FDS – Chapter 5.1

There were many stones there, so Zhao Yunxiao found a few suitable stones and went to pick up some dried branches. Then he made a fire with a flint. When he started the fire with a flint he was so excited that he almost burst into tears. These ordinary things that used to be seen every day were so rare for him now. With the fire, Zhao Yinxiao also felt warmth in his heart. After feeling the warmth of the fire, Zhao Yunxiao began to barbecue. Mash the salt fruit with a stone and spread it evenly on the meat, then he squeezed some juice from the bread fruit on the meat before putting it on the stone.

Barbecue was one of the necessary skills of modern people, and Zhao Yunxiao, as a neuter, was even better at roasting meat, but now that his material was limited, what could he use?  Gradually, the smell of meat floated out, and Zhao Yunxiao touched the corners of his mouth, he almost drooled at the thought.

Who sent it? This question flashed through his head many times as Zhao Yunxiao looked in the direction of the forest while having a barbecue. In a world where he was alone he hoped to meet his own kind. The fragrance of meat floated and the oil that dripped into the fire made a “sizzling” sound. Poking the meat with a branch, he was able to poke in so Zhao Yunxiao wrapped the side of the branch with a leaf and picked barbecue up. Putting it aside on a stone and waiting for the barbecue to cool down, he continued to fantasize.

It was getting completely dark. He picked up the meat that wasn’t so hot anymore and began to eat it. After the first bite, Zhao Yunxiao huffed in satisfaction, it was so good! He almost forgot the taste of meat. Bite after bite Zhao Yunxiao chewed happily. It turned out that when you lose everything, happiness was a very simple thing.

Eating one leg made Zhao Yunxiao full, he was so full that he couldn’t sit still. The “person” who brought the food was very careful and brought a very small animal, so he could eat the remaining leg tomorrow at noon. He wrapped the leg in clean leaves and put it back into a cave. Since Zhao Yunxiao ate so much it was difficult to move, so he took a walk by the lake to see if he could find any “suspicious person”. After his stomach was not so heavy anymore he continued to look for a way home. But of course it was in vain.

After brushing his teeth with the roots of the grass,  Zhao Yunxiao looked at the forest for a while and crawled back to the cave. After blocking the entrance of the cave and placing the two flints in the corner, Zhao Yunxiao couldn’t sleep. Who was it? He didn’t know how long it took but after not being able to stand drowsiness anymore, Zhao Yunxiao closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Late at night, a large black body landed outside Zhao Yunxiao’s cave. A pair of crimson eyes looked inside, and seeing that the other party was asleep, it laid down not far from the entrance of the cave, resting its head on its claws and closing its red eyes.

The biological clock made Zhao Yunxiao wake up on time after dawn. The day here was more than a 24h day so Zhao Yunxiao couldn’t determine the specific time. When he woke up, the first thing he did was look around and saw that there was nothing “suspicious” around him. If it hadn’t been for the flint and the leg of some kind of animal that he ate last night, Zhao Yunxiao would have wondered if he was dreaming. He ate a lot last night  so he wasn’t very hungry now, looking out there were still no animals coming to the lake to drink water today so he  boldly removed a stone. The temperature was high during the day so it was a little stuffy in the cave.

At this thought, Zhao Yunxiao hurriedly took the meat wrapped in leaves, opened them and smelled them. His heart sank, the meat went bad. It was still unknown when he would be able to eat the next meal but now this delicious leg has become bad. Zhao Yunxiao gritted his teeth, he could still eat it regardless, it would be a pity to throw it away. But then he shook his head in denial, he was short of medicine or any medical treatment so he couldn’t afford to become sick. It was a pity that he couldn’t eat rotten food but he was not a beast who could eat even the rotten food.

Putting down the meat, Zhao Yunxiao removed the stone to pick up his clothes that he had hung out last night. As soon as he removed the stone, he froze. Outside the cave were a bunch of yellow fruit the size of half of fist, a handful of grass, a slap-sized piece of fat and even meat, as well as…. Zhao Zhao Yunxiao picked up the thing, looked at it from every direction.  His eyes filled with delight. It could be used as a pot. It felt like a shell of some kind of fruit, white and very hard. But most importantly it was big enough! Zhao Yunxiao knocked on it, this thing could definitely be used as a pot, at least it could be filled with water!

