FDS – Chapter 2.1

When he arrived at Qian Jun’s house, he heard the children’s cries as soon as the door opened. Zhao Yunxiao walked in with a smile and called: “Qian Jun.”

“Yunxiao?” Qian Jun came out of the children’s room with the four-year-old in his arms. When he saw him, he smiled and asked: “What brings you here today?”

Reaching out to hold Shi Huan, Zhao Yunxiao said fondly: “I had nothing to do, so I’ve come to see you and my godsons.”

Qing Jun rolled his eyes and said: “You already have six godsons. When will you have a real son?”

Zhao Yunxiao smiled slightly and said: “They will be born in two years, there’s no hurry.”

Qian Jun shook his head: “Yunxiao, don’t wait. I want my sons and yours to grow up together. My eldest and second are 9 years old. If your son is born in two years time, your son will need to call my elder and second uncle.”

Zhao Yunxiao laughed: “You are exaggerating too much.”

“I’m not exaggerating. I’m saying it’s time for you to have a baby. Which neuter person  has been married for so many years without children like you? ” At this point, Qian Jun whispered in his ear: “It’s not because you Lin Mingyuan have problems with fertility, right?”

Zhao Yunxiao pushed him away, looked at the fourth child in his arms who shouldn’t have heard it and said: “He is fine, but neither of us want a baby so early. Mingyuan is too busy. I don’t want him to play with his children and listen to them when he gets home. “

Qing Jun shrugged: “Indeed, Mingyuan is so busy that even I know about it, let’s eat here tonight, Fang is on a business trip and can’t come back at night.”

Men who support their families work hard, Zhao Yunxiao felt much better after hearing Qing Jun’s words. “I am going to see my father tonight, so I won’t eat,” he said.

“Then you watch Little Huan for me and I’ll prepare the goods.”


Qian Jun was very energetic at home and opened his own online store selling neuters jewelry. Seeing Qian Jun on the phone contacting suppliers, Zhao Yunxiao felt like a failure. In fact, he wanted to go to work, but Lin Mingyuan wouldn’t let him. Lin Mingyuan felt that a man should support his wife in all aspects. Zhao Yunxiao always wanted to open an online store that made food, but could only think about it.

Shi Huan sat in Zhao Yunxiao’s arms playing with educational toys. Zhao Yunxiao touched Shi Huan’s head and his tender face. He really wanted to be a father, very much.

After staying at Qian Jun’s house until 5 o’clock, Zhao Yunxiao left to go to his father’s place and got into a car, calling Lin Mingyuan. This time Lin Mingyuan’s phone got through, Zhao Yunxiao told him that his father asked them to go over for dinner tonight, but Lin Mingyuan only said awkwardly: “I’m going to have dinner with my client tonight. I can’t leave. Please tell father that I am sorry. I will see him on the weekend.”

“Good. Drink less at night.”

“I’ll pay attention.”

Without asking why Lin Mingyuan’s phone was turned off before, Zhao Yunxiao drove to his father’s house. Not only was his father at home, but his father’s good friend, Uncle Guo, was also there. Zhao Yunxiao took the good wine he brought before as a gift for his father as well as the food he cooked himself. Then, he couldn’t help but glance at Uncle Gao a few more times. Uncle Gao was a pure male and has never been married. Since the death of his mother, Uncle Guo often came to see his father. Inwardly, Zhao Yunxiao hoped that his father could find another companion, a person’s life can be too lonely sometimes. Nowadays, there was no such thing as aversion to homosexuality and even two pure males could get married.

Uncle Guo went to the kitchen to cook, while Zhao Yunxiao accompanied his father in the living room to chat. Zhao Fuqiang still had a grudge against his son-in-law for being too busy to even come for dinner. Not just because he couldn’t come tonight, half of the times he had dinner with his son, Lin Mingyuan could not come. Zhao Fuqiang originally did want his son to marry a businessman, and now that Lin Mingyuan was so busy, Zhao Fuqiang felt bad for his son. But like every time before, Zhao Yunxiao persuaded his father to understand Lin Mingyuan’s busy schedule, he was so busy because he wanted them to live a better life.

“Having enough money to spend is enough. You also have the government’s monthly subsidy, and I have my salary so you don’t need to support me. You having children is the main thing.” The topic was brought back to children.

Guo Xinglei, who came out of the kitchen, advised, “Fuqiang, you shouldn’t always rush Yunxiao and the others, the children have their own plans. As long as Yunxiao decides to have children, there will be at least two, you just can’t wait to become a grandfather.”

After Guo Xinglei’s advice, Zhao Fuqiang’s expression was no longer so unyielding but he still said: “Don’t delay the matter of children.”

“I still want them.”That was all Zhao Yunxiao could reply.

Dinner was cooked by Guo Xinglei, Zhao Yunxiao also wanted to help but was driven out of the kitchen by Guo Xinglei. After eating, Guo Xinglei also did not let Zhao Yunxiao clean the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash them himself. Zhao Yunxiao wanted to ask his father about Uncle Guo but Zhao Fuqiang was the first to confess to his son.

“Yunxiao,” Zhao Fuqiang paused for a moment before saying in a quiet voice: “Father wants to go with your Uncle Guo to register our marriage.”

Zhao Yunxiao’s eyes widened,  but he was very calm. Seeing that his son’s reaction was not very intense, Zhao Fuqian became relieved. Guo Xinglei, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, also pricked up his ears as Zhao Fuqiang said: “Your uncle Guo has always liked me, but I had your mother so he never said it. He never got married or found anyone because of me. Your mother is no longer with me …”

“Father,” Zhao Yunxiao interrupted his father’s hesitation and said: “I can see that Uncle Guo treats you very well. As long as you like him I have no objection. To be honest, I’m more at ease with having someone by your side to take care of you.”

Zhao Fuqiang was stunned at first before smiling deeply: “I knew you wouldn’t object.”

Zhao Yunxiao just smiled and said: “Uncle Guo has been waiting for you for so many years. Please register  your marriage as soon as possible. I’m sure my mother will be very happy too. “

Zhao Fuqiang put his arm around his son’s shoulder and said gratefully: “Thank you, Yunxiao.”

“Father, I just want you to be happy because I love you. Zhao Yunxiao put his arms around his father’s waist, just like when he was a child and snuggled in his father’s arms. Thinking about his current state of married life, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly suppressed the sourness in his eyes. When Guo Xinglei came out of the kitchen, Zhao Yunxiao called out ploddingly, “Uncle Guo, do I have to call you ‘Papa Guo’ from now on?”

In a family where there were two fathers, the one being called papa was always the one with more female characteristics. Guo Xinglei said nonchalantly: “You can call me anything.” He sat next to Zhao Fuqiang and held his hand: “I will take care of your father and love him for the rest of my life.”

“I believe you.”

In fact, what he wanted was such a simple relationship. He doesn’t have to be rich, but he wanted to eat and talk together. How long has it been since he talked and chatted with Mingyuan?

When he returned from his father, his house was quiet. After taking a shower and sitting on the bed reading a book until 12 o’clock, Lin Mingyuan still had not returned. Zhao Yunxiao turned off the lights and went to bed. In the middle of the night when he was already asleep he felt the mattress shake a little and Zhao Yunxiao, who did not sleep soundly, put his mind at ease and went back to sleep. Mingyuan was back.


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