In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 113 – Help With The Children

The ones who were happiest for Nia’s recovery were McCarthy and Master Fern. Seeing that their dying family member was now in a good health and even her figure was no different from that of an ordinary person, they both cried with joy.

It was supposed to be an ugly thing for a big man to cry, but now looking at McCarthy and Master Fern crying, Ren Sheng didn’t think it was ugly at all. Such an expression of true feelings only made people feel warm in their hearts.

“My health is better and my powers are still there.” Nia smiled in surprise and then suddenly burst into tears. She used to be a genius in mecha production and she liked to play with all kinds of parts from an early age, but then something went wrong with her body. Now that she could resume the production of mecha, she couldn’t help crying from joy.

“Nia, can you come with us to pick up the people of the Human Federation?” Ren Sheng looked at Nia. He had learned to care more about the people of the Human Federation… human spaceships and whatnot were completely incomparable to the Ruoya Empire’s, but it was different after piggybacking on Nia.

Since Nia was going, Master Fern would also follow. These two people in just a few minutes could improve the defense level of Human Federation spaceships by a lot!

“Yes.” Nia said. Although Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu did not take credit, she knew that her body could recover thanks to these two people. In such a situation, she certainly would not refuse Ren Sheng’s request.

“I’ll go too.” Master Fern immediately said. There was nothing more important than his only daughter, so he absolutely wanted to follow her.

“Me too. I have been a treasure hunter, so I am very good at interstellar travel and I can repair ships. Well, with Nia here, I’m sure you won’t need me.” McCarthy touched his nose.

“Thank you. I’ll give you pills when you go back.” Zhao Lingyu expressed his sincere thanks.

The eyes of Nia and others immediately lit up, McCarthy also rubbed his hands excitedly. When he first learned that Nia was Master Fern’s daughter, he was very upset and felt that he was not worthy of Nia. However, these days he knew that he was thinking too much. Nia would not leave him.

Not only would Nia not leave him, she would even have a child with him. The smile on McCarthy’s face turned silly at the mere thought of it. Master Fern glared at his disgraced son-in-law, not realizing that his own smile was actually just as silly.

The exchange diplomacy mission between the Ruoya Empire and the Human Federation would first go to the Human Federation and then bring the people of the Human Federation back to Ruoya. This was also for the safety of the Human Federation.

The ships of the Human Federation were an eyesore in the eyes of the Ruoya people. If they traveled to Ruoya, they might not get there in ten years, maybe it would take a hundred years?

The next day was the day when Ruoya’s delegation gathered. For this diplomatic mission, His Majesty Will, who had always been very soft, suddenly showed such a strong attitude that the entire mission was made up of his cronies. Of course, in addition to these cronies, the mission also reserved seats for Zhao Lingyu and the others, but even Emperor Will did not know exactly who would follow them.

“You have no problem sending all those cronies away?” The Empress looked at the Emperor curiously.

“Don’t worry, there’s no problem.” Emperor Will smiled.

“If Chapman does anything…” Chapman had been fighting for power before and they indulged him because they didn’t have a successor. But it was different now, the Empress had their children in her belly.

If the royal family had great wealth, but didn’t have power, it would be impossible to protect everything… She always has to think about her children.

“Don’t worry, Chapman won’t be the only one with motives.” Will said with a smile, as soon as he heard the sweet voice of the sentry robot at the door. “Your Majesty, Zhao Lingyu has come.”

“Let him in.” Emperor Will smiled. Zhao Lingyu had said that he wanted to ask him for something before, so he probably came to talk about it now.

After Emperor Will’s voice fell, a group of people came in. It was Zhao Lingyu, followed by Fang Chengjun and Keith. All of them used their original appearance, so Emperor Will recognized them at a glance. However, his attention was not on them, but on the children who hugged them.

Zhao Lingyu carried one on his back and held three. Fang Chengjun and Keith each held one, totaling six children. Emperor Will couldn’t help feeling itchy. He has almost everything he wanted in his life except for children and now there were six children in front of him.

“How come brother Zhao has time to bring his children here today?” Emperor Will’s level of enthusiasm went straight up a notch, even his voice changed.

“I have something to ask Your Majesty.” Zhao Lingyu put down the three children in his hands and took Big Baby off his back, letting them all play on the floor.

The palace had an automatic cleaning system, so the floor was very clean. There were three children except Big Baby crawling around.

“What is it?” Emperor Will asked absentmindedly, while keeping his eyes on the children.

“I hope Your Majesty can take care of these children. As long as the children are unharmed, our cooperation is bound to be long.” Zhao Lingyu said.

It was not appropriate to go back to the Human Federation with children at this time. So for the children, the safest place was definitely the Ruoya Palace. The strongest fighting force in the Ruoya Empire was Emperor Will, so if the children were not safe by his side, he was afraid that there was no safe place at all.

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s words, Emperor Will could not help but lose his smile. If the children were unharmed, the cooperation between the two sides would be long. If something happened to the children, there would be no cooperation, right? Zhao Lingyu’s approach was out of his expectations but when he thought about it carefully, he had to admit that this was the best solution for Zhao Lingyu.

“I will not let these children suffer. Zhao Lingyu, that mate of yours will return to the Human Federation with you?” Emperor Will asked curiously, Zhao Lingyu asked for a total of six places from him

“No, the only people who will go to the Human Federation are the three of us.” Zhao Lingyu said, but had no intention to expand on his statement. Emperor Will’s face showed surprise, but he didn’t ask any more questions. The Empress who was not far away from them beckoned the robot, “Prepare more snacks.”

Second Baby, who was a foodie, had already eaten clean the snack plate that the Empress used to fill her stomach. Before the departure of the Ruoya mission, a small ceremony was held and the top officials of Ruoya basically all showed up at the ceremony. Not only that, the ceremony was also broadcast live throughout Ruoya. Many people in Ruoya wanted to know more about the Human Federation, so they began to wait for the live broadcast to begin early. 

Chapman knew this, so he appeared with his wife with a gentle smile. Many people who originally had problems with him in Ruoya, wondered if they had misunderstood the Prince. How could such a gentle Prince be the executioner that some people say had no mercy on lower civilizations and had a lot of blood on his hands?

Many people changed their minds about Chapman, but they didn’t know that Chapman could barely maintain his smile. He had already found out that Zhao Lingyu and Master Fern had a good relationship. He even got a lot of information about them, but he still didn’t expect that his ex-wife would appear in front of him alive and well.


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