In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – Chapter 11 – The Marshal’s Speculation

As a Marshal, Zhao Lingyu was very sensitive to many things. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that Ren Sheng showed flaws everywhere, he would have already doubted him long ago.

Because there were so many doubts about Ren Sheng and he was completely harmless towards him, Zhao Lingyu did not suspect Ren Sheng, but now it seemed…

When Ren Sheng finished reading the so-called body refining cultivation technique, Zhao Lingyu suddenly asked, “How is your relationship with Rodolfo Dawson?” 

“What Dawson? I don’t know him.” Ren Sheng shook his head, he had never heard this name before.

Rodolfo Dawson was the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce. Was it possible for Ren Sheng to not know him if he really was his son? Zhao Lingyu looked at the dazed Ren Sheng and couldn’t help but smile, then reached out his heavy hand to touch his head again, “How did you come to me?”

In Ren Sheng’s eyes, Zhao Lingyu’s whole person was refined soil. Now that this refined soil took the initiative to touch him, Ren Sheng would naturally hurry to greet him. However, he won’t let Zhao Lingyu mess up his ‘leaves.’ Instead, he rubbed his face on Zhao Lingyu’s arm, making him wrap his arm around him. “They sent me here after I woke up. It was so nice of them to bring me to you.” Ren Sheng said as he rubbed his face even more happily.

“You like me that much?” Zhao Lingyu, who had never been a smiley person, looked at what Ren Sheng was doing and couldn’t help curling up the corners of his mouth.

“Of course I like you, I like you the most.” Ren Sheng would like to take a bite of Zhao Lingyu’s body, but if he did, he could not absorb the refined soil so he had to give up.

And….. Zhao Lingyu was already in so much pain, it was too much for him to take a bite.

That was a confession, right? This child was really bold. At this time, Zhao Lingyu was certain that Ren Sheng was definitely not the only son of the President of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, Roy. But since that was the case…. “Do you know about the Kays?”

“What is that?” Ren Sheng asked again.

“…” He was afraid that this person was not only not a Kay, but an ordinary human, and an underage plant ability user.

When he previously thought that Ren Sheng was the Kay from the Thorn Chamber of Commerce, although Zhao Lingyu couldn’t help but treat him as a child, he didn’t feel weird about the closeness between them, but now… thinking that Ren Sheng might only be eleven or twelve years old, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

He might really need to keep his distance from Ren Sheng in the future, so that he did not end up going astray because he couldn’t control himself.

“By the way, I think I’ve heard people say that Kay are stupid. What are the Kay? Are they stupid?” Ren Sheng suddenly remembered what he had overheard before.

“I’m not really sure.” Zhao Lingyu tightened the fabric of special material around his waist. Now, whenever he thought that Ren Sheng had touched the private part of his body, Zhao Lingyu felt extremely embarrassed.

Ren Sheng was not Roy and Zhao Lingyu had become very sure about this. Although he did not know Ren Sheng’s real identity, Zhao Lingyu was certain that he had no ill will towards him.

Ren Sheng did not continue to pursue this matter, instead, he remembered the technique, “Did you understand what I just read to you? Do you know how to practice?”

“I didn’t understand much, who taught you this ancient language?”

“It was my master who taught me. You really don’t understand? But I don’t know how to explain it. What you guys are saying is so strange.” Ren Sheng frowned, his white face full of depression.

This child, with only a few words, sold himself clean. Zhao Lingyu laughed and talked with him.

Today, Zhao Lingyu’s words seemed particularly… But he wasn’t afraid, no matter what, he wouldn’t tell Zhao Lingyu that he was a ginseng spirit and had lived for a long, long time. He was a very alert ginseng spirit! Ren Sheng, while defending Zhao Lingyu, gave an account of everything.

Zhao Lingyu had already “pieced together” Ren Sheng’s life experience. He should have lived in a very closed and primitive environment since he was a child with only one master around him, so he didn’t understand the human social environment, let alone the use of high-tech products. However, he was actually not stupid, on the contrary, he was very smart.

A teenager who was only twelve or thirteen years old and had been living a primitive life before, but was still able to have such a reaction in face of a new world was extremely valuable.

Zhao Lingyu thought so, instead of asking the obviously alert Ren Sheng, he talked to Ren Sheng about the Capital Star’s situation and started teaching Ren Sheng some things about life by borrowing his own childhood events. “When I was young, I was especially fond of aircrafts and wanted to stay in them all day. My mother didn’t let me, so I snuck in the aircraft, but the aircraft detected that I was a child and started the game mode. In the end, I could only float slowly in the air. As a result, I was allowed to control the navigation and float onto the waterway. Finally, the traffic police found an unmanned aircraft that was affecting the traffic, so they stopped me and sent me home.”

