In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 119 – Eating Big Meal Together

Zhao Lingyu and the others did leave Ruoya, but they left the mission midway after driving to a place where no one would continue to pay attention to them. Crohn and Keith would continue to follow the mission to the Human Federation, but would return to Ruoya afterwards.

He was not at ease leaving Ren Sheng and his children alone. After all, he might not be able to protect them if they were in danger. But, he was also worried about letting Ren Sheng and the others stay, especially when he knew so little of Chapman’s intentions.

He could not alarm the snake and must follow the mission… In the end, he just chose to sneak back in…

On the way back, Zhao Lingyu had not rested until Fang Chengjun’s mother, Fang Banlan, stopped them. Fang Banlan traveled outside the Human Federation all year round and it would usually take her years to go home. But not long ago, she went home.

When she went home, she thought of her father’s old age and her son’s marriage that was not yet settled, so she planned to stay in the Human Federation for two years or more. But she did not expect to come home and find out about Elder Fang’s death. Although Fang Banlan’s relationship with elder Fang could not be described as good, he was still her father, so she was furious and intended to take revenge.

Fang Banlan was different from a loner like Elder Teng. She was cheerful and strong. When she traveled outside, she met a lot of people and even some aliens. She knew a little about Ruoya and knew that Zhao Lingyu’s family situation and Elder Fang’s death was related to Ruoya. After learning that her son, ‘daughter-in-law’, and grandsons were also in Ruoya, she immediately contacted her friends and rushed to Ruoya.

However, although they arrived in Ruoya, they could not find a way to get close to the Imperial Star. It was also impossible to rob a spaceship because the signal of the central computer covered the entire empire. Finally, Fang Banlan planned to make a Ruoyan friend and let that person take her to Imperial Star. Coincidentally the target she picked was Zhao Lingyu’s battleship.

After driving her ship towards Zhao Lingyu’s ship, Fang Banlan began to talk about her miserable experience of getting lost in the star field, having nowhere to go, and her ship breaking down.

The person who came into contact with Fang Banlan was Zhao Lingyu. Fang Banlan disguised herself and looked just the same as a Ruoyan person. Zhao Lingyu was also in disguise, so neither of them recognized each other.

Fang Banlan wanted to find someone who would take her to Ruoya, while Zhao Lingyu was worried that this person would expose his current situation and wanted to hurry back, so the two of them  immediately reached a stalemate.

Zhao Lingyu couldn’t get rid of her because her spacecraft had really crashed. Afraid that this trouble would attract the Ruoya army or law enforcement, he simply decided to trick her onto his spaceship and knock her out before handing her over to Fang Chengjun to guard.

The more Fang Chengjun looked at this woman that Zhao Lingyu tied up, the more familiar she felt to him. Finally he found that the person was actually his mother. Although they were not delayed by much, it felt very different after they found that something had happened in Ruoya and even saw the video of Chapman staging a coup.

Fang Chengjun’s two sons were still in the palace, so at this moment, even Fang Chengjun was a little angry with his mother. Fang Banlan was very glad that Ren Sheng and others were all right. Previously, Zhao Lingyu knocking a great beauty like her out, almost gave her a psychological shadow.

Ren Sheng really wanted to say that he was not jealous and just wanted to know who Fang Banlan was. Now that he knew, he was immediately relieved, so he said, “I’m telling you, Zhao Lingyu is mine. You can’t do anything in the future, you know?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not interested in such a young boy.” Fang Banlan said with a pat on the chest.

“He is a little young, but he’s good.” Ren Sheng said.

Zhao Lingyu, who was considered to be very young, “…”

“Do you guys know that you’re on live now?” Jenkins finally asked.


“What kind of tenderness! That Zhao Lingyu is really too old! I previously said, ‘Why do I think my male god looks a little familiar?’ It turns out that that was his side face inside that previous profile about the Pregnancy Pill. At that time, I only thought he looked particularly good-looking, but I didn’t expect him to be so small…!” The little soldier in the live broadcast kept talking.

When Zhao Lingyu opened the contact terminal, he happened to see this scene and became speechless for a moment.

“Sorry, this guy talks a little too much.” Jenkins said. The people around him immediately sent a message. That little soldier was the marshal’s apprentice, of so they had to keep an eye on him to ensure no one retaliated against him!

