In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 121 – Extra: The little ginseng bears fruit again (1)

The mission to the Human Federation had arrived in the Ruoya Empire.

The people of the Ruoya Empire were very excited about this mission, but they are most definitely not concerned about the mission. Instead, they care about the young man who piloted the mecha and fought with Chapman, winning in the end.

In the aesthetics of the Ruoya people, no matter how ugly a child was, he was still a god. This prestigious young man with the appearance of a child in the eyes of Ruoya, was not ugly at all and was even very good looking!

How can such a lovely and powerful teenager not be loved? For a moment, the Ruoya network was full of photos of Ren Sheng and he soon became the national idol. Zhao Lingyu’s popularity fell to the ground again. Not only that, many people already started to regard Zhao Lingyu as a hostile target, because he actually got his hands on such a teenager. He had unexpectedly tied up their male god before he grew up. It was an unforgivable sin! Such a lovely boy should belong to all the people of Ruoya!

Wailing was heard by everyone on the Ruoya network and it all culminated when the photos taken of Ren Sheng while in the Human Federation came out. Such a lovely child already had a partner and also had four children with his partner… Boing! Boing!

Of course, no one dared to say that Zhao Lingyu was bad. After all, at the end of the battle when the explosion happened, Zhao Lingyu protected Ren Sheng and Big Baby under him. Also… they had to rely on Zhao Lingyu to have children! How could they offend him? What… You said that the pills were also available thanks to Ren Sheng? If you looked at how much Ren Sheng cared about Zhao Lingyu, you can see that he was on Zhao Lingyu’s side.

However, they really did not understand. Obviously Zhao Lingyu was so much older than Ren Sheng, so why did Ren Sheng still say that Zhao Lingyu was young?

There were more and more discussions on the Internet, as well as various synthetic photos of Ren Sheng. In the end, someone suddenly said, “I always said that Ren Sheng is my male god, but now when I think about it, even if I really got my hands on him, I couldn’t help treating him as a child.” For Zhao Lingyu to get together with a child so young, I really can’t help being angry.”

“Treat him as a child +1”

“Treat him as a child +2”

“Treat him as a child +3”




“Treat him like a child +1234567… If only I had such a son!”

“If only I had such a son +1”

“If only I had such a son +2”

“If only I had such a son +3”



The number of posts increased wildly and finally Jenkins, who had just been promoted from major general to lieutenant general, ended the conversation. “I’m about to have such a son and not just one!”

Ren Sheng was good looking, but he was even better looking. Ren Sheng was indeed strong, but who could say that Raymond was weak? Their children would not be worse than Ren Sheng. The post’s direction turned into a crusade against Jenkins in minutes.  This arrogant guy who knocked up their marshal still dared to appear online… huh!

Meanwhile, Jenkins slowly closed his PDA, then looked at Zhao Lingyu. “How does it feel to have so many more mother-in-laws?”

“You even know about mother-in-laws?” Zhao Lingyu was a little surprised, there was no such expression in the Ruoya language.

“Recently I was studying the culture of the Human Federation and I found that many men were afraid of their mother-in-laws. Many women also don’t like their mother-in-laws.” Jenkins was very serious.

“…” Zhao Lingyu was silent for a while before adding, “What exactly did you come over for?”

“Mr. Will is going to entertain all the members of the mission at his palace today and asked me to deliver the invitations.” Jenkins took out several beautifully made invitations. After Will abdicated, his life did not change much. He even still lived in the palace, which was now his private property.

“Thank you.” Zhao Lingyu said, while taking the invitation from Jenkins.

“You are welcome.” Jenkins smiled and pointed to his PDA. “See, now people online are spamming me and my division. Shouldn’t you give me some Nourishing Potion as compensation?”

Jenkins said it very directly and Zhao Lingyu also finally understood why he interjected. He immediately took out a box of Nourishing Potions and handed them to Jenkins. Then Jenkins said thanks and quickly left.

“He was just cheating to get more medicine.” Crohn with a big belly, said angrily.

“If he really wanted to cheat in a roundabout way, I wouldn’t give it.” Zhao Lingyu said that he had a good impression of Jenkins and that Raymond really needed the Nourishing Potion.

“This man is so good that even the marshal has been fooled by him.” Crohn sighed and went inside with Zhao Lingyu, then smiled happily after seeing people in the room. This time, many people came with the Human Federation mission to Ruoya. This included Shen Qiushi and Zhao Peng, who also brought their daughter with them, Zhao Lingyu’s sister, Zhao Baozhu. 

At the same time, Keith’s child had been born. The little white and chubby guy was very cute. Since Keith was a workaholic, he went back to work as soon as he was born. He only spent two hours with him every day, so the little guy preferred Crohn. When he looked at other people’s children, he couldn’t help grinning, but with his own child right in front of him, he really couldn’t help wanting to give all kinds of stuff to his child!

Crohn was very keen on raising children and even more keen on letting his child get close to Zhao Qiushi’s daughter. As for the reason… If his son married Zhao Lingyu’s sister, he would become Zhao Lingyu’s brother.

Of course, it was a pity that Zhao Baozhu was a child who could only eat, drink, and sleep for now and had little interest in guys at her age. When she reached out and scratched, Crohn’s son was left defeated. When Keith came back to this scene, he prepared a training plan for both father and son.

Although this training plan will only be implemented in a few years, seeing it, Crohn couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat. Now that there was peace in world, there was really no need or him to spend most of his day exercising. In that case, he won’t have time for the kids!

Maybe he can have another one? He was in good health. Not only did he feel well, but it also did not affect his nightlife and he could also keep Keith brewing sauce. Keith also took good care of him a lot, so in order to avoid training, Crohn immediately thought of asking for maternity leave.

