FDS – Chapter 9.1

Forgetting to eat breakfast, forgetting to look for the “stolen” things, Yunhuo flew around with Zhao Yunxiao, until Zhao Yunxiao’s hungry stomach protested and he stopped. Lying on Yunhuo’s back, Zhao Yunxiao didn’t want to come down.  Yunhuo also did not let him down, taking Zhao Yunxiao into the forest, he didn’t go far before stopping again. Zhao Yunxiao, sitting on Yunhuo’s back, looked at the thing in front of him in surprise… It was a big leather bag.

Coming down Yunhuo’s back, Zhao Yunxiao covered his nose with one hand before going to the big leather bag and touching it. In the bag were the bones he thought had been stolen. The dinosaur’s bones and skin were not cleaned, so they still had a strong smell of a corpse. Without staying there for much longer,  Zhao Yunxiao returned to Yunhuo and after the other party took the initiative to get down, he took the initiative to climb on his back.

Looking at Yunhuo’s strong limbs and sharp fingernails, Zhao Yunxiao asked curiously: “Yunhuo, how did you tie the skin of a dinosaur?” Zhao Yunxiao could not imagine it in his mind. It was not difficult to put all the bones on the dinosaur skin, but it would be difficult to wrap all the bones in the skin and tie a knot. Zhao Yunxiao knew that Yunhuo was an amazing beast; he could wash his face and paws, brush his teeth and even remove internal organs and bones.

Zhao Yunxiao touched Yunhuo’s head: “What else can you do?”

Yunhuo did not understand but he ran quickly. Today was the  happiest day he has ever had. Running to the place where they usually eat, Yunhuo put Zhao Yunxiao down. Zhao Yunxiao didn’t expect Yunhuo to answer him so he just lit a fire, preparing to cook. No matter how much he made each meal Yunhuo would eat it all. Yunhuo lying on the side watched Zhao Yunxiao, this female was cooking for him, Yunhuo  cheated himself in this way.

Yunhuo injuries were basically all healed, making his speed of recovery amaze Zhao Yunxiao. Zhao Yunxiao intended to eat roasted meat for breakfast and lunch. With Yunhuo as a qualified teacher, Zhao Yunxiao has been able to learn many kinds of edible fruits and plants. Ever since Yunhuo appeared, Zhao Yunxiao hadn’t been back to his cave much. Although the moon was red here, the weather was  fine and there was no rain. Otherwise, Zhao Yunxiao would have to  withdraw to that small cave. He didn’t really want to go back. He was always frightened when he was hiding in the cave so now with Yunhuo around he could sleep till dawn even if he slept outdoors.

Zhao Yunxiao tried all the edible plants as seasonings, anyway, no matter how he cooked Yunhuo would still enjoy it. First he ate a yellow fruit appetizer,  Zhao Yunxiao did not give it to Yunhuo to eat, because Yunhuo was an absolute carnivore so he already failed in feeding Yunhuo fruits and vegetables. He also didn’t try to find a way home in the lake for many days, making Zhao Yunxiao’s heart feel conflicted about it. If he didn’t have to worry about his father, then he would choose to stay here. After having Yunhuo with him, he found that his daily life wasn’t sad anymore and was rather leisure. As long as he had a full stomach he didn’t have to worry about anything else and most importantly he could stay away from Lin Mingyuan’s affairs.

But if he goes back, what about Yunhuo? He accepted Yunhuo’s care, and Yunhuo was still his life-saving benefactor, so it would be simply ungrateful for him to just leave him here and return home. Zhao Yunxiao felt really embarrassed but without showing embarrassment on his face, he went to cook wild vegetable soup after roasting the meat. He was used to having some wild vegetables for every meal. By the time the soup was cooked, the temperature of the meat cooled down and Zhao Yunxiao could tear off the leg. The rest of the meat was for Yunhuo, as for the vegetable soup Yunhuo wouldn’t even drink a mouthful.

Zhao Yunxiao first drank a bowl of soup and then ate meat. He misses rice, porridge, noodles and other staple foods, unfortunately there was none of them here but it was already luck that he is able to eat meat. Watching Yunhuo chew the roasted meat in big bites, Zhao Yunxiao once again sighed – he really deserves to be a carnivore. Eating one leg of meat was already beyond Zhao Yunxiao’s capacity so after eating 1/3, he could not eat anymore. Because of it Zhao Yunxiao did not have any psychological burden to hand it to Yunhuo, Yunhuo opened his mouth and took it, he likes to eat the leftovers of the female

Zhao Yunxiao then ate all the wild vegetables, while Yunhuo was still eating meat. When Yunhuo finished eating, Zhao Yunxiao, who had finished cleaning up, used the T-shirt cloth to wipe Yunhuo mouth and paws, he always felt that Yunhuo could not lick his mouth and paws cleanly so it was better to wipe it directly than let him lick it. This was also the only thing that Zhao Yunxiao thought he could do for Yunhuo’s cleaning. At this time, he still didn’t know how happy he made Yunhuo by doing this.

After dark, Zhao Yunxiao, who had already finished dinner, looked much more silent than during the day. Yunhuo sensing that he was preoccupied with something, stayed close to him and licked his hands, shoulder and neck. With one hand on Yunhuo’s big head, Zhao Yunxiao suffered inside. After a long time he said in a powerless voice: “Yunhuo, I’ll go into the water to find something, you just stay here.”

After clenching his fist, Zhao Yunxiao hugged Yunhuo’s big head and said lowly: “I am sorry.  If, if I still fail tonight, I won’t hold on anymore. I’m sorry.”

“Oooh ……” Yunhuo’s heartbeat accelerated as he lifted his paw to hug Zhao Yunxiao. The female hugged him, hugged him …… At the same time, he felt that the female was depressed, was something wrong?

“Yunhuo, wait for me here.”

Zhao Yunxiao let go of Yunhuo’s head and stood up. Yunhuo also wanted to rise but Zhao Yunxiao stopped him.

“Wait for me.”

After taking a long look at Yunhuo, Zhao Yunxiao walked towards the lake, then, he stepped into the lake under Yunhuo’s worried gaze. Yunhuo still got up and followed him, standing on the edge of the lake watching Zhao Yunxiao step deeper into the lake. He knew it. Before he met the female, the female would stay in the lake for a long time every night. Only after they met the female stopped doing it and he had forgotten about it, and tonight….


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