FDS – Chapter 6.1

Was that a dinosaur? An animal almost as tall as a tree in the forest, with a long neck, green scales on its body, and exposed jagged teeth that at first glance was carnivorous. In front of it, Zhao Yunxiao was like an ant!

When the dinosaur found him, he made a loud roar with his mouth which made its limbs tremble. It came toward Zhao Yunxiao making Zhao Yunxiao bite his tongue fiercely then he suddenly thought of the anti-wolf laser stick in his bag. Whether it was useful or not, he must not sit back and wait for death!

Zhao Yunxiao turned and ran, the dinosaur that seemed to be dissatisfied with his resistance roared once again. Zhao Yunxiao ran to the rock formation with all his strength. But his legs were too short, while the dinosaur had a long neck and a big stride being able to rub his sharp teeth across Zhao Yunxiao’s back. Zhao Yunxiao fell to the ground and instinctively rolled his body around. He knew he couldn’t run away.


Just in the nick of time another earth-shattering roar was heard and a touch of scarlet fell from the sky in front of Zhao Yunxiao. Just when Zhao Yunxiao thought another beast was coming to eat him, the crimson beast picked him up and flung him into the woodland far away, then turned around and headed for the dinosaur. Zhao Yunxiao’s head was already blank so he couldn’t tell what this crimson beast wanted to do. He only knew that he was safe for the time being and got up on his hands and knees and ran wildly toward his cave. He had to save himself, or he was likely to die here today.  He climbed rocks so fast that he scratched his knees and palms of his hands.

Hearing another roar, Zhao Yunxiao climbed up the rock and got into the cave at the fastest speed in his life. Subconsciously, he was about to block the entrance of the cave with stones when  Zhao Yunxiao’s movements stopped abruptly.  By the lake, a red beast was fighting with a dinosaur. The beast has a pair of red wings and flies in mid-air. Compared to Zhao Yunxiao, its size was like a behemoth but compared to the dinosaur it was still tiny. But this beast was still unafraid to fight with the dinosaur.

The thick tail of the dinosaur, as long as his neck, knocked the beast to the ground. The beast that was hit, rolled and then stood up quickly taking advantage of the impact  to spread its wings and fly,  using its sharp claws and teeth to bite the dinosaur several times. The dinosaur was not a vegetarian so its tail, neck and sharp teeths were all sharp weapons. Pools of blood dripped from the beast’s body.

It was there, protecting me! He remembered! It was that splash of red that fell from the sky that saved him! This thought hit Zhao Yunxiao’s mind as his heart almost jumped out from his chest. There was a beast protecting him! Zhao Yunxiao wiped hard at his wet eyes, no matter where that beast came from he still reached into his bag and took out the anti-wolf laser stick, it was protecting him! He couldn’t let it fight for its life alone! Not knowing where the courage came from, Zhao Yunxiao got out of the cave and climbed down the rock.

The beast noticed that he was coming out and roared in  Zhao Yunxiao’s direction, and then awkwardly avoided the attack of the dinosaur. There was more and more blood under it. Zhao Yunxiao ran to the dinosaur, even if he died he had to fight!

“Roar!” Go back!

The beast bared its teeth and roared. Zhao Yunxiao with tears in his eyes yelled at the other side: “Don’t mind me! Be careful! “

The dinosaur’s tail pulled the beast from the air to the ground, and then its sharp teeth bit the beast’s body then a dazzling light shone straight into its eyes. The dinosaur opened his mouth and closed his eyes in pain. Seeing that the laser rod was effective on the dinosaur, Zhao Yunxiao adjusted the laser and pointed it at the dinosaur’s big eyes as much as possible. The dinosaur’s head hung down as it became dizzy. The seriously injured beast flew with the last glimmer of strength and used its paw on the dinosaur’s face, then he bit the dinosaur’s neck with his sharp teeth. The dinosaur cried out in pain and came to its senses, its neck swayed violently, trying to throw the beast off and its tail lashed desperately, but when it opened its eyes there was a blinding light shooting at them so its tail twitched several times as blood gushed out from its neck.

