In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 120 – The End Of The Novel

Although the palace was destroyed, the Empress’ island did not lack anything. The meal was generous, but when it came to the amount of food… no, no matter how rich the food was, it was still not enough to eat. Looking at the appearance of Ren Sheng and Second Baby, and then looking at the other children… although they were relatively poised, Emperor Will was still glad he didn’t announce his news before dinner.

Everyone was very surprised that he only ate lightly, which should only exist in his imagination. In the present situation, it was more likely that even if he had told the news, they wouldn’t wait to start eating. Fortunately, he was not in a hurry.

After Emperor Will and the Empress ate their own specially prepared nutritious meal. They asked the robot to add food three more times and removed a lot of empty plates. Finally, Zhao Lingyu stopped everyone from eating happily.

After a few coughs, Emperor Will said, “I will hold an online public reception on the Internet later and then announce my abdication. In the future, there will be no Emperor in Ruoya.”

“Abdicate?” Zhao Lingyu looked at Emperor Will in surprise.

“I haven’t eaten for a while. Can I eat more?” Ren Sheng, who already solved his heart’s worries, couldn’t help asking.

“I haven’t eaten enough yet!” Second Baby immediately echoed.

Even at an important time, he shouldn’t talk to these people! Whether it was before or after the meal! Emperor Will felt a little depressed.

“Your Majesty. In fact, I have always had a question. Ruoya has developed to this point and it is no longer appropriate to rule with an imperial system. In that case, why does Ruoya still have a royal family in existence? Chapman’s original ability was very powerful, so even if he did nothing, his position would still be high for the rest of his life. Why would he be willing to give up everything for the throne? This always felt a bit unreasonable.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“You asked a very good question. If you are willing to answer a few questions for me, I will answer all your questions.” Emperor Will spoke with a smirk.

“What does Your Majesty want to ask?” Zhao Lingyu asked. Although he asked this, he understood in his heart exactly what Emperor Will wanted to ask. Previously, Ren Sheng and Big Baby’s performance in the palace was really amazing. However, it was good to show these anomalies now, so he wouldn’t need to cover them up in the future.

“How could Ren Sheng turn into a plant before? How did your child suddenly grow up?” The former question was asked by the Empress, who asked Emperor Will to ask it. But Emperor Will also wanted to know the answer.

“Ren Sheng is an alien. His race is like this. As for the reason that they suddenly grew up… as long as there is enough nutrients, they will grow up quickly. Earlier, Big Baby absorbed a lot of energy from the crystal on Chapman. That is why he grew up so fast.” Zhao Lingyu gave a half-truth explanation and added, “About Ren Sheng’s situation, I hope Your Majesty and the Empress will not tell others.”

Emperor Will and the Empress agreed. Noticing that Zhao Lingyu’s eyes were full of questions, Emperor Will also explained his matter. “Actually, the reason why Ruoya has the royal family and the reason why Chapman wanted to usurp the throne is because of the existence of the central computer.”

In the interstellar era, contact and information sharing was actually a big problem. For example, the Human Federation had not been able to do interstellar long-distance information transmission, so it was difficult for them to develop in some aspects. But in this regard, Ruoya was doing very well by relying on the central computer.

The Ruoya Empire’s central computer signal was very strong. It not only solved Ruoya’s communication problems, Ruoya’s robots, all kinds of warships, and so on, also relied on this ubiquitous signal. They were all under the control of the central computer. Because of the many restrictions added to the central computer at the beginning of its construction, the Ruoya people did not have to worry about their lives and their information leaking out. Not to mention, all kinds of self-intelligent robots were controlled by the central computer.

“After listening to this, do you guys feel that the central computer is very powerful? You know, controlling the central computer is the same as controlling the whole of the Ruoya Empire. If you manipulate the central computer to invade the network of a low-level civilization, you can also control all the data, information, and even the weapons of that low-level civilization in a short time.” Emperor Will smiled.

“It’s really impressive, but no one should be able to control the central computer, right?” Zhao Lingyu said. Since the central computer was subjected to so many restrictions since the beginning of its construction, rather than allowing some people to control it.

“In the upper layer of Ruoya, there is a saying that the maker of the central computer, the ancestors of the Ruoya royal family, controlled the means of accessing the planet where the central computer was located and could control part of the central computer. Of course, the emergence of this rumor was also based on the fact that no one can get close to the planet where the central computer is located except the Royals. When building the central computer at that time, Ruoya’s ancestors specifically found an undeveloped planet as a settlement. For the sake of safety the central computer is not controlled by anyone. Many robots were left on that planet, letting the central computer run completely independently. If it breaks down, it will mine its own ore to repair it and if it needs to be upgraded, it will also do it and add certain equipment on its own. Of course, if it doesn’t have enough stuff, it will also notify us so that we can find it.”

Zhao Lingyu became more and more surprised.

“Do you think that the planet is tempting enough? No, maybe not only the planet, the central computer has been expanding because of the increasing amount of information stored in it and several surrounding planets have also been covered with robots.” Emperor Will said.

“The royal family can really control the central computer?” Gerd couldn’t help asking. For someone like him who was involved in technology, such a technological product was too tempting.

