In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 60.2 – Big Price

“Five billion!” Gerd said again, The Gerd family was rich. Recently after he changed from the military to studying warship weapons, it became even richer because he earned a big amount of money. Gerd himself, besides buying material, didn’t spend much money himself. As for the materials… his metal ability allowed him to completely reuse the material countless times.

“Five billion ten million.” Fang Chengjun said slowly. Just as he finished, his communicator on his hand rang, which was a message sent by Gerd.

“You poor bastard surnamed Fang!” Gerd shouted into his communicator, then without hesitation, he called for a bid. “Ten billion!”

“Have it for ten billion.” Fang Chengjun smiled and said to the communicator, ten billion for ten bottles of potion was not cheap.

Gerd wanted to see Fang Chengjun’s bitter face, but since Fang Chengjun only smiled he could only hang up the communicator indignantly.

Since Fang Chengjun and Gerd began to bid, the others became silent. The first group of potions were finally sold to Gerd at a price of 10 billion.

The second batch of potions was also a competition between the two of them and was finally sold to Fang Chengjun at a price of 10.01 billion.

The third batch was once again taken by Gerd at 10.1 billion.

The fourth batch became Fang Chengjun’s at 10.11 billion.

When the four batches of potions were sold out, there were only three bathes left and more than 50 powers interested in them.

When the fifth batch came up for auction, Fang Chengjun and Gerd finally stopped bidding, while others started bidding one after another.

With Fang Chengjun’s and Gerd’s prices in front, the fifth batch of Nourishing Potion was sold at the price of 10.7 billion, while the sixth batch was sold at the price of 10.9 billion, followed by the last batch.

There were many people who wanted the last batch, after an A-class ability user shouted out the price of twelve billion, a voice suddenly came, “Fifty billion.”

Fifty billion!

Although there are more and more people with money now, fifty billion was not a small amount, so almost everyone’s eyes were attracted to the box. Zhao Lingyu, who also stayed in the box frowned with surprise and then immediately called out the information of the box. After seeing the information, he finally understood the reason.

The one who called out the high price of 50 billion was none other than the president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce.

Roy has been sent to prison by Zhao Lingyu, since he killed many people on the passage aircraft. He was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment and would never leave prison in his life. After that, the president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce issued an apology letter.

That letter of apology, Zhao Lingyu casually glanced at it and threw it aside. After all at this time he no longer had good feelings towards the Thorn Chamber of Commerce. The Thorn Chamber of Commerce sent him a person who didn’t want to marry him, what was wrong with them?

However, although he had no good feeling towards the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, Zhao Lingyu had been very busy and didn’t make any moves to suppress them. But now it seemed… This president came today to Capital Star to apologize?

“Who is that last person?” Shen Qiushi asked curiously. Zhao Peng was also as surprised as she was. Only Ren Sheng, who didn’t know how much 50 billion was, still ate happily and even took advantage of Shen Qiushi’s and Zhao Peng’s carelessness to put his fingers into the cup. This drink called ‘coffee’ had good nutrition, but no taste.

“The president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce.” Zhao Lingyu said.

Hearing this answer Shen Qiushi frowned. This man sold his son to the Zhao family for money so she didn’t have a good feeling towards him.

However, in comparison, she hated Roy more. If Roy really didn’t want to marry Zhao Lingyu, even if there was no way to say it due to the Freedom Alliance, after arriving in the Zhao family, he could have told her. She would not force a person who hated her son to take care of her son, but this Roy was so good that he even blew up the airship.

After they knew that Ren Sheng was not Roy, they contacted the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, but also learned that when Roy actually agreed to marry…

The president of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce didn’t come over to the Zhao family, but he asked the auction house to send over the batch of Nourishing Potion that he bought at a cost of 50 billion just now. At the beginning, although the Zhao family gave him various support and resources, it was not much more than this.

Of course, he would do so certainly not because of his guilt towards the Zhao family, but mostly because he was worried that the Zhao family would make trouble for him and thus had the intention to show his goodwill.

“Just take the money, but don’t pay any attention to him in the future either.” Shen Qiushi said.

“I know.” Zhao Lingyu nodded and looked at the head of the auction house again. “This batch of potions, sell it to that A-class ability user who bid twelve billion before.”

Zhao Lingyu had heard that the ability user who just bid for this batch of potions was an A-class ability user who fell in love with an ordinary man. But that ordinary man didn’t make her pregnant and he was also old now. Unlike the other two people who bought the potion for the purpose of having a baby, he estimated that this female ability user was trying to extend this man’s life.

The person from the auction house nodded and quickly went down. At this time, Zhao Lingyu actually pulled up Ren Sheng. “Ren, accompany me to find someone.”

“Who are you looking for?” Ren Sheng asked curiously.

“Fang Chengjun.” Zhao Lingyu said

Fang Chengjun didn’t leave in a hurry after winning two sets of potions, instead he unwrapped one of the bottles and handed it to his grandfather. “Grandpa, take this potion.”

“Didn’t the Zhao family say that this was all from now? There’s no need to give it to me to eat.” Master Fang shook his hand, in fact, he has lived enough. Before if he did not see Elder Teng again he would probably be already dead.

“Grandpa, if you don’t eat it I will smash all of them on the spot! Also, didn’t you say that I can choose who I like? I may not necessarily marry a woman and have children, and I may not necessarily use them.” Fang Chengjun said. His grandmother did not marry his grandfather. After taking a large sum of money from the Fang family she married someone else. His mother also did not care about him and could not even tell him who his father was. Because of this, he was pretty much brought up by Elder Fang and has deep feelings for him.

