FDS – Chapter 1.1

Carrying a bag of fresh vegetables just bought from the supermarket, Zhao Yunxiao took out the door key from the bag with his other hand and opened the door. But before he could enter, the phone in his bag rang. He hurriedly took out his cell phone from his bag and once he saw who was calling, Zhao Yunxiao’s eyes flashed before he answered it.

“Hello, Mingyuan.”

“Yunxiao, sorry, I can’t go back to dinner tonight, I have a casual dinner party tonight.”

“…… ah, it’s okay.”

“I’ve been too busy lately, so don’t stay at home to cook and go out to eat. Or go out with Qian Jun and others to play. “

“It’s okay, I’ll arrange my own time, you have to eat on time and take care of your body.”

“I will. Then I won’t say more.”


Zhao Yunxiao sighed after hanging up the phone. Looking at the food in his hand, he couldn’t help feeling a little lost again. Rationally, he told himself over and over again that Mingyuan worked so hard and was so busy because he wanted to better their lives, but emotionally, he was still disappointed. Since the beginning of last year, Mingyuan has become particularly busy, not to mention frequent business trips, he even comes home late, and the times he ate at home were numbered. He considered going out to work more than once, but Mingyuan stopped him.

—Your government subsidy is enough for your own pocket expenses. I can cover home expenses so you can stay at home. If you are bored you can go shopping or travel.

It couldn’t be denied that Mingyuan was very capable. When they were still in college Mingyuan began to do online business, after they graduated Mingyuan directly opened a trading company. From beginning at the small storefront, to the purchasing of two floors in a bustling high-end office building in the urban area, Mingyuan business has grown bigger and bigger. The house they moved to also became bigger but the house became only more lonely.

Zhao Yunxiao and Lin Mingyuan were in the same class at university. When he first went to university, Lin Mingyuan fell in love with Zhao Yunxiao, who could be called the school flower. With Zhao Yunxiao’s condition, if there were not a thousand it was at least a hundred pursuers. But Zhao Yunxiao has always been cautious about relationships. He knew that he was a good looking and fertile neuter, and in these days when female fertility was deteriorating and the number of neuters were small, people like him were naturally favored by many pure males. Lin Mingyuan’s qualifications were not the best among Zhao Yunxiao’s suitors, but love was a strange thing that made Zhao Yunxiao choose Lin Mingyuan. After graduating from college, Zhao Yunxiao helped Lin Mingyuan with their small business. Later, when Lin Mingyuan’s company became bigger, the other party didn’t want him to work so hard anymore and let him be a young master at home.

The physical appearance of a neuter was still male, with a small Adam’s apple, without a beard and a slender bone structure. With a height that was between that of a woman and a pure male. Because they are genetically determined to be fertile, their personalities were not as aggressive as pure males so most neuters were gentle, subtle and introverted. Since the first case of a neuter appeared at the beginning of the 21st century, human technology has developed by leaps and bounds in the following centuries, and the variety of human beings have also been changing constantly. The fertility of women became severely degraded due to fewer women being born. Scientists predict that by the end of the 28th century, there may no longer be women in human beings, and they will be replaced by neuters who are more adaptable to environmental changes.

Neuters could give birth to better offspring and had a strong learning nature while being more fertile. The vast majority of neuters could have at least two children per birth. Now in the year 2687 of Earth’s calendar, humans have begun to live on the outer planets. As a product of survival of the fittest, neuters have not only been recognized by human society, but also become the ideal partners of pure men. Originally, neuters could also marry women and impregnate them but the international law no longer allowed neuters to marry women, thinking that it was too wasteful. Neuters were after all a new species that has only been around for about 500 years and was still far from the number needed for the world’s unmarried men.

Neuters did not give birth to females, only females could; but with the severe decline in female fertility and shortened lifespan, the eventual disappearance of females was a foreseeable fate. Both neuters and women were protected by international law, except for pure males who were developing like co*kroaches, and those neuters with strong fertility had a higher status than women. However, at present, there  are only more than 10 million registered neuters in the world so mankind will go through a long winter of low fertility and population decline. Scientists and doctors were now working on developing technologies to increase the birth rate of  neuters but there are still very little results. The advantage of neuters over women was that their genes were more complex. But as a result there was no effective technical way to improve the birth rate of neuters.

Zhao Yunxiao’s mother was a female, and she only gave birth to a neuter son, him. Despite this, when he was born, the mother who gave birth to him cried with joy on the spot after a lot of hardships. His name was his mother’s and father’s hope. Not only were neuters strictly protected by international law, but they could also enjoy state subsidies after birth and were raised by the state. It could be said that Zhao Yunxiao was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Neuters must live with their elders who were also neuters from birth to ten years old. This was determined by their nature, Otherwise, they might suffer from developmental delays and personality deformities. Zhao Yunxiao was raised by his neuter grandfather after birth and did not return to his parents until his personality had stabilized.


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