In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 116 – Before The Crisis

Chapman was not ambitious from the beginning. Only when he and Will remained as royal family members and he began to be considered by everyone as the heir to the throne, did he start to think of the throne as something that was already his. In such a situation, of course he would not allow anyone to take away what was already his.

With the protective shield held up by the eighth level powerhouse broken and the people he had arranged surrounding the palace, Chapman could feel that victory was in his hands. Yes, Emperor Will was a level nine powerhouse that was far stronger than him, but so what? A level nine ability was not easy to control and even one careless move could destroy the entire planet. Would Emperor Will dare to do it?

Even if he didn’t care about Imperial Star and the many people of Ruoya, he couldn’t possibly not care about the Empress and the children in her belly, right?

Chapman was sure that Emperor Will, who was not very experienced in actual combat, would never dare to fight on imperial Star against another level nine powerhouse.

The Marshal was pregnant with children, so how could he easily make a move? If he really dared to do it… the last time he went to the wedding banquet, he made some moves in the Marshal residence.

The palace was once again protected by the protective shield, but Chapman was not afraid and just watched it with interest to see if his own people could break the shield.

The whole planet was in chaos and it was impossible to hide the situation in the palace from the ordinary people. But just as Chapman expected, not many people were willing to intervene in this political change. After all, one careless move and you would be killed. His people have also stabilized the news online and even promised that after he succeeded in the coup, he would carry out a number of reforms and use the central computer to control the Human Federation. This was undoubtedly a great temptation for the ordinary people of Ruoya.

As he watched the robotic guards of the palace fall one by one, the expression on Chapman’s face became more and more smug. Right at that moment, his contract terminal suddenly sounded an ear-splitting alarm and at the same time, just outside his encirclement of the palace, a group of people appeared silently, all wearing the uniforms of the Ruoya army.

He already controlled the army stationed near Imperial Star and many of the soldiers were now changing their appearance to help him keep an eye on the Marshal’s palace and other places, so who were these people?

Chapman’s expression changed instantly. Many warships with emblems suddenly appeared above Imperial Star; the Ruoya border army had completely surrounded the entire Imperial Star.

The Emperor’s position was very high in Ruoya, but he was also held hostage in many places. For example, the Emperor could not control the army and the Border Army. Even the Marshal, who was currently pregnant, might not be able to completely control it.

The silver warships almost completely blocked the sky above Imperial Star, plunging it into darkness. As the light sensor street lights of Imperial Star lit up one by one, one of the spaceships slowly landed and then appeared above the imperial palace. This warship was very, very large, far exceeding the Ruoya palace and it might even be said that it was one-tenth of the size of Imperial Star, which made Chapman feel it was strange.

This was the Dream Garden, the Ruoya Border Army’s main ship, which used the best materials in the Ruoya Empire and was even sturdier than the Ruoya palace. At the beginning of its construction, people actually took it as a means of retreat for the Ruoya Empire. The warship could only be commanded by Marshal Raymond. No, even Marshal Raymond would be unauthorized to bring the Dream Garden to Imperial Star and would be subjected to punishment… Chapman looked up at the battleship and saw a long ladder sticking out from the middle part of the warship, while a man followed by a lot of people slowly walked from it.

The man was not tall and wore an extremely ordinary, fully integrated military uniform. Although you could not see his full appearance due to the helmet he wore, you could still tell he was not Raymond. He walked very slowly as if he was taking a leisurely stroll, but he still gave people inexplicably pressure… Chapman knew that he had lost, but did not know to whom he had actually lost.

A long list of names flashed through his mind, but no one could match this man until the man in front of him took off his helmet and revealed a chilly expression. “Mr. Chapman, you are suspected of treason and meddling in the management of the army. Please come with us.”

“Jenkins?” Chapman looked at the man in shock and although he had never despised Jenkins, he did not expect him to do something like this. Jenkins stood on the ladder, looking down at Chapman, his overly handsome face expressionless.

