In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 100 – Gede Labor

Master Fern was full of fighting spirit, when Big Baby held by Zhao Lingyu suddenly pointed to the PDA he was holding. Right on the top of the screen, was a picture of Dounia.

“Auntie!” The Big Baby looked at the picture of Dounia with confusion in his eyes.

“Let me see!” Master Fern immediately said after seeing Dounia’s picture. He looked at it seriously from beginning to end and then there were even some tears in his eyes. Letting his daughter leave here actually took a lot of consideration. In addition to letting his daughter live a relaxed life, it was also about her safely.

Chapman has always been a ruthless person and he and his daughter both targeted Chapman at first, making him suffer some losses. At that time, he was already afraid that Chapman would deal with them.

He was okay with his identity as mecha master and a level 7 ability user, making Chapman not dare to easily move against him. But his daughter was now a sick child, so as long as the other moved a little, she would die. Because of such fears, he didn’t even dare to contact his daughter after she left, so now he felt excited to even see her disguised appearance.

“She is very smart.” Zhao Lingyu said. The ten Nourishing Potions were sent to her by Crohn after he made a deal with Master Fern. At that time, he didn’t reveal the slightest information, wanting to see the reaction of the two people. Now he has determined that Dounia was a very smart woman, worthy of his help.

“Of course my daughter is smart! It’s a pity that she looked at the wrong person.” Master Fern thought of Chapman and couldn’t help becoming angry again. His daughter, like him, was also a level 7 metal ability user and was also very talented in mechas. She was also very beautiful, so she was considered one of the top women on Imperial Star. If it wasn’t for Chapman’s sincerity at that time, he would never let his daughter get married.

After the marriage, his daughter had been very happy and he was relieved. He also began to treat Chapman as his own son, but who knew that in the end such a thing would happen?

“Is Master Fern interested in bringing his daughter here?” Zhao Lingyu suddenly asked.

“What?” Master Fern was stunned.

“I have some medicine in my hand that would be very beneficial to Dounia, if Master Fern brings his daughter here, I should be able to heal her.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Chapman…” Master Fern frowned.

“He used to be the only heir to the royal family so His Majesty indulged him, but it’s not the case anymore.” Zhao Lingyu added. Master Fern took a deep breath. The old man who had been depressed for a long time, suddenly cheered up at this moment. He had time to think about a lot of things.

In the past, His Majesty, the Emperor had been indulgent to Chapman because there were only two of them left in the Royal family. But now the Empress was pregnant.

He really should pick up his daughter, whom he had not seen for a long time and the man his daughter had found. Although he felt that this man was somewhat useless, the fact that he wouldn’t leave his daughter alone made him a thousand times better than Chapman.

Zhao Lingyu looked at Master Fern and knew that he had already made a decision. Although there was little expression on his face, his mood had changed for the better. The Nourishing Potion had become popular enough, so now it was time to proceed to the next stage. These two seemed to have reached some kind of agreement? Ren Sheng looked at Master Fern, then at Zhao Lingyu, and finally his eyes met Big Baby.

“Daddy, hug!” Big Baby stretched out his hand towards Ren Sheng, his round little face was unusually cute. Ren Sheng put the child towards his neck and directly took Big Baby into his mecha. It was better for him to improve his strength as soon as possible.

Seeing this scene, Master Fern was taken aback. “What are you doing? That’s a child!” The environment inside a mecha was simply not suitable for a child to stay inside! These two people were really too crazy. He should get the mecha ready as soon as possible and take care of the child himself. 

He had studied a lot of parenting knowledge with his wife in order to raise his daughter, but it was a pity that before he could use it, his daughter was already grown up and a grand kid was not yet born. Master Fern decided to review what he learned that year and then take care of the untamed Ren Sheng’s children.

Master Fern was anxious, but Ren Sheng’s action was very fast as he had already taken Big Baby into the mecha. Zhao Lingyu was also surprised at first, but then stopped Master Fern. “It’s okay. Ren Sheng will protect the child and this child…” When this child was born, he was brought into a mecha and went through a wormhole, so everything now must be child’s play for him.

“Are you afraid, Big Baby?” Ren Sheng smiled and looked at his child.

“Not afraid.” Big Baby looked excited.

Although Big Baby said he wasn’t afraid, Ren Sheng still took out his roots and wrapped it around him. After studying the space inside the mecha, he placed Big Baby on his head.

For a while, his roots danced around inside the mecha,but only Big Baby could see this scene. But when he saw it, he was not afraid. His eyes also glowed as roots also grew from his body, trying to follow along with the dance.

