In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 103 – The Pregnant People

Ruoya’s ‘alchemy furnace’ could not automatically provide spiritual power, so Ren Sheng had to refine the pills himself, which took quite a bit of effort. It took him several days to finish making all seventy Pregnancy Pills.

He then separated them into one set of 50 and another of 20. After thinking about it, Ren Sheng took out the medicine he had prepared before, plus two ginseng seeds, and crushed them, putting them into five pills directly.

The effect of his ginseng seeds was very good, so he didn’t need to continue to refine these herbs. He then directly added the powdered sugar to make pills. Of course, given that the effect of this thing was very good, the medicine itself was a bit fierce, so he couldn’t give it to Nia to eat.

Packing it all up, Ren Sheng found Elder Teng who was making the powder for the Face Nourishing Pill in the next room and took some of the powder.

In Nia’s case, it would be good to eat more Face Nourishing Pills. Thinking that Nia liked children very much, Ren Sheng took the pattern of little children and used the Face Nourishing Powder plus chocolate to make dozens of chocolate children, either sitting or standing with his spiritual power. With the Pregnancy Pills and chocolate kids, Ren Sheng went to Master Fern’s.

“Daddy!” The four children rushed up at the same time after not seeing Ren Sheng for a few days. Big Baby, who had the physical advantage of running the fastest, leaped to jump into Ren Sheng’s arms, but noticing his three brothers who came after him, he stood still a little torn.

Ren Sheng picked up the Big Baby who was embarrassed to rob his father from his brothers and put him on his head. Then he hugged the remaining three little guys in his arms.

It’s such a happy thing to be able to hold four children in your arms! Nia and McCarthy couldn’t help showing their envy. Although they had been taking care of the four children these days, apart from Big Baby who knew them very well, the other children were not close to them. They didn’t allow them to hug them and they also found that the children were a little too smart.

Maybe the children of the Human Federation are very precocious? In the end, McCarthy didn’t become a nanny, but became a professional errand man who listened to a few children and then ran errands professionally.

Nia, still pale and thin, walked to him in a few steps so he took out a branch, a few leaves, a flower plus a red seemingly flower petals to her. “You eat them all.”

“Eat them directly?” Nia asked in surprise, the leaves and petals were fine, but the branch? How could she eat it directly?

“If you can’t bite it, you can grind it up and eat it.” Ren Sheng said.

Nia eventually found a machine for making cold drinks, and after putting several things all in, stirred up a bowl of weirdly colored potion.

“This won’t give you diarrhea if you eat it, right?” Master Fern asked worriedly.

“Maybe it will.” Nia thought of her last time when she almost had diarrhea to the point of water deficiency after taking the medicine.

However, even if she would have diarrhea for a long, long time she would still be grateful to Ren Sheng. She really wanted to live for a long, long time.

Draining a glass of the strange-tasting liquid, Nia smiled towards Ren Sheng. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ren Sheng said, then poured the water to be disposed of from the cold drink machine next to him into the cup again. “Don’t waste it.”

Nia drank three large cups of water to clean the cold drink machine adding to the first one a total of four cups… Even if she didn’t have diarrhea, she still needed to go to the toilet several times.

In fact, for the rest of the day, she was almost a resident in the toilet, and it was hard to figure out how many times she had been there. Then it was followed by food.

Once again, she came out and ate up a large bowl of meat porridge made in special soup, then Nia continued to run to the toilet.

“It’s so good. Ever since she grew up and pursued beauty she refused to eat so much… How cute was she when she was chubby?” Master Fern was worried about Nia at first, but after finding out that his daughter’s body was surprisingly getting better, he stopped worrying so much and instead began to get excited about making all kinds of food. He had learned to cook well in order to raise his daughter.

The next day, Nia, who had been in the toilet many times, looked thinner, but was in good spirits. After eating breakfast, although she ate slowly, she ended up eating more than McCarthy.