Keith took the schedule back, but checked up on the information. Training children too early was not good. The program could be moved in time. As for Crohn… that training doesn’t seem suitable for married men. Keith re-wrote the two programs and locked them in the cupboard, ready to take them out two years later.

At this time, he didn’t know that two years later, the only one he could use was the one where his child was allowed to shoot with the ocean ball and then climb the toy tower to play on the slide. Of course, those things all happened in the future… Now Crohn was still trying to get his son close to Zhao Baozhu and as soon as he did, he would run toward the two children.

Zhao Lingyu did not run to his own child, but as soon as he entered through the door, Second Baby would already hug his leg tearfully, while the increasingly fatter Third Baby held out his hands lazily towards him. Big Baby and Fourth Baby were the most reserved. Big Baby, who grew up a little after ‘sucking’ Chapman’s energy, hugged cold faced Fourth Baby as they watched a video together. But even then, their eyes couldn’t help but drift toward Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu picked up Second and Third Baby and put them on the hammock made by Elder Teng and Little Green. He also put Big Baby and Fourth Baby there, before pushing it and letting it swing before looking at Zhao Peng who was coxing Zhao Baozhu in his arms. “Where is mom and Ren Sheng?”

“Your mother went to cook for Ren.” Zhao Peng said while coaxing the little girl in his arms. Even when he was small, Zhao Lingyu did not want to stick to him at all. But Zhao Baozhu was different. If he gave her a little less attention, the little girl would cry, so now he has completely become a daughter slave.

Crohn wanted to be in-laws with him? No problem! But before that he must teach his daughter well, so that she is proficient in all 18 martial arts in order to beat those brats.

“Didn’t you just make a big pot before?” Zhao Lingyu asked in disbelief. Before he went out, his mother had just cooked a big pot of curry. Zhao Peng was silent for a moment before he said, “Ren Sheng and Second Baby grabbed and ate it all.”


“Although Ren Sheng ate more than Second Baby, he said that he was now eating for four people, so he wanted to eat a pot by himself.” Zhao Peng said again.

“…” This time Zhao Lingyu was silent for a moment. “Was the curry very delicious?”

“The same taste, but Ren Sheng didn’t seem to have eaten curry before.”

No wonder. Zhao Lingyu glanced at his sister, whose face was getting bigger and bigger in his father’s arms and vaguely worried that if there were three more children in the family, he didn’t know how much food would be consumed every day.

The plan to buy Agricultural Planet in Ruoya must be put on his agenda immediately! Yes, there would be three more children in their family. Some part of Ren Sheng did not want to have any more children and felt that he could just let the three flowers bear seeds, but Zhao Lingyu looked at the children around him and thought about the ginseng he had eaten before and could not convince himself to accept the result.

Is he going to let his children not have the opportunity to be born and then make them into something to be eaten? Let’s have more children. Anyway, these children were very precocious and easy to take care of. Now that there were four, it would be nice to have three more, to have seven in total. A few days ago, Big Baby watched an ancient cartoon that seemed to be called the Seven Guard children?

Zhao Lingyu made a decision and then awkwardly watched the ginseng flower ‘pollination’ process and decided to learn botany in the future to facilitate future artificial pollination. Cough… this statement seems strange?

While Zhao Lingyu was thinking about studying the way to pollinate flowers, a contented Ren Sheng came out with three bowls, handing the bowls to Big Baby, Second Baby, and Fourth Baby. Then he looked at Zhao Lingyu. “What is Jenkins doing?”

“He sent us an invitation to a private party. It is estimated that many people will come to talk business with us.” Zhao Lingyu said. “We have been keeping a low profile these days, but we can’t keep a low profile all the time.”

“Will there be anything delicious?” Ren Sheng asked again. He doesn’t know what’s going on. He was getting more and more greedy now, so maybe he was infected by the Second Baby? Ahem, of course, it  was also possible that now that his food intake was exposed there was no need to hide it anymore. In the past, it would be very shocking if he eats a whole pot of curry, but now it is normal.

“Yes.” Zhao Lingyu gently touched Ren Sheng’s hair and suddenly thought that if he took all his family with him, they might end up eating all the food at the party.

“Then let’s go!” Ren Sheng immediately said and then pushed Zhao Lingyu’s hand away. “Don’t touch here in public.”

Shen Qiushi disagreed. “Ren, you better stay at home. I’ll cook you a lot of delicious food and order some food home.” After saying that, she glared at Zhao Lingyu. “Ren is with child. What are you doing making him run around? Just let Fang Chengjun do it when there’s something going on. You’d better stay home and spend more time with Ren.”

“Ren is fine…”

“What’s fine? He’s pregnant with a baby, three of them! He also gave birth not too long ago, so letting him get pregnant so soon is already bad! Now you also mess around with him. I brought you a lot of condoms, next time you must do a good job of contraception!” Shen Qiushi said. After saying all of this she blushed. Originally, she really did not bother with them, until she found traces on Ren Sheng’s body. Her grandchildren also complained that their two fathers would be ‘locked up’ every night. Her son was really too horny!

Zhao Lingyu was speechless. Ren Sheng has always been very enthusiastic about his desire to make trouble! Of course, he himself was also willing and even did not mind doing it a few more times. But unfortunately, Ren Sheng was afraid that he would be sucked dry, so he only let him do it once.

“Condoms? I don’t like them Mom, you can use them yourself!” Ren Sheng immediately said. He saw this thing when he first watched the video and the only thing he felt about them is that they were terrible. This thing will not let people properly double cultivate. It’s too evil! But Shen Quishi and Zhao Peng did not double cultivate, so they can use them!



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