The beast stubbornly did not let go, having almost all its long saber teeth sunk into the dinosaur’s neck. The struggle of the dinosaur became weaker and weaker, then it fell heavily to the ground and the earth shook with it. The dinosaur did not move as it was surrounded by blood spraying from its neck as well as the blood of the beast. The laser rod in Zhao Yunxiao’s hand fell to the ground, and he slumped down. He was completely frightened that he narrowly escaped death.

It was only when the dinosaur was confirmed to be dead that the beast let it go. Then it turned its head to look at the scared Zhao Yunxiao, trying to stand up, it failed several times before collapsing to the ground without any strength left. If it hadn’t been for that strange light, it would be dead by now. There are only two results when you encounter a green-skinned animal: you run away or you are eaten. The wound on his body was serious, but not fatal. The beast didn’t dare to look at it again as it closed its eyes and waited for dizziness.

Was it dead? Zhao Yunxiao, who was still trembling, crawled forward. No,  it couldn’t die, he knew that his beast saved him. Could it be that kind-hearted “person”? Zhao Yunxiao did not know why he suddenly had such an idea but he tried to crawl forward to see if it was still alive.

The smell of “her” was approaching, and the beast opened his red eyes with surprise. “She” was crying so “she” must be scared. Wasn’t “she” afraid of him? The beast held its breath.

Seeing it open his eyes, Zhao Yunxiao speeded up. Soon he climbed to the side of the beast and saw that his wound was bleeding. Zhao Yunxiao was so flustered that he didn’t know how to start. What shall he do? He has no medicine, no gauze, nothing!

Zhao Yunxiao, you can’t panic! He bit his fingers hard, but his hands were still trembling uncontrollably. Zhao Yunxiao gave himself a slap on the head to calm himself down. The next moment, an animal’s claw stopped his hand making Zhao Yunxiao raise his eyes blankly. Then he froze again. The beast approached him with a smell of blood, licking the place he had just slapped, and then licked his scratched palm skin.

Tears fell uncontrollably. Is it comforting me? Obviously its own injury was more severe! But he could only cry, unable to do anything. Zhao Yunxiao calmed down under the light licking of the beast. The beast had barbed thorns on its tongue, but it didn’t hurt him. The beast licked  him gently and slowly. When Zhao Yunxiao stopped it and drew his hand, Zhao Yunxiao touched the injured face of the beast, no matter if the beast understood him or not he still said: “Lie still.”

With that, he stood up from his knees and ran to the rock. The beast’s eyes wondered, “what is he going to do?”Then came a faint surprise. Wasn’t “she” afraid of him? “She” doesn’t seem to be afraid, because “she” even touched him.

When he returned to the cave again, Zhao Yunxiao took the flint and the pot. Going back to the lake, he started the fire and scooped a pot of water from the lake before putting it on the top of the fire. Zhao Yunxiao began to undress. The red beast was dumbfounded. When he came here, he only wore trousers and a long-sleeved T-shirt with a tank top under it. Now there were holes in his T-shirt and tank top so he took off his T-shirt and undershirt, and tore them into a few pieces of cloth. Zhao Yunxiao threw the cloth of the undershirt into the pot and cooked it, then he came to the beast. He used the cloth of the T-shirt to wipe the wounds on the beast.

The beast’s body had large and small wounds, and the wound on the abdomen was the most serious. There should be medicine at a time like this. Zhao Yunxiao was afraid that the beast would not hold up. When the water in the pot rose, Zhao Yunxiao used a tree branch to fish out the boiled undershirt cloth, and then squeezed out some of the water, Then he continued to scrub the wound of the beast with warm clothes, he could only think of this method without alcohol that could be used to disinfect the wound.


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