“Nia, what else do you want to eat? I’ll go get it for you.”

“You can buy me some snacks, I’ll eat a little when I’m hungry.” Nia said. Her physical examination report was still bad, but her intestines and stomach were no different from a normal person’s now, which was really amazing.

“Snacks?” Ren Sheng asked and then thought of something. “I have something for you.”

In the Ruoya Empire, the space button was well developed, so Ren Sheng didn’t need to hide his Qiankun bag. A box suddenly appeared in his hand and he gave it to Nia. “This is for you to eat, eat one a day.”

Nia knew that Ren Sheng should be giving her something good this time, so with an expression full of gratitude she opened the box and then her smile froze.

Those little lifelike chocolate kids were for her to eat? How could she possibly eat them!

Probably because Ren Sheng was most familiar with his four children. These chocolate kids were very similar to his four children. Just looking at them, Nia felt her heart soften and thought that eating them would be too cruel. Mr. Greenton was really surprised.

The others also felt a bit helpless. Finally, it was Zhao Lingyu who reacted first and directly reached out to take the box back. “You should directly give her the powder to make her own chocolate. Why give her the finished product? What Ren Sheng made with his own hands should be given to him.  But he doesn’t eat his own child as a hobby…

“I made it quickly.” Ren Sheng said. Zhao Lingyu was not very fond of eating chocolate made to look like him, but why didn’t Nia like it?

“Daddy, I want to eat it!” Second Baby looked at the chocolate and drooled hard.

“Here you go.” Zhao Lingyu generously placed the chocolates in front of Second Baby and the others.

Second Baby grabbed a small chocolate kid with a stern face and stuffed it into his mouth. Fourth Baby immediately grabbed a drooling kid and stuffed it into his mouth. Big Baby took a look at Second Baby and silently grabbed a greedy looking kid that was chewing his fingers and stuffed it into his mouth.

Only Third Baby was simple minded and ate his own likeness that was in front of him. Grabbing those far away from him took much effort or he just forgot.

“This child is most like me, I was sleeping all day when I was a child.” Ren Sheng pointed to Third Baby.

So Third Baby was the most like you? Zhao Lingyu became silent, he always thought that Second Baby was the most like Ren Sheng. The expression on Ren Sheng’s face when he talked about refined soil was really exactly the same as the second child.

Ren Sheng watched the four children eat for a while, then took back the box and divided the chocolate dolls into four portions of different sizes. Third Baby who ate the slowest just now got the largest share, while Second Baby who ate the fastest got the smallest share.

The four children have become accustomed to this practice of Ren Sheng, so they took their share and ate it.

“These children are so good, they don’t fight or rob each other.” Nia sighed.

“You can have a few too.” Ren Sheng said.

“With this body of mine, how can I still have children?” Nia laughed bitterly.

You can give birth with Pregnancy Pills, but you have to wait until your body is better. Thinking of Pregnancy Pills, Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu, when did he want to use those Pregnancy Pills?

Zhao Lingyu met Ren Sheng’s gaze and immediately guessed Ren Sheng’s thoughts: “I’m going out tonight, just wait for me at home.”

“Okay.” Ren Sheng said.

Imperial Star was a beautiful planet and there was almost no pollution. The air was also especially good at night. Sometimes you could see the sky full of stars and two bright moons. It could be said that its beauty was almost breathtaking.

It was no wonder that with such starlight, certain establishments that didn’t have many people during the day were deservedly lively.

There are many bars on Imperial Star which provide all kinds of wine, food, and entertainment. Many people will come here to drink a glass of wine, pick a person who can get into their eyes, and then go to a room or to the home of one of them with each other.

This process was exactly the same as some of the  people in the Human Federation who liked to mix into bars to find lovers, but there are also some differences. For example, people here will never use birth control.

People here were crazy about children, so who would be that crazy to use birth control? In the Ruoya Empire, everyone’s contact terminal recorded their physical condition so those who were not physically fit would not be allowed to do so at all.

