In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 61.1 – Refining the Pregnancy Pill

Yang Ye looked at the man at the other end of the communication device and it took him a lot of effort to reveal a dry smile. “Mr. Corbien are you on Capital Star?” Corbien could contact him directly… could it mean that the star pirate came to Capital Star?

The Human Federation admiral and a star pirate had a connection. If this was known… Yang Ye already felt a killing intent for this man in front of him.

“You want to kill me? Give it up.” Corbien looked at Yang Ye with a smirk, while passing over a document. “In view of the fact that your mind went in direction it shouldn’t, you should give me six bottles of this nourishing potion.”

Inside the document that Corbien passed over, many of the things that Yang Ye had done were  recorded. Yang Ye just glanced at it and couldn’t help but draw a cold breath.

“I’ve been merciful enough. If not for your wife’s pregnancy, I wouldn’t even leave a bottle for you.” Corbien looked at Yang Ye with a raised eyebrow and sent him another address. “Send the nourishing potion to this address.”

“I will.” Yang Ye gritted his teeth and said. He contacted Corbien because he wanted the star pirates to help him deal with some private matters, but he didn’t expect to end up being controlled by the star pirates.

It was clear that he hadn’t used his own communicator to contact Corbien before, so how could Corbien dial his communicator directly? Was the technology of the star pirates so good now?

After taking a few deep breaths, Yang Ye calmed down and contacted Ethan. “Ethan, I am in urgent need of cash…”

Nowadays, in the Human Federation, the gap between the rich and the poor was extremely wide.

For most ordinary people, they will never leave the planet they live on in their lifetime, but for certain large families and big businessmen, without a few resource stars in their hands, they couldn’t even be considered rich.

For example, resource star 12534 belonged to the Fang family, mined countless energy mines every year and the taxes paid to the Human Federation were astronomical for ordinary people.

The Fang family also has more than just this energy star, owning many other resource stars, as well as even more spaceships.

The Fang family was so rich and so were several other large families. Yang Ye himself has a huge amount of assets.

But even if he has many assets, it doesn’t mean that he could take out hundreds of billions of cash at a time, not to mention he was not the only one in the Yang family.

If you wanted money, the best way was to find a bank for a loan. With the Yang family’s situation, the bank will certainly also lend it, but then… Yang Ye couldn’t afford to lose this person.

You also want to buy a nourishing potion?” Ethan asked.

“Also? You also bought it?”

“Fang Chengjun just sold me a batch of nourishing potion, but I need to find my parents to gather enough money.” Ethan said. “Six hundred billion for a batch, Fang Chengjun is really too dark!”

“Six hundred billion?” Yang Ye’s face became even uglier.

Yang Ye only had tens of billions in his hands now, so he finally transferred several transport ships to Fang Chengjun before he could get the nourishing potion.

During this period, he also questioned Fang Chengjun about the price, but Fang Chengjun just smiled. “There was no other way. The Locke family doesn’t need nourishing potions as much as you do, so I could only sell them cheaper.”

600 million was cheap? Hehe… Yang Ye wanted to throw the nourishing potion into Fang Chengjun’s face, but now his wife was in urgent need of this nourishing potion. Corbien also stared at the nourishing potion in his hand, so he could do nothing but pay the money with a cold expression. He then quickly left with the potion.

Yang Ye and his fiancée became engaged so they also invited Zhao Lingyu to the reception, but Zhao Lingyu excused himself, saying that he needed to take care of his children. As for the original intention of getting married… With his fiancée’s physical condition today, there was no way to hold a wedding with him.

Yang Ye fed nourishing potions to his fiancee, while sending away the six nourishing potions in pain. Meanwhile, Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu were observing the spiritual plants they planted.

The combination of high technology and refined soil make these medicinal plants grow extremely well. Although they weren’t mature yet, they were already very lush, so they should already be fully grown before long.

“Do you have some kind of treasure in your hands? Is it a personal space? I read some online novels when I was young, where some protagonists had a space which accelerated the growth of plants. Making a living with some rare plants…” Elder Teng said while observing the plants.

He took care of most of these plants and Ren Sheng didn’t even look at them, let alone promote their growth, but they still grew so well.

“Personal space?” Ren Sheng’s attention was on something else.

“It is a space filled with land and there is usually a spiritual spring in it…” Elder Teng explained.

Ren Sheng’s lips moved, obviously wanting to say something but trying to hold back. Zhao Lingyu took his hand. “We were busy yesterday, so we will go to see the children first.”

