FDS – Chapter 7.2

“Ooh.” The beast gave a low cry, and it finally licked his shoulder and neck. This feeling of being needed and cared for made him almost forget the harm Lin Mingyuan brought to him. After a long sleep in the afternoon, Zhao Yunxiao was not sleepy at all. With the sound of insects and the breathing of wild animals in his ear, Zhao Yunxiao emptied his brain and unconsciously stroked the paw in front of him. He didn’t know how long he was in daze but before he knew it, Zhao Yunxiao fell asleep again, sleeping very peacefully.



Yunhuo stayed by the lake for three days. To Zhao Yunxiao’s delight, Yunhuo’s wound healed quickly and on fourth day  Yunhuo went to clean up the dinosaur that had been dead for many days right after breakfast. The body of the dinosaur had begun to rot, so Yunhuo drove Zhao Yunxiao to a distant rock to keep him from watching the disgusting scene that followed. Zhao Yunxiao obediently hid and nestled behind a large rock as he took out his tablet from his bag to read the books he stored inside. He didn’t go to the lake these days and just took care of Yunhuo so he was a little confused about his future life. If Yunhuo’s injury healed, will Yunhuo still live with him?  What if he goes back? These days, there are no other animals looking for Yunhuo so Zhao Yunxiao guesses that Yunhuo may not have any relatives. He heard that some animals would leave their parents when they reach adulthood, so Yunhuo should be an adult.

He stayed in his hideout till the evening and at noon Zhao Yunxiao ate a bread fruit by himself. Yunhuo did not come to him, and Zhao Yunxiao did not go looking for Yunhuo. If Yunhuo wanted to leave, he wouldn’t stop him. It would only add to his sadness so he might as well wait here. When it was getting dark, Zhao Yunxiao put his e-book tablet back into his bag and stretched himself. It was very quiet, and Yunhuo seemed to have left. Zhao Yunxiao endured the loss and sadness in his heart and came out from behind the rock. After hesitating for a while, he walked towards the lake. As soon as he crossed the big rock, Zhao Yunxiao glanced at the lake and immediately turned around  to hide behind the rock. But the loneliness on his face was replaced by a relaxed smile.

By the lake, Yunhuo was burying his head in the dinosaur’s corpse. Skin has been peeled off half and bones have been separated. The dinosaur was so big that it would take three or four days to finish the work. Dinosaurs were the absolute overlords in the world, but fortunately, there were  only three or four of them in the whole continent, in addition they would fight each other and devour their cubs, so the number of dinosaurs was always small. This dinosaur should be in estrus so that’s probably why it came here, the dinosaurs preferred places with more water during that time. The meat of the dinosaur was tough and unpalatable, so if it went bad it went bad. Yunhuo wouldn’t pity it. But the dinosaur skin, teeth, claws, bones, etc. were all treasures that must be separated out and taken away.

Looking up at the sky, Yunhuo temporarily stopped. He went to the lake and washed his face with water with his claws, and then washed his claws before going to find the female. The wound on his body was not completely healed, so he gave up the idea of jumping into the lake to wash his body.

“Woo-woo–” Yunhuo called twice.

Immediately, a person’s head poked out from behind the rock, and Yunhuo ran quickly as Zhao Yunxiao came out from behind the rock, smiled and asked, “Are you done?”

Yunhuo didn’t understand the language of the female, but he liked the female talking to him very much. Gently biting the female on the wrist, Yunhuo turned around and let the female follow him. Zhao Yunxiao followed him, not daring to take a glance at what had been done to the corpse by the lake. Even an accidental glance creeped him out.

Yunhuo’s tail swung as he looked back at Zhao Yunxiao. After plucking up his courage several times, Yunhuo’s tail wrapped around Zhao Yunxiao’s wrist. Zhao Yunxiao looked at the tail wrapped around his wrist a few times and could not help but sigh at the flexibility of Yunhuo’s tail. An image flashed through his head as he held Yunhuo’s tail with his hands, then he giggled. It was like walking the dog, the difference was that he was walking a big beast.

 It didn’t matter if he held it like this but Yunhuo stopped abruptly, and the hair on his body showed wavy ups and downs from the tail to the head. He just felt a burst of numbness rising from the tail to his head.

“Yunhuo?” Zhao Yunxiao called, why did he stop?

The female held his tail …… holding …… Yunhuo walked forward with weak feet, not even remembering what he was going to do, completely immersed in the happiness of being held by the female. The male tail could only be touched by a partner. In the past few days,  he could feel that this female should not be from surrounding tribes and “she” probably didn’t even know that the tail could not be touched casually, but Yunhuo didn’t care. As long as the female didn’t leave him, he will bring the female into his sphere of influence every day, and the female will become the partner he always wanted.

“Yunhuo, where are you going?” Zhao Yunxiao asked aloud when he saw the other party was walking into the forest. Was it going to leave? His bag was still near the rock, so he didn’t want to… leave yet.

Yunhuo recovered from his daydreams, and then realized that he seemed to have gone far away. Looking around, Yunhuo turned around to walk back, he just brought the female to find food. At his current physical condition it was best to avoid large beasts that might appear so going deeper into the forest was not the most sensible choice. Not daring to look at Zhao Yunxiao, Yunhuo walked back with his head down.



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