FDS – Chapter 9.2


Pretending not to hear Yunhuo’s cry, Zhao Yunxiao’s feet did not stop until the lake water reached his chest and his breathing began to be difficult. Standing still for a moment he slowly moved aside, saying: “I am sorry” Over and over again.

Yunhuo didn’t disturb Zhao Yunxiao and just stood at the edge of the lake keeping an eye on him. Until Zhao Yunxiao became tired and was ready to swim back, then he leapt into the lake and swam quickly to Zhao Yunxiao’s side. In the lake, beast and human met, two “people” quietly looking at each other. The red moonlight covered everything in a chilling red light, but the atmosphere in the lake was a little more ambiguous.

Hearing only the sound of the water, Zhao Yunxiao raised his hand to touch Yunhuo’s head, and muttered: “Yunhuo, will you leave me?” He may never be able to go back.

Yunhuo rubbed Zhao Yunxiao’s palm and licked Zhao Yunxiao’s face for the first time, licking away the tears rolling down from his eyes. The female was grieving, why? He did not understand. Yunhuo was a little anxious. He could only use his tongue to give comfort to the female.

“Yunhuo …… I only have you.” Zhao Yunxiao said as he held Yunhuo’s head and looked at red moon. Yunhuo spread its wings, and then folded them back, encircling Zhao Yunxiao in his arms, sliding his limbs in the water to stabilize his body. Zhao Yunxiao’s white arms looked even whiter under the red moonlight. Yunhuo licked Zhao Yunxiao’s face over and over, hoping that ‘his’ female would no longer be sad.

The two “people” hugged each other in the lake. Thinking that the female would be cold in the water after such a long time, Yunhuo forced himself out of this beautiful moment. Retracting his wings, he leaned back and swam towards the edge of the lake still in the posture Zhao Yunxiao was holding him. Zhao Yunxiao also did not let go, allowing Yunhuo to bring him with him.

Once on shore, Zhao Yunxiao sneezed. Yunhuo hurriedly pushed the man to the fire, while he ran away to shake off the water on his body. Zhao Yunxiao untied the wet animal skin on his upper body and looked at Yunhuo who had his back to him. Then he took off his casual pants and underwear  which already had holes in them. Putting the pants and underwear aside he went behind the rock and took the largest animal skin to wrap around his body and tied it with a soft branch. Returning to the fire, Zhao Yunxiao said: “Yunhuo I am done.”

“His” Yunhuo was really comparable to human beings, even knowing to avoid looking at him when he was changing his clothes. If only Yunhuo was a human being…… As soon as this idea came out, Zhao Yunxiao’s face turned red. How could he have such thoughts? Not daring to think further, he went to wash his pants and underwear. Looking at the increasingly worn fabric, Zhao Yunxiao sighed in his heart, he had to find the right tools to sew his new clothing as soon as possible, he could not wrap himself in this animal skin all the time. Looking down, Zhao Yunxiao lost his smile, he was now in a skirt, although he was a neuter he did not like wearing skirts.

Returning to the fire, Yunhuo saw Zhao Yunxiao smile and let go of his worries. The female looked very good like this, much better than in that strange thing (pants). Where on earth did this female come from? None of the females in the tribe would dress like that, and he also never saw females of other tribes wear such strange things. But that white thing (underwear) of the female was very attractive, just  big enough to wrap around that part of the female. After Yunhuo recalled it his nose became hot.

Not knowing that there was a lustful beast thinking about him, the washed up Zhao Yunxiao took out the flat book from his bag, then went to lie down next to Yunhuo, resting on Yunhuo furry neck. Yunhuo looked curiously at the shiny, slap-sized board in his hand. What  was that?

“Yunhuo, in fact, I am not from this world.” Zhao Yunxiao pulled out his pen and opened the notepad in the tablet and wrote down today’s mood and his decision, while continuing: “The world I am from is completely different from here ……”

Knowing fully well that Yunhuo could not understand, Zhao Yunxiao still treated him as a friend he could confide in and told Yunhuo about how he came here and what unpleasant things happened before he came here. Yunhuo’s two ears listened carefully, while his two eyes stared at Zhao Yunxiao’s hands. What was he doing? There were many strange symbols on this glowing board that he couldn’t understand, what was it? Yunhuo became even more curious about “his” female.