Speaking of which, although they used to want to conceive a child with a Pregnancy Pill, they still more or less looked down on people from the Human Federation. But Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu undoubtedly left an impression on them.

“Although the male god is very good-looking, he is too small. Him driving a mecha was very confusing. When he is not in the mecha, he can only inspire my fatherly love, but in fact, the most tempting is that red-clad black haired beauty.” The little warrior was still talking as Fang Banlan happily ruffled her hair. But unexpectedly in the next second, the little soldier was dragged away by his clothes leaving her a little disappointed.

“Dad, I’m going down.” Big Baby suddenly said. Zhao Lingyu put him down and Big Baby suddenly grabbed the hand of the man who was covered with dirt next to him and lifted him out of the mud. He had only eaten half of the meal before, so he didn’t want to waste the rest.

The man he pulled out was Chapman, who shouted for help, but was ignored. He wanted to suck him dry, while others thought he was just being kind. Zhao Lingyu knew this and did not explain it. Instead, he began to crack the ice on the people who had been frozen by Fang Banlan. Finally, he sucked up all the powers that began to escape. What a shame to waste such a good opportunity! If he doesn’t work hard, he may be overtaken by his son one day.

“Chapman.” Jenkins looked at the man lying at Big Baby’s feet and called out. He then bent down and put his hands on Chapman’s neck. His face that was expressionless before, revealed a smile of amazing beauty. “Total loss of psychic ability, he will never be able to recover. Your luck is good, your body surprisingly did not suffer too much damage, so you can still live for a long time. Without psychic ability, you can’t be exiled to a high-risk planet, so you will need to accept a much more serious penalty. In the future, you can sweep the garbage on Imperial Star with all kinds of surveillance equipment.”

The calm expression on Chapman’s face disappeared in an instant. Jenkins took out a handkerchief and wiped his hands and threw it away. The handkerchief fell right on Chapman’s face. He did much much more which called for revenge, but now he finally had his revenge. The Border Army soon left the scene with all the people that were arrested. Emperor Will stood for a while in the ruins of the palace and smiled at Zhao Lingyu. “Let’s go, the Empress has an island with very nice scenery.”

“Is there any food?” Big Baby immediately asked. He had somehow got into the arms of Fang Banlan and was curiously looking at her chest.

“… Of course there is.” But with this guy’s appetite, it was hard to feed them. Speaking of which, there was something strange about Zhao Lingyu’s partner and these children. Emperor Will glanced at Ren Sheng who suddenly appeared and at the inexplicably older looking Big Baby. He was a little surprised, but also relieved.

There should be something wrong with the race of Ren Sheng and these children. According to the news from the Human Federation, Ren Sheng also seems to have grown up all of a sudden. It’s just, is it really okay for them to grow up like this? Can their minds keep up? What was Ren Sheng’s actual age?

Various thoughts flashed in Emperor Will’s mind and he suddenly felt that he was a little too idle. Why did he care so much about other people’s family affairs? He might as well take care of his own wife and children! Holding the Queen by his side, his previously harsh aura eventually became softer.

The Empress’ island was very large and the scenery was also extremely beautiful. As soon as everyone got off the aircraft, they saw a hot beauty walking on top of the aircraft.

“Adela, where are you going?” The Empress asked.

“I’m going to see that guy.” Adela nodded towards Zhao Lingyu and the others and headed out. Although Adela did not elaborate, upon hearing her words, the Empress knew that the person she was going to see was Chapman, so her expression became a bit complicated.

Emperor Will just smiled. “Let’s go in and get some rest.” After what just happened, most of them were dusty and desperately needed to clean themselves up and rest before thinking about anything else.

The robots took everyone to different rooms. Ren Sheng and Big Baby rushed to take a bath and waited at the dinner table. Finally, after they ate all the fruits and cakes on the table, the others also came in.

Emperor Will sat in the main seat. He originally had something very important to announce, but seeing Ren Sheng and the children’s eyes, he suddenly felt if he really did it, he would act too inhumane.

“Let’s all eat first. I have something to say after we finish eating.” Emperor Will finally gave up the intention of throwing down a ‘bomb’ and then watched them in amazement as they ate their meals… because it was really surprising.


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