FDS – Chapter 5.2


There was yellow fruit (named by him) and bread fruit so Zhao Yunxiao didn’t need to worry about lunch, since he couldn’t finish it all. The meat was placed in the dark place where the wind blew through so it shouldn’t go bad again so quickly. Zhao Yunxiao studied the shell pot. After knocking and testing the hardness, he lit a branch with a flint and burned it at the bottom of the shell pot for a while, finding out that the shell was very burn-resistant and non-flammable. Zhao Yunxiao was so satisfied that he decided that he could cook meat soup at night! By the way there was also that handful of grass.

Picking up the grass, Zhao Yunxiao smelled it before taking a bite. His eyes lit up. It was obvious that  it could be eaten so he made up his mind! He would cook a broth with grass in the evening, uh, no he should give it a different name. Broth with beets! This green grass was very sweet, so it should be called beet! Dinner was settled, and Zhao Yunxiao suddenly felt sorry for the bread fruit. But he couldn’t eat more. If he was still at home he could make jam, but there was nothing here, and even the pot was sent by a kindhearted person.

After two seconds of frustration, Zhao Yunxiao cheered up. He didn’t know when he could go back so he had to learn as many life skills as possible. Maybe someday he could get out of this forest and find the way home. If he really couldn’t go back, he has to make sure he could survive even a little longer. He hopes he could meet the kind person who helped him and say “thank you” sincerely.

In the evening, Zhao Yunxiao cooked beet soup as he had hoped. After eating and drinking, he shouted “thank you” to the forest several times, then did his daily homework and went into the lake to find his way home. Of course,  he still failed that night. There was still broth left, and he also didn’t finish meat so it will definitely be bad in the morning. The day turned hot once the sun came out so after thinking about it, Zhao Yunxiao did not take the pot still containing the broth with him as he, all wet, went back to the cave. He wrung his clothes dry before he spread them near the cave entrance, before blocking it and going to bed. There should be a reason why the other person didn’t show up, it should not want him to see it, then he will not see.

With such a mysterious “person” around, Zhao Yunxiao feels much more at ease. “No matter who you are, thank you.” he muttered before closing his eyes. Every night after searching the lake he would be very tired. It could also be regarded as indirect exercise. Feeling gratitude to someone, Zhao Yunxiao fell asleep. Long after he fell asleep, a huge figure appeared beside the pot by the lake. He first stretched out his tongue to taste the soup, and then impolitely ate all the soup and meat in the pot, leaving only Zhao Yunxiao’s remaining beet untouched.

The next day, the first thing Zhao Yunxiao did was to remove the stone, and then he smiled.  At the entrance of the cave was a cleaned pot, a nest of eggs from a bird of some kind, a little larger than the eggs he was used to. He counted eight eggs, a piece of fat and lean meat, a handful of beets and… Zhao Yunxiao picked up something as white as the pot, but much smaller than the pot. Well, this could be called a bowl. There was also a piece of carved wood. Zhao Yunxiao thought that comparing this thing to a spoon would be very suitable. Ah, the good person was very attentive, did he find last night that eating without tools was a little inconvenient?

Zhao Yunxiao looked in the direction of the forest again and guessed that the kind person was watching him from somewhere in the forest. How else would he know what he needed? Last night he ate dinner reluctantly with a pot in his hand, and today a bowl and spoon were brought to him. Zhao Yunxiao lifted the spoon and waved it in the direction of the forest.

“Thank you” His mood became better.

In the forest, there is a glimpse of pleasure in the red eyes. “She” liked it very much and he knew that “she” was waving to him.



With the help of the Good Samaritan, Zhao Yunxiao’s life became much better, he no longer needed to worry about food and since the appearance of a kind-hearted person there were almost no wild animals who came here to drink during the day. Zhao Yunxiao now could go out of the cave during the day, walk by the lake and have a look at this strange world. He often has a feeling that he  was  being watched but it wasn’t terrible. He believes that this kind-hearted person was looking after him. Because every night the leftover broth he left at the lake or the leftover roasted meat he made would be gone and the pot would be washed and placed at the entrance of his cave. However, Zhao Yunxiao no longer dared to take off his clothes when he went to the lake at night, he felt a little shy at the thought that a stranger could see his body. A neuter was not a pure male so even if in front of his own father Zhao Yunxiao would not expose his body, nor he would be half-naked. As an adult, a neuter person would only be naked in front of his partner.

Zhao Yunxiao inevitably felt a little depressed when he thought of his partner, but he quickly adjusted his mood. In this strange place, there was a person who was constantly helping him so how could he have the right to feel sorry for himself? It was important to find a way home early or learn more life skills. Half a month has passed in the twinkling of an eye and now Zhao Yunxiao has been here for more than a month. He also almost gave up on looking for a way home.

That day, after breakfast, Zhao Yunxiao went to the forest to pick some broad leaves. The kind-hearted person sent him several soft furs but Zhao Yunxiao was reluctant to use them. But if there was a winter here, he would need to use them to keep out the cold. When the leaves of the quilt and mattress became torn, he came to pick some fresh ones. Just as he was picking them, there was a tremor from the earth. Zhao Yunxiao thought: [Is it an earthquake?] The tremor became more and more obvious so Zhao Yunxiao dropped the leaves in his hand and rushed out, it might really be an earthquake.

Running out of the forest, Zhao Yunxiao ran to the open place by the lake. The tremors were becoming more and more obvious, and there were even signs of it approaching closer. Zhao Yunxiao once again felt an extreme sense of fear. The forest was trembling, trees were falling, wild animals were howling and then the shock came out of the forest, Zhao Yunxiao’s blood turned cold. No, it’s not an earthquake! Then, what is that?!


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