In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 9 – Having a Good Image

A bad wind had blown in the Capital Star ever since Wen Yue spoke in public about the marriage between the Zhao family and the Kay son of the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce. 

Not to mention that a Kay was not even worthy of Zhao Lingyu in the eyes of ordinary people and that the act of selling his own son by the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce didn’t look good from the public’s perspective.

On the contrary many people sympathized with Wen Yue. The man she loved so much was seriously injured and then even married another person. Her heart was definitely very uncomfortable.

The general public was just like this. Not to mention Wen Yue’s fans, even Zhao Lingyu’s fans felt that Zhao Lingyu marrying someone else so fast after breaking up with Wen Yue was definitely a scum act.

Of course, Zhao Lingyu’s reputation was high. So even if they thought like this, they did not dare to say it. Therefore, they took out and aimed all their spears at the Kay who had come to the Capital Star from the Freedom Alliance.

This morning, after Wen Yue had posted on her personal social media release that she was going to the Zhao’s house, the number of people abusing Ren Sheng had increased even more and many people had a bad opinion of the Zhao family.

Although Wen Yue had a noble status, she was still a female ability user who even insisted on going to see Zhao Lingyu when he could injure someone at any time due to an energy riot. This was called a deep love, but the Zhao family had not even said anything about Wen Yue.

Even if many of Zhao Lingyu’s supporters didn’t feel that Zhao Lingyu was at fault, they still became a little more favorable towards Wen Yue after knowing this news and some even paid attention to this singer.

So after the media confirmed that Wen Yue had entered the island where the Zhao family stayed, there were naturally countless people waiting to see the Zhao family’s reaction.

However, Shen Qiushi, the Zhao family’s Lady, who had always been very low-key and never released posts on her social media platform, suddenly opened a live broadcast right at this time.

Shen Qiushi’s identity was special. Even if she had never posted any information before, there were still many people who followed her. So countless people saw and played it as soon as her live broadcast was opened. After watching it, these people couldn’t help but turn pale. People who had always held Zhao Lingyu in high esteem couldn’t stop their view of Wen Yue from plummeting even further.

They thought that Wen Yue was deeply in love with Zhao Lingyu, but she was secretly like this, not even comparable to the son of the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce that had been ‘bought’ by the Zhao Family… a Kay!

Even if everyone hadn’t seen the face of the Kay standing behind Shen Qiushi, his few words had already made those who originally disliked him, change their minds. There were even many people who directly stated that they would rather have a Kay, than a woman with such an inconsistent character like Wen Yue.

Shen Qiushi was watching a live broadcast of a certain media interview with Wen Yue.  

At the beginning of the stream, Wen Yue looked like she was sad and delicate, saying that she was accused by the Zhao Family, but when she knew that what happened in the Zhao family’s house was broadcast on Internet, she immediately ran away from the scope of those media interviews under the protection of her assistant.

Seeing this scene, Shen Qiushi smiled with bitterness.

She originally didn’t intend to spread around the matter of Wen Yue’s remorse, after all, the Zhao family would also lose face if this really came out. But Wen Yue just barging into the Zhao family’s house really disgusted her and thinking that Ren Sheng would be misunderstood by the people outside, she simply turned on the live broadcast.

However, even if she struck Wen Yue now, the fact that she had even chosen such a person as her daughter-in-law before was really dreadful.

“What is this?” Ren Sheng noticed the small flat box on Shen Qiushi’s hand and asked curiously.

“This is a portable computer, it is a gift for you.” Shen Qiushi handed over the object in her hand to Ren Sheng. Suddenly remembering something else, she then opened the comments under her video, “See, a lot of people are praising you now!”

It wasn’t just praising Ren Sheng, there were plenty of people who wanted to see Ren Sheng… but she won’t show Ren Sheng just to anyone!

Ren Sheng took a look at it and frowned slightly, “A lot of it can’t be read…” The words here were really too odd! Those messy symbols were even weirder.

“It’s okay if you can’t understand it, auntie will slowly teach you later.” Shen Qiushi laughed and helped Ren Sheng find a cartoon that would teach children a lot of knowledge.

