In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 123 – Extra: The little ginseng bears fruit again (3)

“It’s so boring to always be alone, I don’t even have an appetite to eat.” Ren Sheng ate the meal in front of him. He now lived in other people’s homes, so he thought he should restrain his appetite, but in the end eating so much was surprisingly enough.

No appetite, but still ate so much… Will’s mouth twitched as he finally said, “If you want to go to school, go and see.” Now Zhao Lingyu and the others had attended school for a month and soon the second group of people sent by the Human Federation would arrive. But, Ren Sheng was still staying at home, which was indeed a little annoying. Although Ren Sheng’s age should not be young according to him, but his appearance… It was really hard to think of him as an adult.

“Can I go to school? Forget it. I don’t understand what the teacher would teach me anyways.” Ren Sheng felt a little lost. These days, people in the Human Federation were talking about all kinds of knowledge they learned, but unfortunately he did not understand many of them. He could only learn from the beginning with his sons.

Hey, why on earth can the aircraft fly…

“Of course you can go to school. Didn’t you have a disguised identity before as a Royal Academy spectator student?” Will laughed. Although a spectator was not a formal student, if someone actually wanted to be a spectator, it was actually more than being a formal student. That person also needed a bit of background to become one.

“Yes!” Ren Sheng’s eyes lit up.

“You can sneak in and see Zhao Lingyu.” Emperor Will smiled as he gave Ren Sheng an idea. Although Ren Sheng was a bit simple, he was really strong and he honestly didn’t even understand why Zhao Lingyu and the others wouldn’t let Ren Sheng go to school.

“That’s right!” Ren Sheng was interested, but after he set his eyes on the children, the emotion disappeared again. After the last incident, he really didn’t dare to leave his children behind. “I will go tomorrow.” Tomorrow, he would ask Zhao Lingyu to take the children to school, so he would be able to move more freely!

After Ren Sheng made the decision and had squeezed the nutrients from Zhao Lingyu that day, he said that he would let Zhao Lingyu take the four children to school the next day.

“Are you tired?” Zhao Lingyu asked. Although Ren Sheng always acted as if the pregnancy was a trivial matter, he still remembered the incident when Ren Sheng cried because he could not keep up with the ‘nutrition,’ so he became a little worried.

“Mm-hmm I’m a little tired.” Ren Sheng nodded sheepishly and turned his eyes away.

Zhao Lingyu saw Ren Sheng’s guilty expression, but only thought that Ren Sheng was playful and didn’t want to take care of children. But he didn’t care about it. When he went out the next day, he picked up the children directly and planned to take them to the school. When Shen Qiushi heard about it, she also planned to take her daughter with them.

“I’m not good at scientific research theory, so I am mainly learning Ruoya customs and language, so it’s okay if I study with my child. I will take care of the child myself.” Shen Qiushi held her baby daughter and kissed her. Ruoya’s environment was very good and the Royal Academy had even more beautiful scenery, so she intended to take a two-day break and take her daughter to stroll around the school.

“Mom, then you take care of her.” Zhao Lingyu worriedly glanced at his tender little sister in his mother’s arms and became glad that his family’s children were so precocious and well brought up that he can bring them anywhere without worry.

“Can’t I take care of my own child?” Shen Qiushi glared at Zhao Lingyu. She had read a lot of books in order to raise Zhao Lingyu, so there was absolutely no problem with her way of raising children! On the contrary, her own son carried her grandsons in his arms so casually. To tell you the truth, she really doesn’t like it.

After Shen Qiushi, who was carefully holding Zhao Baozhu, and Zhao Lingyu, who was carrying his children, both went to the Royal Academy, Ren Sheng finally breathed a sigh of relief and began to change his appearance. With the help of the machine, the teenager soon changed his appearance to that of Greenton, who had once made a big splash on the internet. Now that the eyes of the Ruoya people were all on the people of the Human Federation, he didn’t think he’d stand out anymore with this look.

Tidying himself up, Ren Sheng joyfully went out the door, then drove a most inconspicuous small aircraft from the garage of the palace. He changed the autopilot to manual pilot and flew directly into the sky. This feeling of being able to fly was really great! Ren Shng happily controlled the aircraft to spin in the sky, passing through the branches of the trees and skimming over the tall houses, causing others to raise their shields several times.

