FDS – Chapter 10.1

When he woke up in the morning and found himself naked under the skin of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao was so ashamed that his face turned red. He was surrounded by broken branches, which he vaguely recalled that he snapped apart. He was too ashamed to look at Yunhuo. He actually slept naked next to Yunhuo! Yunhuo, seeing his shyness, licked his shoulder, stood up and then left. Zhao Yunxiao only felt that the place where he had been licked by Yunhuo became hot. Holding his face, he groaned in his heart, did Yunhuo see his naked body?

With this in mind, Zhao Yunxiao pulled up the animal skin and covered his head, wondering whether he wanted Yunhuo to see his naked body or not. Last night…. It seemed as if someone touched him. The part between Zhao Yunxiao’s legs reacted because of this idea. He hurriedly closed his legs and looked even more shy. Last night, did Yunhuo really touch him? Zhao Yunxiao thought that he started to go crazy, Yunhuo was a beast, a beast… Why didn’t he hate it?

After that night, there was something more between one person and one beast. When Zhao Yunxiao finally suppressed his blush and came out from behind the rock, he saw Yunhuo sitting by the lake. Almost as soon as he came out, Yunhuo looked over. Zhao Yunxiao’s heartbeat was a little unsteady as he walked to the lake with his head down, washed his face and brushed his teeth.

With a low purr, Yunhuo walked to Zhao Yunxiao’s side, making Zhao Yunxiao’s ears red. Yunhuo just rubbed his face against him and gave low barks, then he went into the forest and Zhao Yunxiao knew he was going to the forest to look for food. Watching Yunhuo disappear into the forest, Zhao Yunxiao squatted down again and scooped up some water to cool down his cheeks. Not daring to think too deeply about what this hot feeling meant, he gave himself something to do to divert his attention. First it would be good to boil a pot of water.

Within the normal hunting time, Yunhuo returned. Carrying an animal by its head, with its skin and guts removed. After putting down the animal, Yunhuo washed his face before going to the forest again and soon returned with a bamboo pole in his mouth. He knew that Zhao Yunxiao liked to eat this. Zhao Yunxiao took the animal corpse to the side to clean it. They used the lake water so he didn’t want to use it directly to wash the animal corpse, he would first use boiled water to wash it then use water in the lake to wash it clean.

Washed and placed on some washed leaves, Zhao Yunxiao boiled some more water while saying: “Yunhuo, the internal organs are also edible.” He said as he pointed to the animal’s empty abdomen, and added: “These things can also be eaten, next time take them, don’t waste them.” There were many things that could be eaten so Yunhuo didn’t need to go hunting for food daily.

Yunhuo even after thinking for a long time couldn’t  figure out what Zhao Yunxiao meant so Zhao Yunxiao  pointed to the belly of the animal and then made an act of eating. Yunhuo nodded his head slowly like he finally understood.

Forget it, let’s communicate some more later. Letting Yunhuo tear the meat into pieces, Zhao Yunxiao put it into the pot where the water was already boiling. Yunhuo’s food portion was large but the pot was quite small. Zhao Yunxiao put the rest of the meat on the fire to test it first. While waiting for the meat to cook, Zhao Yunxiao settled his breakfast. In the morning he did not like to eat meat.

After another hearty breakfast, Zhao Yunxiao cleaned up and was ready. Zhao Yunxiao climbed on Yunhuo’s back, and Yunhuo flew up, but instead of playing with Zhao Yunxiao like before, he brought Zhao Yunxiao back to the cave. Letting Zhao Yunxiao down, Yunhuo pushed him into the hole with his head before rubbing Zhao Yunxiao’s face and unexpectedly flying away. Zhao Yunxiao watched blankly as Yunhuo flew into the forest, his heart sank, Yunhuo was … gone?

“Roar–” the cry of Yunhuo came from the forest, making Zhao Yunxiao turn pale at the opening of the cave. He didn’t even dare to think how he would continue to live if Yunhuo left him. Then he became even more flustered. Was he already inseparable from Yunxiao?

Just when Zhao Yunxiao had wild thoughts, Yunxiao came out of the forest, carrying a large green skin bag, which Zhao Yunxiao knew was filled with skin and bones of the dinosaur and other things. Yunxiao roared a few more times towards Zhao Yunxiao’s side, then gave a boost and flew up.

“Ho-ho-” Letting the female wait for him in the cave, Yunhuo flew away with the heavy bones on his back.

Yunhuo…. Zhao Yunxiao watched Yunhuo fly away from the cave and suddenly curled up. Yunhuo won’t leave him, right? Waiting quietly, Zhao Yunxiao’s head was filled with Yunhuo, he couldn’t even image before that Yunhuo position in his heart would become so important. Zhao Yunxiao bit his mouth, his feelings for Yunhuo, seemed to be a little off track, his mood become complicated. Counting days, he and Yunhuo really have not been together for long so why in such short period of time when he thought of Lin Mingyuan only a faint sentimentality remained?

He felt very happy and sweet when he was in love with Mingyuan. But definitely not like his feeling for Yunhuo after they experienced the test of life and death together. When he was almost eaten by dinosaur, Yunhuo fell from the sky and saved him regardless of his own safety. Even when he was seriously injured, he still tried to take care of him. He was really moved by Yunhuo actions, but at the same time a little heartbroken. Perhaps, this world didn’t have humans at all and only a variety of animals and Yunhuo was one of them. His body was red, so red that it was almost frightening, but still made his heart beat faster.

He suddenly stopped blaming  Lin Mingyuan. There must be some thrilling and unforgettable relationship between Lin Mingyuan and that woman that he doesn’t know about. That’s what was missing between him and Mingyuan. Mingyuan pursued him and he accepted Mingyuan pursuit. When the two of them were together , everything seemed so natural but without thinking about it their feelings became cold one day. When Mingyuan feelings for him faded, how could his own feelings for Mingyuan fade as well? Otherwise, his memories of Mingyuan would not become something of the past in such a short time. His heart still stinged slightly, but it didn’t make him want to cry as soon as he thought of it.

In contrast, the sense of security given to him by Yunhuo was unique, and even Mingyuan couldn’t compare. Perhaps, the timing of Yunhuo’s appearance was too special or perhaps he was too scared and needed a powerful “person” like Yunhuo to appear in front of him to protect him and give him safety. With his identity as a neuter he grew up protected by his own family and society, after he came to this strange world he wanted to be strong and tried to be strong but in the end it couldn’t compare to his heart’s desire to be held by someone’s heart and taken care of. Was this the sadness of a neuter? His body was obviously just like that of a pure male, but he was too useless.


His body shook and Zhao Yunxiao immediately stood up, Yunhuo came back!


A flash of fire red once again descended from the sky. Zhao Yunxiao thoughtlessly pounced over and hugged the other “person”: “Yunhuo!”


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