Elder Teng watched Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu leave like that and felt a little depressed, but Zhao lingyu didn’t want to offend him. Forget it, he could still plant his own cute pants. Elder Teng went to one of the glass rooms, not caring about the temperature inside and with a little obsession looked at the glass-like crystal flowers inside. “Really beautiful…”

When will these flowers and plants that he has never seen before grow? He can’t wait to experiment.

At this time, Ren Sheng took Zhao Lingyu’s hand. “Lingyu, do you think there are also cultivators in this world? That personal space should have refined soil inside and as for this spiritual spring… it could be that there are many extremely high quality spiritual stones inside?” If ordinary people use it to grow vegetables, a grain sized bit of refined soil after tens of thousands of years would become slimmer. If you want to use a very high quality spirit stone, you could benefit just from having them around.

“Those are all made up.” Zhao Lingyu stroked Ren Sheng’s head. “But I’ll have someone pay attention and if I find anything, I’ll let you know right away.”

“Good.” Ren Sheng nodded and added, “Let’s go see the kids, I miss them.”

The four eggs were now slightly bigger, already the size of duck eggs. When Ren Sheng and Zhao Lingyu came in, they were lying in the incubator listening to music, while Shen Qiushi and Feng Kexin were sitting next to each other knitting sweaters.

“Auntie, what are you doing?” Ren Sheng looked at Shen Qiushi curiously.

“I want to knit sweaters for the children, but I’m afraid I’ll end up failing …… If I don’t learn to knit a sweater, I’ll just knit a scarf for you.” Shen Qiushi took a look at the crooked thing in her hand. She wanted to knit a sweater because of Feng Kexin, thinking it was easy at first but she just couldn’t sit still ……

The scarf is indeed easier to knit.” Feng Kexin laughed, and suddenly remembered something: “Ren you and Lingyu are already married, how come you still call Quishi an aunt?” She didn’t pay attention to this matter at first, but today it suddenly came to her mind.

Shen Qiushi also originally didn’t pay attention to this matter and only focused on the children, but at this moment she quickly reacted. “Yes! Ren, you should call my mother! That boy Lingyu used to respectfully call me mother, but you can’t do that Ren, come on, call me mom, or call me mommy?”

Mom? What was it? After a man is married, shouldn’t he call… “Mother-in-law?”

“…” Shen Qiushi snapped, looking at her son.

Ren, call her mom or mother.” Zhao Lingyu calmly stated, then opened the lid of the incubator.

His four children were lying quietly on it, looking very cute. Reaching out and stroking one of the eggs, Zhao Lingyu’s face suddenly changed.

He felt a little familiar energy …… his ability was recovering?

Since he fused the energy of the Zerg queen, Zhao Lingyu’s ability had completely disappeared. He thought that he had no chance of recovery, but unexpectedly, his ability appeared again.

Although it was still weak it was already recovering.

“What the matter?” Ren Sheng noticed that something was wrong with Zhao Lingyu and asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Zhao Lingyu said. He had an impulse to knead this person into his own flesh. Ren Sheng has been treating his wounds these days.

Zhao Lingyu didn’t say, so Ren Sheng didn’t ask and just like Zhao Lingyu, touched his children. “My children are so cute!”

“They are the cutest.” Zhao Lingyu said. He used to dislike the color red, but recently his aesthetic completely changed. These red eggs are definitely the most beautiful in the world.

“What about me?” Ren Sheng was dissatisfied.

“You’re even cuter than them.” Zhao Lingyu kissed Ren Sheng’s face.

“Well, if you two want to show your affection, don’t do it here, lest you teach the children bad things.” Shen Qiushi glared at her son.

“I learned it from my father when I was still young.” Zhao Lingyu straightened up his body and said expressionlessly. When he was small, his parents didn’t avoid him.

Zhao Lingyu was driven out by an irritated Shen Qiushi, with four eggs in his arms, and was asked to tell the four eggs a two-hour story, supposedly to familiarize them with their father.

Looking at Ren Sheng looking at him, Zhao Lingyu flipped through the recommended book by his teacher when he was in an online course and read it.

Zhao Lingyu’s voice was very low, but it was very good to listen to, so Ren Sheng unconsciously fell asleep.

Ren Sheng slept through the night and when he woke up, he became full of energy again. “Lingyu, let’s double cultivate!”

Zhao Lingyu just kissed him…


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