In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 122 – Extra: The little ginseng bears fruit again (2)

Eventually all members of the mission come to Will’s palace. Zhao Lingyu was right. Will invited the people from the mission to his palace to ‘talk business,’ but there were not many people. Apart from them, Will invited only a few people and had the foresight to prepare lots and lots of food, which made the children’s eyes shine as soon as they entered.

Ren Sheng naturally quickly took the children to do business. Er… the so-called business was naturally to taste all kinds of delicacies on the table. Ruoya, which was sparsely populated, was definitely a gourmet paradise. Ren Sheng had eaten many of Ruoya’s specialties, but many of those on the table he still had not had a chance to try. They tasted very good.

If not for the fact that he was afraid of scaring everyone, Ren Sheng would have liked to become a spirit and roll on the dinner table. Then he would certainly be able to suck up all the plates. With great perseverance to resist the urge to encircle the food, Ren Sheng slowly ate. Eating four bites by himself, before feeding one bite each to Third and Fourth Baby respectively. As for Big Baby and Second Baby… Big Baby was blocking Second Baby from climbing to the table and trying to feed him. Big Baby was definitely his favorite child!

“It’s so cute!” A girl wearing a gorgeous puffy dress and looking about the same age as Ren Sheng stood in front of him, looking at him with a pair of bright eyes.

“I think so too, my child is really too cute!” Ren Sheng stroked the head of Fourth Baby at his disgruntled gaze.

“You’re cute too.” The puffy-skirted girl said with a smile.

“That’s what everyone says.” Ren Sheng nodded approvingly, then looked at the beautiful dress on the girl. “I think you’re cute too, this dress is very pretty.”

“Is it? Our aesthetics match well!” The girl with the puffy skirt turned in a circle, making the lace on the skirt woven with various colored silk threads flutter. The beautiful dress seemed to sparkle in the light. The more he saw it, the more he liked it. He suddenly remembered that he had thrown away all his clothes before, so now he had an impulse to buy some more. Every time he wore new clothes Zhao Lingyu was very excited.

“Where did you get this skirt?” Ren Sheng asked immediately.

“I made it myself. Would you like me to make some for you?” The girl in the fluffy skirt asked.

“Alright.” Ren Sheng nodded and then said, “This skirt is for girls, right? Then I’d rather not have a skirt. I’ll take this one! ” Ren Sheng showed a picture of himself when he was getting married. He looked smaller than he was now, wearing a bright red costume robe and showing a big smile. The girl in the fluffy skirt covered her face and excitedly looked at the picture of Ren Sheng in front of her. “Don’t worry, I will do it for you.” You are so cute! “

“Thank you!” Ren Sheng proudly raised his small head, quickly scooping four spoonfuls of mung bean-sized balls mixed with delicious sauce into his mouth. Then he stuffed Third and Fourth Baby with a mouthful.

Seeing Ren Sheng continue to shove food into his mouth, Fourth Baby wiped his mouth with a paper towel with a cold face. The fluffy skirt girl looked curiously at Ren Sheng. “Why don’t you feed your children first and then eat by yourself? Shouldn’t the children be fed first? Or do you want the child to chew a little longer?” The seeds of this kind of mung bean melt in your mouth, so there should be no need to chew, right?

“It’s a secret.” Ren Sheng showed a mouthful of small white teeth. He was now pregnant with three, plus four that he already had. Of course, it was only fair to eat four mouthfuls! But he couldn’t tell strangers about this. “Can these clothes be made green? Green and shiny, just like the forest after the rain?”

“No problem. Your skin is so white, so I am sure that you will look good in green!” The girl in the fluffy skirt pulled a light screen, the size of her palm and wrote and drew on it.

“Vanessa, are you pretending to be cute to abduct children again?” Will no longer wore his Emperor clothes and looked just like a kind old man. But obviously, even this kind old man didn’t like this girl in a fluffy pink skirt that was called Vanessa.

Vanessa straightened her chest. “What pretend to be cute? I am really cute! Even this cutie just praised me for being cute! It’s useless for an old man like you to envy.”

“Old man?” Will the Great’s eyes were about to pop out. “How dare you call me an old man? Don’t forget you’re not much younger than me, old lady!” He had been upset with this woman for a long time! Every time this woman comes around, his wife would abandon him and go talk to this woman and sometimes even spend the night with her! It’s so hateful! He couldn’t stand girlfriends or whatever!

Of course, the most intolerable thing about this woman was that she was pretending to be young! So even his wife liked to dress her up. Every time his wife buys clothes for her best friend, she wouldn’t buy anything for him!