Flora was three hundred and twenty-six years old and was a famous female explorer of Imperial Star who was very fond of exploring the universe.

Many explorers in the Ruoya Empire liked to plunder the resources of lower civilizations, but Flora was different. Not only did she not plunder the resources of lower civilizations, sometimes she even helped some lower civilizations.

She would often film the situations she encountered in her explorations and edit them into videos for the Internet. One of them was a video of her doing something on a planet that had just developed a primitive civilization.

Some intelligent creatures who could use tools if they let them develop properly had appeared on the planet, but at this time, a few asteroids hit the planet. When Flora found the planet, there were volcanic eruptions and tsunamis all over the planet, and there were no plants and animals left on it.

Of course, this was a long time ago. Over the years, Flora lived on a planet that ran out of resources before the development of interstellar civilization and she used Ruoya technology to revive some plants on this planet. She also used her own camera to film the various self-help measures of the intelligent creatures there and only returned to Ruoya a month ago.

A few days ago, she posted the video clip she took outside on the Internet and these days, she would go to the bar everyday to find someone who was pleasing to the eye to spend a romantic night with.

She was once married, but eventually broke up peacefully because of different ideas, and now she doesn’t want to get married anymore. After entering the bar, Flora ordered a glass of wine recommended by the bartender and found a place to sit down.

She was not good looking and was too tall and strong. But there were always some people who liked her even like this, so she wasn’t worried that no one would come to her. If there was no one to ask her out, she would take the initiative to find a favorite target.

This time, Flora just sat down when a man wearing a large cloak sat in front of her. When he sat down he turned around and smiled toward Flora.

Flora looked at the person in front of her, but frowned slightly. “Sir, can you reveal your true face?”

Her eyesight was not bad, so naturally she knew that the person in front of her was in disguise.

“I’m just looking for you.” The man in front of Flora laughed. His fingers tapping rhythmically on the desk, made people want to listen.

“What is it?” Flora asked.

“Want a child?” The man smiled and looked toward Flora.

“Of course I want one, can you give it to me?” Flora asked rhetorically. She never hid the fact that she liked children. When she was in contact with other intelligent beings, she liked their children the most.

“Can.” The man who was in disguise laughed.

Flora raised her eyebrow in surprise.

“Take this, and you’ll be able to get pregnant. You should have a testing device on you, right? It should be able to detect that it’s not poisonous.” The man took out a round pill.

You can get pregnant by eating such a thing? Are you kidding? Flora didn’t believe that such a thing could exist in this world at all, except that this liar’s smile really could make people believe it. Flora felt that there was something wrong with her, because she inexplicably tested the pill and then ate it.

After the man left, Flora thought that there was definitely something wrong but the examination showed that her body was normal. Maybe she met someone who liked to deceive people to eat strange things in order to film it and then post it online for people to laugh? But she had always been careful, so why did she really eat it?

The very puzzled Flora was in a bad mood, so it was only after midnight that she finally found an object who made her feel satisfied and then took the person to her own home.

The two had a wonderful night, but it was still before dawn when she was woken up by the alarm.

“What’s going on?” Her house should be safe. Why is there a sudden alarm? Flora looked at the contact terminal on her wrist.

At this time, her bed companion from last night suddenly knelt in front of her. “Honey, is the baby mine? Please marry me!”

Flora stared at her contact terminal after knowing her physical condition, she kicked the naked man out of bed without hesitation. Marriage? What do you need a man for when you have a child?

When Flora suddenly found out that she was pregnant, the same thing happened to several other people.

Zhao Lingyu at this time was lying in front of Ren Sheng, then frowned and rubbed his temples. The spells a cultivator could use were very effective, but he was half-fooled himself. He didn’t know what was going on, on Imperial Star at this time.

Ruoya, will soon be very lively, right?


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