When his mood stabilized, Zhao Yunxiao started to write quietly. Yunhuo smelled it, wanting to know what it was but even if Zhao Yunxiao explained it, Yunhuo would not understand so he just let Yunhuo explore it while he concentrated on writing. When he finished, he put away his pen, and turned on the camera function then he took the first picture of him since coming to this world. In the photo was a stunned Yunhuo and smiling Yunxiao.

“Haha, Yunhuo so you can be afraid too.”


What was that? Why did you put me there?



Zhao Yunxiao fell asleep, nestled in the warm arms of Yunhuo as usual, but Yunhuo was not sleepy and kept scratching his ears. He was put into the glowing panel by the female, but still existed so what was that guy put inside? Annoyed that he couldn’t understand the female’s words, Yunhuo wanted to take the board out of the female’s strange object (satchel) to see if he was still inside.

Claws fumbled  before they hooked the bag and Yunhuo gently moved it to his side, then his ears dropped. How is he going to open this thing? He opened his mouth to bite it but immediately stopped. In case the female knew that he broke “her” things “she” definitely would be angry. But how could he open it? Yunhuo tried to recall how the female took out that plate but his ears only dropped even more, he didn’t notice!

How on earth did this come out?!  Beast Yunhuo simply didn’t know how to open the zipper, just when he was anxious, the person in his arms  uttered: “Father…” Yunhuo instantly did not dare to move anymore and immediately looked at the person in his arms. After swallowing saliva, Yunhuo pushed the bag back to its original position and decided to wait until dawn to see if the female would take out the board again. He would pay attention then to how the female took it out.

Yunhuo laid still, not sleepy at all as he stared at the female in his arms. Just looking at her makes him feel very happy. Wrapped in impermeable animal skin and tied with branches, Zhao Yunxiao slept very uncomfortably. In his sleep, he ripped off the four branches on his body and pulled open the animal skin, letting every pore of his body breathe after it suffocated for so long. When he was comfortable, Zhao Yunxiao put his hand on the beast and fell asleep even more deeply, not noticing how stiff the beast’s body was.

Yunhuo looked stunned and even silly,  the female was almost naked in his arms, naked…. Naked… Yunhuo was so short of breath that he did not dare to move anymore. A certain thing between the two hind legs also rose. Unable to withstand the temptation of desire, Yunhuo opened the animal skin that half covered the female body, completely exposing the snow white body to his eyes. Yunhuo felt himself burning, he lowered his head and sniffed the female body for a long time.

Want, he wanted this female and wanted this female to have offspring for him. The tip of Yunhuo’s tongue slid gently across the female’s nipple, and then he heard a moan that made his desire rise even higher. Under the moonlight, the female’s white body looked even paler. The narrow waist, long legs, slender body, and the mysterious area that tempted him. Yunhuo sniffed and sniffed between Zhao Yunxiao’s legs, wanting to lick up the dormant delicacy, but time after time stopped himself. Before losing control, Yunhuo hooked up the animal skin to cover Zhao Yunxiao’s body before humping on the rock and leaving quickly. After a while,  a sound of falling into the water could be heard.

In his sleep, Zhao Yunxiao felt that someone was touching him, touching him from the head to the toe, then covered him with animal skin and hugged him. It should be Yunhuo …… but how could Yunhuo claws be the same as human palms? Zhao Yunxiao dazedly opened his eyes, the sky was still dark, and his body was clinging to something furry. Zhao Yunxiao closed his eyes again. Sure enough, it was Yunhuo. Um…. It felt good to be physically close to someone else. Still half asleep he did not realize that he was naked, then Zhao Yunxiao fell back into a deep sleep.

The fur felt the softness of the female, making Yunhuo stay awake all night.


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