Of course, he was  still very measured and avoided other aircraft, which was a very simple thing for him who could even control a warship very flexibly. He probably did not know that this very ordinary-looking and even somewhat outdated aircraft was once a favorite aircraft of Will when he was young. After its customization, it also once led the aircraft trend in Ruoya. Hundreds of years later, all kinds of aircraft that were developed according to the specs of this aircraft flew all over the street, just because this flying machine was too popular back then.

“That …… seems to be the aircraft that His Majesty flew back then?” An old man looked up at the sky, while using his terminal to take a video of that flying aircraft flying in the sky.

“Yes, I still have the treasured photos from back then, here.” Another old man said. “But we should no longer call him Your Majesty, but Lord Will.”

“Yes, Lord Wil. He looks so energetic. “

“Probably because he’s expecting two children?” The old man uploaded the video to the Internet easily.




By the time Ren Sheng arrived at the Royal Academy, the Ruoya network was already full of news about the former Emperor piloting an aircraft and making a scene in the Ruoya sky. For this reason, many people went through all the videos to try to find the footage that violated traffic rules. Unfortunately, the aircraft drove in such a crazy way, but it still didn’t break any traffic rules at all.

The title of ‘Former Majesty is old and strong, showing off his piloting skill’ became popular in the virtual network, but had no effect on the students of the Royal Academy mecha class, because the school rules prohibited access to the virtual network during class time. They could also not access the internet and the only things students could connect to was the school LAN. Of course, communication was not restricted.

Stuart  was one of the students in the computer class and was also a member of the Joyawat family. He was very tall even when he was only 16 years old and looked more like an adult than most people with a height of 2.3 meters.

Many years ago, the Joyawat were discriminated against or even excluded in the Ruoya Empire because of their physical strength and low ability level. In recent years however, they have become more and more popular because they were more fertile than other ethnic groups. Even so, it was still difficult for the simple-minded Joyawats to be admitted to the Royal Academy, so Stuart was the only one in the Royal Academy. His tall height made Stuart always stand out among his classmates and he had no friends, because he always sat at the back of the class.

“A1, b2, A4, d6, c4, A3, b2, c4, d3…” While Stuart was chanting, he pressed his fingers quickly on the learning platform in front of him, when suddenly a small boy came beside him and sat down. Stuart took a distracted look at the boy, then a shrill alarm sounded from the learning platform in front of him, he had pressed the wrong button!

Stuart immediately felt a little lost. His psychic ability was not high and his mental power was also low. He basically had no way to use his mental power to manipulate the mecha and needed to use buttons. However, his hand speed was also very slow and was unable to press the buttons coherently. He was now the student with the worst learning progress in the class.

“Are you going to do the backflip kick to attack the target above?” Ren Sheng looked curiously at the big guy next to him.

“Yeah,” Stuart nodded. His gaze fell on the teenager beside him. “It’s a pity that I’m too useless to do it well.”

“No, haven’t you done a good job already? If you practice your movements again, you will soon be able to do it.” Ren Sheng said. Stewart was encouraged for the first time. “Really?”

“Of course it’s true!” Ren Sheng said. “if you practice more, you will be able to do a good job if you get up fast.” He said, taking over Stuart’s learning platform and accurately pressing a long list of buttons.

“I’ll try,” Stuart nodded, curious. “I’ve never seen you before. Who are you?” He knew all the students in the first class, but he had never seen the man in front of him before… but he seemed familiar?

“I am a spectator student at the Royal Academy and I will come here to attend lectures in the future.” Ren Sheng said.

“A spectator? By the way, aren’t you Greenton?” Stuart was suddenly excited. “You’re the second person I admire, can you teach me how to pilot a mecha?”

“Then who is the first person you admire?” Ren Sheng couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course it’s the little blond haired prince who defeated Chapman in his mecha before. He is so powerful and so petite, he’s my idol!” He was the man of his dreams. Stuart ‘s favorite thing was tiny people. All right, it was still him. Ren Sheng’s impression of Stuart was getting better and better. “For the sake of your admiration for me, I will teach you how to drive a mecha, but I want you to tell me what happens at school.” He doesn’t know anything about the school, so he might as well find a younger brother to find out about the situation, so he could also catch up on his previous knowledge.

Although he could pilot a mecha, he really didn’t know much about principles and so on and he didn’t know anything about repairs. But, if he can learn mecha knowledge and understand every part of the mecha, he might refine mecha into magic weapons in the future!

But in that case, the refined soil in Zhao Lingyu’s body might not be enough? Ren Sheng couldn’t help but worry once again, lest he sucked his partner dry.


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