“To be honest, it can’t.” Emperor Will replied. “Before I became Emperor, I also thought it could and then I realized that it simply can’t. The makers of the central computer were not my ancestors. Such a behemoth could not be made by one man! However, my ancestor used to take on a very important duty, which was to deliver something to the central computer at the beginning. This was not because my ancestor was such a powerful technician, but simply because my ancestor’s psychic ability was related to space and could move in space.”

The Empress poured a cup of tea for Emperor Will, who drank it and continued. “Later, some people thought that the royal family could modify the central computer and it was related to our ability. The history of the central computer is longer than the Ruoya Empire, so during Ruoya’s civil unrest, a lot of information related to the central computer was lost. We can’t even communicate directly with the central computer anymore. The founding Emperor of the empire used space movement to get a lot of firsthand information from that planet and established the Ruoya Empire. The so-called royal family’s ability to control the central computer is actually a complete lie. This is why I want to abdicate, so that my children will not be affected by this in the future.”

“Why didn’t you say it before?” Ren Sheng asked.

“Actually, I mentioned it sideways, but no one believed it. This lie was told by my ancestors and has been passed down for countless years. So much so that now, even if I tell people it’s actually a lie, they don’t believe it anyway.” Will sighed. When he first learned about this, he had been reluctant to believe it, thinking that the uncle who spoke to him before passing the throne just lied to him. But over time, he accepted it.

As a matter of fact, there was not much meaning to be an Emperor. Instead of keeping a lie for generations and worrying about being discovered, it was better to take advantage of the fact that he was the only one left in the Ruoya royal family and abdicate early. Then they would merge Ruoya with the Human Federation.

Yes, he intended to promote the merger of the two. If the population of Ruoya was too small, it would perish sooner or later. But if it merged with the Human Federation, the situation would be different.

Besides, it’s a win-win situation. For the people of the Human Federation, the accession of Ruoya would greatly enhance their comprehensive strength and they would no longer have to worry about the plunder of advanced civilizations. As for Ruoya… even after the merger, they didn’t have to worry much. Even the most ordinary Ruoya civilian would become a powerful powerhouse in the Human Federation, so the people of Ruoya were very supportive of this.

The only interests that were harmed were perhaps only those of Human Federation’s. After the merger of the two sides, the highly respected ability users would no longer be able to obtain the status of a powerhouse, but with good mediation, this would reduce the gap between the ability users and ordinary people.

Emperor Will said this to Zhao Lingyu and the others. He naturally also treated them as his own people. After they talked, Emperor Will went to see Raymond and the ordinary people.

His decision caused an uproar in Ruoya, yet it was still quickly accepted. Most of the ordinary people in Ruoya made fun of the imperial system because it did not affect them much. So over time, more and more people were happy to hear about it.

This year, a lot of things happened to both the Human Federation and Ruoya.

The Human Federation was attacked by an alien civilization for the first time and the existence of aliens was made known. Just when the general public was in fear that an alien civilization would invade the Human Federation, Marshal Zhao Lingyu, who had previously killed the Zerg Queen and saved the Human Federation, took his men to the Ruoya Empire and a contract was finally signed between the two sides. The Human Federation then entered a period of rapid development.

As for Ruoya… that year, the Ruoya people whose fertility rate was getting lower and lower and whose population had been growing negatively, finally saw hope. At the same time, the Emperor of Ruoya voluntarily abdicated after a royal coup, ending the Ruoya imperial system.

Of course, the most important thing about this year for both the Human Federation and Ruoya, was the start of exchanges and the integration of all aspects between them. Although there had been many problems in the integration of the Human Federation and Ruoya, in the end, the two sides merged very well and a new and huge country appeared in the galaxy.

A long, long time later, people took the meal after the coup d’état as tradition. The lunch was named ‘Rebirth lunch’ and was mentioned in many films and literature, giving it a lot of meaning and even imagining that this lunch was very solemn. But no one knew that when the great Emperor who abdicated voluntarily gave a speech on the Internet and announced the shocking news, Ren Sheng, who was later known as the ‘Father of the Aliens’ and Zhao Lingyu, known as the greatest Marshal in the history of the Human Federation cooperated with each other to ‘ransack’ Emperor Will’s kitchen to send it all to their sons’ room. Then after getting rid of their sons, they had a pleasant ‘training’ to help Zhao Lingyu better absorb the various energies he absorbed from Chapman’s men.

Of course, it was not all smooth sailing and they needed to stop a few times when something big happened… Ren Sheng’s hair suddenly itched!

“I seem to be blossoming again.” The teenager sitting naked on the edge of the bed scratched his hair and showed his partner where the buds were about to grow out.

“You, don’t scratch your hair, it might accidentally cause an abortion…. no, if you scratch it, it will be bad. How many is it this time?” Zhao Lingyu felt that his heart trembled a little.

“Even less this time, only three.” Ren Sheng sighed secretly when he remembered his experience of dozens of seeds at a time.

Three… That was a few? Zhao Lingyu suddenly found that not to mention a football team, if he kept working hard, he might be able to give birth to an army.


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