“You were more prepared than I expected. Was I under your surveillance from the very beginning?” Chapman asked. The border guards were stationed at the border of the Ruoya Empire all year round and it was reasonable to say that they would never appear here so suddenly, unless they were prepared.

“It is you who have gone too far…” Emperor Will said.

“If I didn’t do it, wouldn’t you take care of me?” Chapman laughed. Wasn’t even his simple existence threatening this man?

On the surface, Chapman looked like he’s going to give up, but in private… He gently pressed the switches in his hand. He had put something in the homes of several people on Imperial Star. This something would not kill those close to Emperor Will, but it could still cause them big trouble.

But what he thought would happen, did not happen.

How come those bombs, or pissed off equipment, didn’t react at all? No one could reasonably have accessed it all!

Chapman’s eyes were scarlet red. If not for the fact that the people around him already had many high-level ability users surrounding him and threw one shield after another at him to suppress his ability fluctuations, he might have had a psychic ability riot.

No, he couldn’t have a psychic ability riot now, because his ability was also out of order. He had always been very concerned about his safety and security, who on earth could tamper with him?

Chapman felt that his current situation was unbelievable and closed his eyes in disbelief. Suddenly a gorgeous face appeared in front of him. The owner of that face was a woman with a big chest and no brain. In that woman’s eyes, his ambitions were not as important as a designer dress or a brand name bag.

Several times, he planned something with enthusiasm, was righteous and vigorous, but when he turned around he found that the woman had actually brought a lot of useless things home and was even cheated of money. He would then feel like a bucket of cold water was poured on him. He didn’t know why he felt so exhausted.

He has always loathed this woman and didn’t like her. He would never choose to be with her, if she hadn’t had a high genetic match with him. However, his previous ideas may have been wrong. That woman was not as simple as he had thought.

He always thought that this woman was stupid and would let her act as a cover when he did something. He didn’t even guard against her… Actually he was the stupidest one. The problem with his ability might be related to the biscuits that she made herself on a sudden impulse.  

However, despite such speculation, Chapman was still reluctant to believe it and after a while, he finally asked, “Adela… is she one of yours?” Obviously her identity was very clean. He didn’t find anything wrong even after marrying her.

“Can’t say that… she just won’t help the enemy.” Emperor Will said. Adela and his Empress actually shared the same father, but different mothers. But this was completely unknown to outsiders, because both of them grew up following their respective mothers.

Adela was beautiful since childhood, liked to dress herself, and could sing and dance. When she was three or four years old, she already had some singing and dancing videos on the Internet. Later she also had an independent channel of her own. She also took some ads and TV series work and became a celebrity, becoming the most famous girl star in the Ruoya Empire at the time.

She basically stopped acting as an adult, but because she liked all kinds of luxury goods, she almost turned her channel into a luxury commentary and display channel, allowing more and more people to define her as a vase girl.

Very few people know that Adela, who seemed to be unprofessional, actually had very good computer skills. This talented and good-looking girl then fell in love with Chapman, who had a bright future at the time.

After Adela understood her heart, she started to pursue Chapman, who at that time liked Nia. After Chapman got married, Adela sulked for a long time, but she still had feelings for Chapman. Adela also once told the Empress that she would remember Chapman for the rest of her life and cherish him in her heart, but who would have thought that Chapman would later do something like abandon his wife?

Adela could not accept that the man she liked had done such a thing and when Chapman pursued her, she made up her mind to observe Chapman and change him. But unfortunately, Chapman only used her as a fertility machine and long-term contact with him wore out all her thoughts of love for Chapman.

Thinking of Adela, Emperor Will’s mood was a little complicated. He only wanted to persuade Chapman back then to not be too utilitarian. But who would have thought that in the end they would find such a thing? Chapman’s failure this time was in fact, because he did not take his wife seriously. Sure enough, it was Adela… Chapman couldn’t tell how he felt for a while. He just thought it was a little absurd.

“You have been in contact with the Imperial Star Garrison and it’s not in your power to bring the army here.” There has always been a clear distinction between military power and political power. Chapman crossed the line, otherwise he would not have been able to mobilize the Dream Garden, even if he had been Emperor for many years.