“You eat it quickly.” Elder Teng also said.

Elder Fang became silent, but in the end, he drank a bottle of Nourishing Potion.

At this time, the doorbell of the box rang, and also transmitted the appearance of the person outside the door.

Seeing that it was Zhao Lingyu and Ren Sheng, Fang Chengjun immediately said, “Please come in.”

“Why did you guys come over?” Elder Teng asked curiously.

“Something came up.” Zhao Lingyu said briefly, then sat in front of Fang Chengjun.

“What is going on?” Fang Chengjun asked curiously.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t say much and just took out two batches of bottles of Nourishing Potion that wasn’t auctioned. “I want to ask you to sell them.”

“If you want to sell them, why didn’t you auction them just now?” Fang Chengjun frowned slightly and added, “You wanted to leave them for Yang Ye?”

“That’s right, sell them to Yang Ye.” Zhao Lingyu said, “In addition to you and Gerd, the other two that were auctioned off to pregnant women who needed it to keep their babies alive, so they paid this big price. I have asked the auction house to send them home and advise them to take the medicine early, so I am afraid that both the Yang family and the Locke will look for you to buy the potion, so you can sell these two batches.”

“At what price should I sell?” Fang Chengjun immediately grasped Zhao Lingyu’s meaning. In the future, this kind of potion will definitely be sold again. In that case, both the Yang and Locke families, even if they were not able to buy it now, will definitely be able to buy it in the future. Since that’s the case, it’s better to strike the deal first.

“The last group fetched the price of fifty billion, it can’t be lower than that.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“This price of yours is a bit high.” Fang Chengjun took the two boxes from Zhao Lingyu’s hands.

“Will give you one percent of the sale.” Zhao Lingyu said.

“Deal!” Fang Chengjun said without hesitation.

Just at this time, the doorbell rang again, and it was Gerd who came in.

“Little Zhao, why did you come here?” Gerd went to look for Zhao Lingyu as soon as the auction was over, but didn’t expect Zhao Lingyu to be together with the Fang family, so he hurriedly came over.

“Something wrong?” Zhao Lingyu asked.

“I want to ask about that kind of medicine that is guaranteed to give birth to a child. I have already bought the Nourishing Potion so now I want to conceive a child!” Gerd asked while giving provocative glances to Fang Chengjun, who he was afraid that he didn’t even know there was such a good medicine.

“Guaranteed to give birth to a child?” Fang Chengjun looked happy. “Is there really such a medicine? I will buy it no matter how much it costs!”

“That medicine will have to wait for some time, if you need it, I will make it for you.” Zhao Lingyu said. Ren Sheng’s situation was too special. He gave birth to four children. Although the Nourishing Potion diverted part of the attention, it was still not enough, so this pregnancy pull was also very good.

It was better for others to notice their pills than for others to notice their physique, but now even higher civilizations were staring at them. Zhao Lingyu knew very well that when Corbian had lurked on their ship, he was probably after his genes.

“You’re going to make it for him?” Gerd asked quickly, regretting for a moment that he wanted to show off in front of Fang Chengjun.

“Uncle Gerd, Fang Chengjun is my friend.” Zhao Lingyu said. Compared to Gerd, he was still more familiar with Fang Chengjun.

Gerd looked at Fang Chengjun with even more disgust.

Gerd and Fang Chengjun looked at each other with disgust and soon left while grinding their teeth. Seeing this, Zhao Lingyu also took Ren Sheng and left. After making so much money, he could go home and build a floating island.

At the same time, Yang Ye contacted Gerd. “Uncle Gerd, I heard that you have bought two sets of Nourishing Potions…”

“What?” Gerd was still angry so he naturally couldn’t be nice to Yang Ye.

“I wonder if Uncle Gerd can sell a batch to me? Uncle Gerd, my fiancée is not well, the baby is not well…”

“Not for sale, this is what I’m saving for my wife to use in the future to keep the baby.” Gerd hung up the phone without hesitation.

Damn it! How can you heal the fetus if you don’t even have a girlfriend? Yang Ye looked at the contact in his hand indignantly and dialed Fang Chengjun. “Chengjun, the Nourishing Potions you have…”

“You want to buy it?” Fang Chengjun asked rhetorically.

“Yes, tell your price.” Yang Ye also did not beat around the bush.

“When I do business, I usually always need a tenfold profit before I do it.”

“Ten times?” Yang Ye opened his eyes wide, Fang Chengjun was clearly making a big opening statement, he wanted 100 billion?

“If you don’t want to, forget it. I don’t have children yet, but my grandfather can use them.” Fang Chengjun made a gesture to hang up the communication.

“Wait!” Yang Ye hurriedly said, in fact, he originally preferred to find the other three groups of buyers, but all of them urgently needed it for their own families and were not willing to sell them. He couldn’t steal them on Capital Star, so he could only find Fang Chengjun. “Can’t it be cheaper? Fifty billion?”

“Fifty billion? No way!” Fang Chengjun immediately said. “At least ninety-five billion.”

“Sixty billion!”

“Ninety-five billion!”

“Seventy billion!”

“Ninety-five billion!”




Fang Chengjun didn’t give an inch, and the two finally settled at 95 billion.

Ninety-five billion, one percent of the commission as nine hundred and fifty million. Fang Chengjun smiled smugly. Then he found that the Locke family also came looking for him.

At this time, Yang Ye, who was looking at his account balance, also received communication from someone else. On the other end of the communicator Corbien arrogantly tilted his head. “I heard that you got the Nourishing Potions? Send me five bottles.”

Yang Ye, who had just spent hundreds of billions, felt his chest tighten and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.


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