This was worthy of his son! It was really great! Ren Sheng proudly patted his son with two leaves and launched the mecha.

Although they were now indoors, because of the sparseness of the populated land in Ruoya, the basement where Master Fern tested the mecha was very large. There were also many metal materials piled up, which were regarded as obstacles to practice rolling and jumping.

The fiery red mecha was very nimble, dancing between one of the pillars like a fairy, but Master Fern was so frightened that he covered his heart. “How old is that kid? Only three or four years old, right? Such tremors aren’t good for his health!”

The child must be raised carefully, so that there would be no problem with his ability!

“Three or four years old? That child is less than half a year old now. It was only after an accident when he was kidnapped by Chapman’s people that he suddenly became bigger.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Master Fern felt his heart pumping and was about to lose control. Fortunately, before Master Fern’s worried heart failed him, Ren Sheng manipulated the mecha and landed with a flip in front of him. Soon, he headed out with Big Baby, who was trying to hold on to his hair to keep himself from falling down.

Having a good time just now, Ren Sheng’s face was flushed. Big Baby on his head, blinked his pair of big, moist eyes and also looked very excited.

“Are you all right, son?” Master Fern asked.

“Grandpa, I want a mecha too.” Big Baby looked at Master Fern.

Master Fern froze, but Ren Sheng pulled Big Baby off his head. “You almost took my leaves… pulled my hair out!”

“Daddy…” Big Baby hurriedly let go of his hand and looked at Ren Sheng bashfully. “Daddy I want to go play…”

“Go ahead.” Ren Sheng generously waved his hand, but Master Fern stepped in front of the mecha  at this time. “Wait a minute, this mecha needs to be repainted and I still need to make some changes. You guys go back first.”

It was impossible for him to watch a little baby drive such a dangerous armor!

The mecha was taken away by Master Fern, making Ren Sheng a little lost. But Zhao Lingyu, who just received a message, stood up. “Gerd is about to give birth.”

“Huh? Giving birth, when?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu curiously.

“Not a full-term birth, but a surgical removal of the child to be put into a special baby incubation chamber. Keith had been trying to keep the child in Gerd’s stomach a bit longer but Gerd insisted for the children to be removed.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Gerd’s two children were no longer small, so bening born was very normal. The incubation chamber could also give them more nutrition and… his current physical condition was not good enough to supply the two children with enough energy. Plus, that big belly also had a big impact on his life.

“Let’s go back and take a look.” Ren Sheng said.

“Yes, we should go back.” Zhao Lingyu picked up Big Baby.

When the two went back, the operation had not yet started. Gerd was tall and used to be very busy with his research, so he was often too lazy to take care of himself, thus looking like a handsome mature man, but now…

No one knew if in these few months in order to nurture the fetus he ate more than normal, or if it was the effect of the Face Nourishing Pill and spending all the time at home, but he became very delicate. His beard also became sparse, his face looked much younger, and only his big belly made him look rather strange.

Ren Sheng never valued appearance, so he didn’t notice it, instead he stared at his stomach. “It seems to have grown a lot bigger all of a sudden.”

“This is the month when children grow up like balloons, it’s too cruel to take them out at this time.” Keith, whose belly was already bulging, looked at Gerd slyly.

You should have recorded enough data, right?” Gerd looked at Keith speechlessly. Don’t think he didn’t know what this man had in mind. Didn’t he just want to observe for a little longer?

But he couldn’t stand it any longer. When he arrived in the Ruoya Empire, others were doing this and that, but him? He spent the whole day holding his belly and wasn’t able to do much. His feet were swollen, but he wasn’t even able to see them anymore.

“That’s enough. In fact, it would be nice to take out the cell coat in your body and analyze the ingredients.” Keith took out his scalpel and put a camera next to it.

“It can record the process of the operation. You can rest assured. This is for you. In two months, you will have to do this operation for me. I am afraid there will still be many such operations in the future.” Keith was unusually calm.

Keith’s extraordinary calmness about pregnancy and childbirth was always a little weird, so Gerd choked. “You’re not going to have a baby and still want to have another one, are you?”

“Of course.” Keith said without hesitation. Finding that Gerd’s expression was not too good, he looked at Fang Chengjun. “Gerd, if you don’t want to have a baby, you can actually let someone else have a baby, just let your partner eat the pregnancy pill. Uh, even if you are a pure zero, it doesn’t matter. Using an appliance to introduce your sperm into your partner can get him pregnant. According to my research, maybe he can just eat it.”