“No matter what, I’ve lost.” Chapman gave a light sigh.

“Surrender.” Emperor Will said. Under the threat of the warship, most of the people who originally followed Chapman had already surrendered one after another. There was no death penalty in the Ruoya Empire, so the most severe punishment was being exiled to a planet near the Dark Abyss and not being allowed to bring any high-tech equipment with them. Compared with resistance and then death, of course, everyone would prefer exile.

However, even if others thought so, Chapman obviously did not. Stretching his left hand across his chest, Chapman pressed a button to open a compartment with a needle and then pushed the liquid into his chest.

The liquid, discovered on a remote planet by Cameron McCullen, a plant ability user who was good at mutating plants, maximized the body’s potential and, of course, did great harm to the body.

He preferred revenge on the spot rather than exile. After all, he didn’t know what would happen to a man like him after he was exiled. Chapman felt the energy inside him and closed his eyes as he felt the energy surging in his body.

“There’s something wrong with him.” Emperor Will immediately realized that something was wrong with Chapman.

“Increase the shields!” Jenkins said. As soon as his words fell, several more shields enveloped Chapman and some of them were condensed by an ice ability user. However, the effect was obviously not good, because a few moments later, Chapman suddenly appeared outside of the shields.

“Space movement.” Emperor Will whispered. This was an ability of a space ability user. But very few people would dare to actually use it, because the slightest carelessness could result in leaving a part of the body in space. Not only that, but with this method, it was also difficult to penetrate some high-energy barriers. Protective shields and the like were undoubtedly high-energy barriers.

Unless one’s own ability was far beyond the high-energy barrier, they couldn’t be easily penetrated. Was Chapman overdrawing his own energy and even his life?

Emperor Will immediately became alert. Jenkins’ expression didn’t change, but he did not hesitate to start issuing various orders. However, although their reaction was fast, they were not as fast as Chapman.

Chapman rushed towards the place where the palace energy was strongest, while using various spatial movements one after another. Because of this, all kinds of attacks directed at him missed.

“They’re all over there!” Emperor Will said in shock. He thought he had a foolproof plan. There was no palace insurance outside, so he let the Empress and the others stay. but Chapman was now heading to where they were hiding! Although Emperor Will’s ability was powerful, he seldom used it. But at this time, if he didn’t use it…

Emperor Will and Chapman almost approached the top of the place where the Queen and the others hid at the same time. But before Emperor Will could try to stop him, countless space blades wreaked havoc in the area, turning everything around to dust, exposing the building below.

More and more space blades surrounded Chapman and it could be seen that many of these space blades were not controlled by him. His ability was out of control. For those whose ability was out of control, the only choice to regain control was to abolish the ability.

Most people with abilities didn’t want their abilities to get out of control. But Chapman indulged himself and the energy crystals in his hands shattered to pieces. This caused more and more space blades to appear. Jenkins and his men tried to stop them, which allowed him to get close to where the Empress and the others were hiding.

After Ren Sheng was held by Big Baby and Big Baby and the other children were hidden in the basement by the robot, they settled down under the arrangement of the Empress. The Empress arranged the others, but she was still watching the outside situation. Noticing this, Ren Sheng let Big Baby stick to the Empress’ side and then relied on the machine in the queen’s hand to see what was going on outside.

Summing it up… the arrogant Chapman was completely suppressed, letting Ren Sheng become extremely relieved. But unfortunately, just when he felt relieved, the accident happened. In the blink of an eye, Chapman had come close. They were all here, but they had little combat power. Gnashing his teeth, Ren Sheng burst out of the flower pot and waved a thin root system towards the top, rushing halfway to Master Fern’s specially modified mecha and letting it envelop his body.

That plant had suddenly turned into a mecha! The Empress who was originally very worried could hardly believe what she was seeing and then she quickly turned her attention back to the other ginseng that were brought in by the robot.

The plants in these pots shouldn’t be able to turn into a team of mechas, right?


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