hidden from the show!】

[Sure enough, as long as you live long enough, you can see everything, and I’m a ten-year old fan of Fang×Ran who is lying flat and crying.]

[What the hell? Isn’t it just commercial cooperation?? Can CP fans not make things up? Take it back. I don’t want to make an appointment for you.]

[What about the marketing accounts creating nasty rumors about Ran? It’s obvious that two people have to press their heads together to make a chorus in the studio? I also thought that someone was forced to heat up this post.]

[Vegetable chicken powder has come out to jump again. My father is a 22 years old movie emperor but your vegetable chicken is still acting in idol dramas. Who would stick to whom?]

[Shit??? Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang actually have a CP????? A face of confusion!] 

[Ignorant +1, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang? I am reading this right? These two used to have a CP?]

[Complicated mood, someone didn’t know Ran×Fang…. So, is it really the tears of the times?] 




Xie Ran leaned on the sofa in the backstage lounge of the Snowball TV, with one hand scrolling the phone page looking at the comments of netizens on Weibo, with the other elbow resting on the armrest of the sofa as he gently pressed his fingers against his temple.

He was still a little dizzy.

This body was not his and he was still getting used to it.

The original him was called Xie Ran and he was originally one of the most famous business legends in China.

Yesterday, his business empire Zhuzi Technology, which he founded, released the latest research and development results, and the company’s share price rose by the opening limit.

In the evening, Xie Ran attended the celebration banquet but unexpectedly after he returned to his apartment, his mind went black and he lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again, he became Xie Ran, a 27-year-old superstar with tens of millions of fans.

At the same time, he also received the memory of Xie Ran’s life.

These memories made him realize that he now seemed to live in another world, very similar to the world he used to live in, but not the same.

Was this a time travel?

Xie Ran was not sure what this was all about, but he was at ease when he came as he quietly studied Xie Ran’s life as well as his current situation.

Xie Ran, who came from an ordinary background, was discovered by a talent scout at the age of 17 and became a hit in a talent show called “Tomorrow’s Starlight.” From then on, he had a smooth career, gained tens of millions of fans, and made a successful transformation at the age of 22, winning the Jinzhou Award, the top movie award in China.

It can be said that Xie Ran, before the age of 27, was leading all other male stars of the same age and was a well-deserved “winner in life.”

Until this year, Xie Ran agreed to the invitation of Snowball Satellite TV and joined his former friend from “Tomorrow’s Starlight” to sing on the stage together, who, like him, had made his debut in “Tomorrow’s Starlight”. 

That was a turning point of his life.

Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang, during the “Tomorrow’s Starlight” talent show, had a secret relationship for a while, because of this relationship, the two interacted with each other during the show more intimately than with other contestants, and thus cultivated a group of cp fans.

When the program was halfway over, the show entered a closed practice, Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang were assigned to a dormitory. Their daily life was finally officially shown out to the circle, detonating the popular “Fang×Ran cp”.

However, as soon as the show ended, their relationship was discovered by their respective agencies which ordered them to break up to avoid suspicion.

Xie Ran believed that artists ultimately relied on their strength and professionalism and was unwilling to sacrifice his feelings and was ready to fight with his agency.

But he did not even have the time to act before Fang Huiwang turned around and chose to break up with him.

Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang, who had been close to each other during the show, were in a hurry to separate themselves after the competition, and never interacted with each other again. The fans of the two were also at odds with each other, so fights between them were not uncommon.

Until ten years later, both of them were at the top of the circle and had a solid position, so Fang Huiwang wanted to get back together with Xie Ran.

Fang Huiwang convinced Xie Ran that he had no choice but to break up ten years ago, but now he had enough ability not to be pushed around by the outside world.

Xie Ran was a very emotional person so even after so many years, he was still unable to let go of his first love. So he accepted this New Year cooperation and looked forward to getting back together with Fang Huiwang.

After the successful New Year cooperation, the business cooperation between the two has gradually increased, and “Ran×Fang CP” made a comeback. Because public opinion was much looser than before, the interaction between the two people was also more intimate, and the CP fever even exceeded that of ten years ago.

With the popularity of CP, the two of them got a lot of exposure, so Fang Huiwang Studio got a lot of resources, and Fang Huiwang took advantage of this opportunity to successfully achieve capital transformation.

The relationship between Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang also became more stable and Xie Ran thought it would be like this till the end.

But a few years later, Xie Ran was exposed by a malicious recording from a friend from the circle and his sexual orientation was made public. Xie Ran wanted to discuss public relations strategies with Fang Huiwang but before he could contact him, Fang Huiwang took the lead in issuing a statement saying that he and Xie Ran were just friends and he did not know Xie Ran’s sexual orientation.

After a public outcry, Xie Ran was attacked by Fang Huiwang’s fans and his close interaction with Fang Huiwang in front of the camera had become the evidence of homosexual wronging aganist a straight man.