Ren Sheng watched it again with great relish. The nutrition saved before hadn’t been absorbed anyway and it wasn’t time for dinner yet, so it was okay to go to the Marshal’s room a little later.

Not far away from the house, Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but look at the door again. Why didn’t that little guy who had always been sticking to him come? He used to lie alone all the time and didn’t feel lonely, but now he suddenly kind of missed it.

While Marshal Zhao felt lonely, the Wen family’s situation was bleak. The Locke family was unwilling to get engaged to Wen Yue after she made a big scandal.

“Why would you go to the Zhao family to find trouble without a good reason? Now the Locke family do not have a good opinion about us.” Father Wen looked at his daughter in a bad mood.

“I didn’t think…” Wen Yue gritted her teeth. The Zhao family was already like that, she didn’t think that Shen Qiushi would dare to do that. Wasn’t she afraid that the Locke family will find trouble with her in the future?

When mother Wen saw her husband reprimanding her daughter, she immediately helped her daughter, “Don’t just reprimand your daughter. If it wasn’t for you wanting Yue Yue to climb higher, how could things have gone so wrong? Let’s just say that this time, it was because Matthew wanted to go to the Zhao family to see a good show and that’s why he forced Yue Yue to go there with him.”

The Locke family and the Zhao family had never been on the same page. Matthew and Zhao Lingyu were about the same age, so this time when they went to the Zhao family, it was indeed Matthew who wanted to go see Zhao Lingyu and his desolate appearance. Why else would he let his girlfriend see her ex-fiance?

When father Wen was accused by his own wife he snorted, “Doesn’t she even know how to persuade him? The men of the Zhao family are dying. Shen Qiushi has nothing left and is not afraid to take a risk. Wasn’t she asking for trouble when she went to their door?”

“What can be done after the event? Why didn’t you say that before?” Mother Wen glared at her husband.

“All right, Mom, Dad, Matthew said he would marry me, the time is not suitable right now so we need to push the matter back for the time being.“ Wen Yue said. “I also have a high compatibility rate with Matthew so he won’t give me up so easily.” Although her reputation was now damaged and her family was average, female ability users were not all about family circumstances.

Children with abilities needed strong energy from their mother, so usually only an ability user could give birth to an ability user. Throughout the Capital Star, among female ability users, her looks were definitely first rate and with the high match rate, the Locke family was just scaring them.

“If I had known this… they should have slowed down in the first place.” Father Wen waved his hand as he noticed that his wife wasn’t looking good. ”Alright, I’ll find a way to have someone put in a good word for Yue Yue!”

“Dad, you don’t have to ask for help, just give me a volunteer position in the first hospital. In the future I will treat patients at the first hospital for free as a water ability user. No matter what is said, I will not shrink away.” Wen Yue said .

While Wen Yue made up her mind to wash herself clean, Ren Sheng was preparing nutritional supplements for Zhao Lingyu together with Shen Qiushi.

Although Ren Sheng had a problem with stopping after discovering that there was such a thing as cartoons, no matter how good the cartoons were, they couldn’t compare to food and clothing, so he still had to take care of Zhao Lingyu.

Of course, it should be okay to steal a little food… the little root on his little finger fell into the nutrient supplement next to him. Ren Sheng tasted the dish and frowned. The nutritional meals he ate tasted pretty good, but this one was just awful. The Marshal was really amazing that he could bear to eat this all the time. Even this kind of unpalatable food could be tolerated.

“Alright, let’s go deliver the food. I have to trouble you to feed Lingyu again.” Shen Qiushi pulled up Ren Sheng’s hand.

“No trouble, no trouble at all.” Ren Sheng shook his head repeatedly.

Arriving near Zhao Lingyu, Shen Qiushi felt the energy fluctuations around him and looked surprised. The strength of the energy escaping outside seemed to have weakened again.

Shen Qiushi became more and more grateful to Ren Sheng, but Ren Sheng couldn’t help but marvel at Lord Marshal’s health. Such a large chunk of refined soil was packed in his body and he was still getting better and better. It was simply amazing!

But, as soon as his health becomes good, will the energy around him be stabilized?


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