“No matter how old I am, I am still a hundred years younger than you. At that time, Lola and I wanted to call you uncle, but it was really shameless that you abducted her and ate young tender grass.” Vanessa was not willing to show weakness.

Will was unable to argue, so he could only look at Ren Sheng. “Ren Sheng, don’t be deceived by her. Don’t think she is just a young girl, in fact she is over 600 years old. She is a genuine old woman who just likes to pretend to be young.”

Vanessa glared at Will. It was her hobby to dress like this, so what did it have to do with other people? This old man was definitely jealous of her youth! But it’s true that some people would mind her age. Even in Ruoya, six hundred years old was definitely not young.

Vanessa blinked her pair of big eyes and looked at Ren Sheng anxiously, but Ren Sheng was at a loss. “Six hundred years old is very young. There is no need to pretend to be young at all.”

“…” Six hundred years old is very young? That’s what people of your plant race might think! Will, who recognized Ren Sheng’s identity of plant race after that decisive battle, couldn’t help complaining to himself.

But Vanessa smiled proudly. “What a good boy. Do you want to study with this sister in the future?”

“Study?” Ren Sheng looked at her curiously.

Will hurried to explain before Vanessa could. “Yes, studying. This time, in addition to discussing with you about the purchase of Nourishing Potions and Pregnancy Pills, I would also like to ask you if you are interested in studying. If you want to study, I can open up a special venue at the Royal Academy and find a relevant teacher to teach you.”

Many years ago, only members of the royal family and aristocrats could go to the Ruoya Royal Academy and some of the young aristocrats could not even get into it. But now, all Ruoya children could be admitted to this school with a little effort and now there was not even a single aristocratic student in the school.

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu, standing next to him, immediately thanked him. Although they had found a lot of information on Ruoya’s network and sent it back to the Human Federation, it was still very difficult for the Human Federation to understand it without any guidance. Now that they had the opportunity to study in Ruoya’s schools, of course it would be a good thing.

“You’re welcome.” Will smiled and waved, then pointed to Vanessa with a slight fear. “She is the dean of the Royal Academy. Ask her if you want to know what you are fit to learn, she will arrange teachers for you.”

Although Vanessa was a loli in appearance, she had lived for more than 600 years. This allowed her to quickly decide what the people from the mission should learn in the next few hours through a few small papers, except for Ren Sheng and the children.

It goes without saying that although they were smart, children were still too young and could not learn advanced knowledge at all. As for Ren Sheng… He could memorize all the textbooks quickly, but it didn’t help him to understand it. He couldn’t even understand the operations of the oldest computer, let alone learn the knowledge needed by the Human Federation which needed a variety of theoretical and mechanical knowledge.

According to his current situation, it was more suitable to go to primary school. But wouldn’t he compete with his sons to play games? Vanessa looked at Ren Sheng and had a feeling that iron could not be turned into steel. Why can’t such a lovely child come to her school?

“They can stay in my palace. Marshal Raymond’s family have no experienced people who can live here. Crohn and Keith will also stay with us, so it should be very lively.” Will suggested with a smirk.

“Actually, I want to learn mecha, or warship piloting?”Ren Sheng suddenly said. He has always liked this. He was not good at learning theory, but he was good at learning this!

“Do you still need to learn mecha piloting? Moreover, the people from the mission will all learn theoretical knowledge, so if you learn mecha you will not be with them.” Vanessa said.

“It’s okay not to be together during the day and just be together during the night.” Ren Sheng was very thoughtful and showed a big smile towards Zhao Lingyu. When Vanessa saw this smile, she could not help glancing at Zhao Lingyu, spending the night together made her thoughts go to evil places.

“Ren, it’s too dangerous to fly a warship or something.” Shen Qiushi immediately objected, he was pregnant with children and he still wanted to pilot a warship or mecha? This was too dangerous! “Forget it, I’d rather not go to school and stay here with you.”

“No, Mom. You’d better go and learn.” Ren Sheng hurriedly said. Although he could not deny that he liked all kinds of delicacies cooked by Shen Qiushi, Shen Qiushi not letting him do various things these days made him afraid. In order to not let Shen Qiushi control him, he would rather not go to school. So, when everyone else went to school, Ren Sheng took care of the children at home.

No, in fact, it couldn’t be regarded as raising the children, because his children didn’t need him at all. Zhao Baozhu was taken away by Crohn to cultivate a relationship with his son and his sons… If there was food, a place to sleep, and games to play, his children were really well behaved!

He just wondered what Zhao Lingyu was doing at school…


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