In this regard, Fang Huiwang did not come forward to say a word for Xie Ran and because of the deep binding between the two, Fang Huiwang took the initiative to cancel a large number of cooperation with Xie Ran in order to not be affected.

Xie Ran’s acting career plummeted from then on, coupled with the failure of his studio investment, the former Jinzhou Award winner eventually fell out of the circle, and died of depression.

Xie Ran came just at the time of the New Year concert and when he opened his eyes, he found himself resting on the sofa in the backstage lounge of Snowball TV, surrounded by the staff coming and going.

Xie Ran quietly finished sorting out the life of Xie Ran in this world and then put away his cellphone, sat a little straighter and was about ready to get up and leave.

His transmigration was too sudden and the situation was a little complicated. But now, because his body was obviously tired, he intended to sleep first, and then make a decision when he woke up.

Xie Ran was about to stand up when suddenly someone gently held him by the shoulder and said in a clean and moist voice: “Xiao Ran, the backstage reporter has come.”

Xie Ran turned his head and saw a handsome young man standing on the side, looking at him with a smile. There seemed to be light in his eyes.

The young man was wearing tailored clothes, his hair scratched out in a stylish stage look that made him look particularly dazzling in the crowd that bustled around. This was the other superstar, Fang Huiwang, who sang with Xie Ran tonight.

The news of the two people sharing the same stage was hung on the front page of every major media. Fang Huiwang grabbing him immediately attracted the attention of people around him. Many people secretly took out their mobile phones and gossiped with their friends.

Xie Ran also raised his eyes and looked back at Fang Huiwang.

He did not know what happened but when Fang Huiwang looked back, he felt that the way Xie Ran looked at him was a little different from the usual.

It seemed that there was something that could not be said, as well as if he was able to see through people.

But it should be just his delusion.

It was just at this time that Snowball TV’s host Fang Hexin came toward them.

Snowball TV’s New Year concert had a special backstage interview, which would be broadcasted live on Snowball TV’s own video app, Snowball TV.

Fans of some of the top performers would squat on the app and wait to see their idols.

The tidbit that netizens looked forward to most tonight was naturally the backstage interaction of Fang×Xie CP.

Sure enough, as soon as the live camera swept to Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang, the comment section suddenly became dense.

[ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s really Fang×Xie!!]

[What did I see? Fang Huiwang was just helping Xie Ran, right?]

[I knew it, they are definitely not in a cold business partnership, they are real!]

[Awsl (Chinese meaning: “that’s so cute!”) the way he looks at Xie Ran!]

[CP dogs are not cheap, right? After ten years of zero interaction, if you collaborate on one program, you suddenly gain so much attention? Is it trendy?]

[Don’t act like Poison Ivy, this is Fang×Ran’s first time on stage together in ten years, let’s just focus on their interaction with each other!]

[So they are real, right? Otherwise, if there was really no  interaction in ten years, could they act so intimate in private?]

Fang Hexin may also be able to predict the excitement of netizens at this time, because the backstage interviews were not as serious as the one at the stage, she as the host, was also more willing to comply with netizens’ requests to ask about some topics.

Fang Hexin smiled, greeted Xie Ran and Fang Huiwang and then said: “Congratulations to you two, tonight’s performance was very successful and now netizens are curious. You have not been together for a whole decade, this time you suddenly decided to collaborate, is there any special reason?”

The microphone was handed to the two of them, Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran but seeing he did not move, he took the lead to take the microphone and say with a smile: “For me, this is indeed a special collaboration…..”

On-screen comments:

[Oh, did you see that? Fang Huiwang took a look at Xiao Ran before answering the question…..]

[I saw it. Xiao Ran seems tired and doesn’t want to talk, I hope it will go on!]

[Fang is really as considerate as ever, just like before.]

“This year, it has been ten years since we made our debut with Xiao Ran, so this time is very meaningful. We also found our previous tacit understanding in this performance, so I am very glad to have this opportunity to work with Xiao Ran again.” Fang Huiwang looked at Xie Ran again, his eyes gentle: “What do you think, Xiao Ran?”

As he handed the microphone to Xie Ran, the comment section became even more boiling.

[Xiao Ran! He called him Xiao Ran just like ten years ago! 】

[kswlkswl! Fang dreams of going back to “Tomorrow’s Starlight”.]

[He also mentioned the ten years! He remembered that we are not the only ones who keep thinking about it.]

[Everyone calm down and listen to Xiao Ran’s answer first!]

[How else he can answer it, of course it’s me too!]

In the expectation of everyone, Xie Ran took over the microphone and said: “I am also very happy……”

[Hear that, it’s me too!]

[I unilaterally announce that Fang×Ran is officially resurrected!]

Before netizens finished their excited comments, they saw Xie Ran with dead eyes continue and say with an expressionless face, “The reward given by Snowball TV is very generous, and I am very satisfied.”

With the original gentle look directed at him, Fang Huiwang’s smile stagnated.

Fang Huiwang also uttered confused ‘ah’.

The originally excited comment section instantly cooled down and fell into an eerie silence.


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