“…” Fang Chengjun, who accompanied Gerd and Crohn, stood next to them like a mural. Both of their chrysanthemums tightened. Even Ren Sheng couldn’t help looking at Zhao Lingyu.

Zhao Lingyu, who had always been very calm, saw Ren Sheng’s expression and couldn’t help straightening up. Fortunately, Ren Sheng quickly looked at him with pity. “I’ll give birth for you. Your flesh is too hard for a scalpel to cut open.” By contrast, it was more convenient for him to have a baby and he also didn’t need to undergo surgery.

Zhao Lingyu decided to work harder on his cultivation, while Crohn and Fang Chengjun subconsciously looked at him. But before the two men could open their mouths, Gerd spoke up first. “Zhao Lingyu, what on earth did you do to become so hard? Teach me!”

Zhao Lingyu’s mouth slightly curled, but he just said. “You’d better have an operation first.”

Keith put the scalpels aside and looked at Zhao Lingyu, Crohn, and the others. “Are you sure you want to watch?”

The delivery room… no it was an operating room… eventually only Fang Chengjun was left in the operating room, while everyone else went outside. Zhao Lingyu gently pulled a ginseng root out of the operating room’s ventilation fan and silently looked at Ren Sheng.

Ren Sheng put away the root he intended to peek with and poked Zhao Lingyu with it. His children broke their shell in public and everyone could see it clearly, so how come he can’t see it now that others were giving birth? It was too unfair! Uh, Zhao Lingyu’s body was also too hard, so he couldn’t even poke it!

Elder Teng, who had been standing outside watching this scene, felt his mouth twitch slightly. It seems that Ren Sheng was really a tree man, just as Zhao Lingyu said… look at his flexible roots! 

By the way, just now Keith said that as long as you use sperm you could get pregnant…

“Ren Sheng, if I take a pregnancy pill myself and use my own sperm…” Elder Teng looked at Ren Sheng with a hopeful expression.

“How could you get pregnant with the same genes?” Ren Sheng, who had learned some biological knowledge, turned his head. The others were also shocked by Elder Teng’s idea. Could it be that the older you get the bigger your brain hole gets?

Ren Sheng gave birth very quickly. With the current technology, even a Cesarean section doesn’t take much time. However, the door of the operating room remained closed and even after a half an hour, it wasn’t opened.

“Is this a difficult birth?” Not to mention learning biology, Ren Sheng, who had seen a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, asked again.

How can the person who has an operation have a difficult birth? Elder Teng looked at his master wordlessly. At this moment, the door of the operating room suddenly opened and Fang Chengjun came out. His expression was not very good.

Seeing Fang Chengjun’s expression, Elder Teng became anxious. “What? Was it a difficult birth?”

“No.” Fang Chengjun looked at his elder wordlessly. “It’s Gerd’s ability. As soon as the scalpel approached, he became soft and turned into a metal puddle… Keith got annoyed after letting him recoil the scalpel a few times and asked me to come and find a scalpel of another material.”

In fact, at first Keith was trying to put Gerd to sleep directly, but Gerd wanted to see the child come out of his belly and couldn’t help using his ability when he saw the scalpel come near him.


Crohn, who was the most knowledgeable about the Ruoya Empire, ordered a set of crystal ceramic knives online. The Ruoya Empire had an extremely fast logistics system, so in a very short time they were sent to him.

With the new set of knives, in less than half an hour the two children were born.

These two children were also considered ‘premature.’ They were red all over and had to be put into the nursery chamber to soak in a specially prepared nutrient solution. Keith, who specialized in nutrient solutions and treated the children previously, naturally put a lot of care into it so there would be no side effects, even if they soaked for a long time.

I  don’t think so, right? The children were innocent and tender, so there was no need for beauty.

“My sons are so handsome.” Fang Chengjun looked at the two children snuggled together, full of excitement.

Sure enough, when a father looks at his child, there will always be something wrong with his eyes. Such a red monkey could even be called really handsome? Ren Sheng took a look at Big Baby, and then looked at the other three children who had just been brought by Zhao Lingyu. He thought his children were the most beautiful. Look, how bright Big Baby’s eyes were? How cute Second Baby’s drooling was? How handsome Third Baby looked when he dozed off? Fourth Baby’s face was as good-looking as Zhao Lingyu…

Zhao Lingyu silently pulled back Second Baby who was lying on top of the nutrition chamber and trying to pry open the cabin to get the nutrition fluid out of it, into his arms. “If you make any more noise, I’ll lock you up.”

“I want to be locked up there!” Second Baby looked at the nutrition cabin excitedly.



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