Who? Who was it?! Someone must have noticed him around here! Who was it? Zhao Yunxiao took his clothes and quickly put them on,  moving the stones he crawled out of the cave and looked around.

“Thank you! Thank you! ” Still not daring to shout too loudly because he was afraid of attracting wild animals, Zhao Yunxiao’s eyes became hot. Which unsung hero has been helping him? After searching for a long time without seeing anyone , Zhao Yunxiao sat on the ground, picked up the bunch of obviously washed fruits and took a bite after picking one.

Ah! So sweet! So moist!

Choking on the water, Zhao Yunxiao could not stop coughing as his tears flowed  out uncontrollably. From discovering that Lin Mingyuan had an affair to falling into this different time and space, he has been trying to keep calm and cheer himself up. Now that there was such a “person” who was paying attention to him, even if he couldn’t see it, it still sent him food. This secret concern Zhao Yunxiao has tasted from the tender meat and sweet fruits. He didn’t want to worry his father, and didn’t want Lin Mingyuan to be blamed. He swallowed all his grievances and sorrows in his stomach, but he was silently cared for even in such a place. As soon as this thought came out, Zhao Yinxiao couldn’t control his emotions anymore.

In the woods, shrouded by towering bushes, a pair of red eyes stared at the man who was eating fruit on the rock, confused, hesitant and worried. Why was he here alone? What about his family? Why was he crying? Is he lost? He wanted to come forward and ask, but he didn’t dare so he just hid and took care of him as much as he could. “He” was so thin and fragile that his own paws could hurt him, and if he appeared, it would  only scare him out.

Which tribe’s male left a delicate female here confusedly? Or did the female run away from home and slip into the forest? From his understanding, although the females are delicate and willful, they were not so ignorant as to dare to enter the deep forest alone, so it was impossible for a fragile female to come here. That female… where did she come from?

He kept a close eye on him and didn’t let any wild animals disturb him. If he hadn’t come here to drink water that night, he wouldn’t have known that there would be such a  beautiful female here. When he thought of the scene when he first saw ”her”, his red eyes became even more bloody red. The female’s body was very beautiful, very beautiful. Licking his hot nose, he laid motionless in the grass. Hesitating to go back and find someone to pick up this female. But then resentment flashed in his red eyes. No, he swore he would never go back.

“He” went in and took the food he gave to “him”. He was very happy as he waited to see if any male would come here to look for the missing female. If there was he would bring him here, if not he would be very happy to take care of this female. Selfishly, he also wanted to see this beautiful female more. He was destined to not have his own female so this may be the only opportunity he has to be in contact with a female in his life.

Ah! “He” came out again. Crimson eyes stared at him without blinking. Although the distance was quite far, this distance was not a big deal for him. His eyes could see from far away. Seeing “she” carefully climbing down the rugged rock, his eyes were nervous, but “she” didn’t fall off. When “she” successfully jumped off the last stone, his eyes not only relaxed but became even more worried.  Why did “she” go into the woods? Didn’t “she” have enough to eat? It shouldn’t be. According to his observation of many days, “she” ate  pitifully little food, and could not even finish what he brought last night.

Soon “she” came out again, looking like “she” was going to return to the cave. Paying close attention to the upward movement of “her” he was afraid that “she” would fall down and was relieved only to see “her” climb safely. While paying attention to the direction of the cave, he walked around from the forest to the place where “she” had just entered. He wandered around where there was still the smell of “her” and let his sharp claw scratch. His crimson eyes were startled, why did “she” bury the meat in the soil? He bowed his head and smelled it, learning that the meat went bad.

Regardless of the meat being rotten he still dug it out and returned to the place he was hiding before. He lay down and observed the cave, looking forward to the night. At night, “she” will go to the lake, and take off clothes. His red eyes suddenly turned redder as he licked his nose to cool down.



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