FDS – Chapter 6.2

The T-shirt was also scalded with boiling water in the pot, and then wrung dry. Before Zhao Yunxiao folded it and pressed it to the beast’s abdomen, grabbing one of the beast’s claws to press it he said: “I’ll get the medicine, wait here.”

The beast didn’t understand what he said, but no matter what he said the beast could only agree. Because “she” was not afraid of him who was red all over.

Zhao Yunxiao ran into the forest and picked all the plants he could see before running back quickly. Putting these plants in front of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao asked anxiously: “Do you know which one is the herb?”

Although the beast couldn’t understand what he said, it understood what Zhao Yunxiao meant. Its paw pointed to two plants, and Zhao Yunxiao immediately picked them out and washed them in the boiled water before chewing them with his mouth. The herbs tasted strange but Zhao Yunxiao resisted the desire to spit them out and applied the chewed herbs to the beast’s wound. The beast’s body was too big to wrap with his clothes.

Seemingly aware of Zhao Yunxiao’s anxiety, the beast licked the back of Zhao Yunxiao’s hands, like it was telling him to not be afraid and that his wounds would heal soon. But Zhao Yunxiao did not know what the beast meant. He went to pick up more herbs so that he could use them on the beast’s wound, and bandaged the places that could be bandaged. Zhao Yunxiao could only press the T-shirt cloth on the abdomen to stop the bleeding as much as possible.

The sun was so hot that Zhao Yunxiao was a little dizzy from the sun, but he couldn’t run into the shade to hide, because the beast couldn’t move. Just when Zhao Yunxiao was too hot to stand, the beast moved.

“Don’t move!” Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly held down the beast.

The Beast licked his hand and stood up reluctantly. Then, under Zhao Yunxiao’s worried gaze, it walked slowly to the shade step by step, before laying there without any strength left.

Did it see that he was hot? Thinking of when he was chased by the dinosaur and the beast fell from the sky to save him, and became seriously injured protecting him Zhao Yunxiao vision blurred.

“She” cried? Was “she” still afraid? Seeing the beast try to stand up again, Zhao Yunxiao quickly ran over and pressed the beast’s body: “Don’t move, your wounds are still bleeding.” Touching the beast’s head brazenly, Zhao Yunxiao said after the beast lay down obediently: “I will get something, just wait for me here.”

Drying his tears, Zhao Yunxiao got up and went back to the cave. The beast’s tongue licked as his red eyes followed Zhao Yunxiao. “She” touched him! “She” touched him! Female hands were really soft and this female was not afraid of him! “She” was really brave!

Zhao Yunxiao returned to the cave and took out all his belongings. The kind “person” brought him food so with his bag he packed some animal skin, the unfinished bread fruit and salt fruit from this morning. The beast was hurt so Zhao Yunxiao had to take care of it. Afraid to look at the dinosaur that had been bitten to death, Zhao Yunxiao, who returned to the beast, put an animal skin under the beast while the beast cooperated with him. Then Zhao Yunxiao went to the lake to wash the pot. He wanted to make food for the beast.

The kind-hearted “person” brought him all kinds of different foods. This morning he brought him a bird, a nest of eggs, two pink fruits and a handful of thin vegetables. The head of the bird was removed so Zhao Yunxiao could only tell from the “headless corpse” that it might be a bird. The internal organs were also removed but Zhao Yunxiao cleaned the bird again before putting it into the pot to cook. The ingredients  were limited so all he could do was a stew. But the beast was injured so it would be better if it had some broth. While cooking the soup, Zhao Yunxiao boiled all the washed eggs in the pot and threw three salt fruits into it.

While cooking the broth, Zhao Yunxiao went into the forest again in search of more herbs. He could feel the beast looking at him, and due to that gaze Zhao Yunxiao felt secure and safe for some reason. Maybe it was because the dinosaur just passed by but even a bird could not be seen in the forest now, which was very convenient for Zhao Yunxiao. After searching for a long time, he really found many herbs, fruits and vegetables. On the ground there were also corpses of animals that should have been trampled to death or bitten to death by dinosaurs, but Zhao Yunxiao did not dare to pick them up. Those corpses were either looking miserable or bloody, so for a human who only needed to go to the supermarket to buy processed meat, handling “fresh” corpses was still psychologically stressful for him.

By the time Zhao Yunxiao returned to the lake, the strong smell of gravy was already overflowing. Washing his hands he scooped up a spoonful of soup and tasted it, it tasted just right so Zhao Yunxiao extinguished the fire.  Then he applied the medicine to the beast again and since the pot was no longer hot Zhao Zhao Yunxiao brought the pot to the beast’s mouth letting it eat from it.

The beast smelled the fragrance, but did not move its mouth. It just looked at Zhao Yunxiao and pushed the pot toward Zhao Yunxiao with its one claw. Zhao Yunxiao touched the head of the beast and felt bad since the blood on it has not yet been cleaned: “Eat first. I’m not hungry.”

When the beast did not move and was still motioning to Zhao Yunxiao to eat first, Zhao Yunxiao’s heart welled up with waves of emotion. The beast was so magical that he became even more convinced that the kind-hearted person who brought him food every day was the beast.

The beast was so stubborn about it that Zhao Yunxiao scooped himself a bowl of soup, a piece of meat and two eggs. Then the beast no longer refused the broth and began to eat it. Zhao Yunxiao could not help but smile, but he was sad when he saw the blood stains all over the beast. There was only a pair of trousers left on his body so Zhao Yunxiao wrapped a thinner animal skin around his naked upper body while eating quietly. The beast seemed very hungry so the soup was quickly emptied before it started to eat the remaining meat and bones. Zhao Yunxiao put down the bowl, took the egg out of the pot and peeled the eggshells before putting the eggs into the beast mouth. The beast’s mouth was so big that he could easily throw it inside.

Feeding all six eggs left in the pot to the beast, Zhao Yunxiao then ate his own lunch. After eating, he cleaned the pot, bowl and spoon. The beast’s abdominal wound was no longer bleeding so Zhao Yunxiao’s heart calmed down. There was only a little fruit left in the food. Looking at the size of the beast, Zhao Yunxiao  started to think. The beast’s exposed fangs told him that he was definitely a carnivore, but there was no meat. The beast was wounded so it definitely needed meat.


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