Although Ren Sheng’s master was very kind to him, he never treated him as a child, because he knew his age. Even if he had the appearance of a child, he was never treated as one so it was his first time listening to someone tell him a story.

Holding him, the other person told him about his childhood. He didn’t need sleep for a long time now, but he ended up falling asleep at this moment.

The next day when he woke up, Ren Sheng only felt refreshed. After feeding Zhao Lingyu, he went to watch a cartoon. While he was watching the cartoon, Zhao Lingyu and his mother were communicating with each other from a distance.

At first, when she ‘heard’ Zhao Lingyu say that Ren Sheng wasn’t Roy, Shen Qiushi thought of things like spies, but when Zhao Lingyu talked about Ren Sheng’s reaction, she couldn’t help but laugh and cry.

“So, he’s not Roy. In that case, how come that pro-soldier from before swore to me that his identity was fine?” Shen Qiushi was very puzzled.

“Just ask and you’ll know.” said Zhao Lingyu.

“Yes.” Shen Qiushi nodded and quickly stepped back a few steps to avoid the energy around Zhao Lingyu to contact that personal soldier and ask about this specific matter.

They soon learned the answer. This soldier had also suspected that Ren Sheng’s identity was wrong at the beginning and had experimented in secret countless times. He had revealed false information about Zhao Lingyu, had placed some seemingly confidential documents in front of Ren Sheng, and had also tripped up Ren Sheng, resulting in Ren Sheng not reacting at all. In the end, he naturally thought of Ren Sheng as a Kay with a little problem with his head.

“Ren Sheng couldn’t even speak the current Commonwealth language, and he couldn’t even read. It would be weird if a test like this would be useful.” Zhao Lingyu finally understood how it came to be. The emotions in Ren Sheng’s brain were too simple so there was something wrong with him and others could not help but think of a reason to justify him.

“Yes! The child… ” When Shen Qiushi thought of Ren Sheng, the expression on her face softened. “I’m afraid he doesn’t know anything… No, if he doesn’t know anything, why would he be lying next to the debris of the explosion, and in Roy’s clothes too?”

“Didn’t you say that the explosion of that ship was very strange? The quality of the ship of the Thorn Chamber of Commerce would not be so poor and there are no interstellar pirates or troops stationed near the Dream Star. In this case, the ship may have been destroyed by insiders. Mother, Dawson said that Roy is a very smart person. In that case, maybe he was unwilling to marry me, so he destroyed the spacecraft to escape the marriage and made Ren Sheng a substitute.” Ren Sheng had many things belonging to Roy. Which meant that Roy didn’t die at all when the spacecraft exploded, so this would be the most logical explanation.

“There were a lot of people on that ship and Roy’s dowry, he…” Shen Qiushi took a deep breath. If this was the case, then that real Roy was a bit terrifying.

Mother, check Roy’s information and by the way, also check Ren Sheng’s information.” Zhao Lingyu said. 

“I will.” Shen Qiushi nodded and suddenly remembered something, “Oh, the clothes and toys I ordered for Ren Sheng should have arrived by now. I will go and check on him. Have a good rest.”

Shen Qiushi left and Zhao Lingyu, who was lying on the bed alone, suddenly felt a little depressed.

Was his mother only concerned about Ren Sheng? Didn’t Ren Sheng said he liked him? Why did he only keep thinking about watching cartoons?

The things that Shen Qiushi had bought for Ren Sheng had indeed been delivered and had even been signed for by Zhao Peng.

Zhao Peng had a very good impression of Ren Sheng, so after signing, he brought them directly to Ren Sheng, patiently explaining about them one by one.

Whether it was the various toys or robots, they were all things that Ren Sheng had never seen before. At the same time, although he was old, he had little experience and had spent most of the time sleeping buried in the ground.

If a person with a young psychological age saw a toy that he had never seen before… Ren Sheng had no resistance to these things and wanted to roll in them. He was also grateful to Zhao Peng and adored him.

“Uncle Zhao, this robot can even dance! He’s awesome! How could this happen?” When Shen Qiushi came, like two peas in a pod, Ren Sheng was dancing to a robot that was the same size as him and the robot learned from him and danced just like him.

“This robot isn’t considered very smart, it’s just a toy after all. Next time, I’ll definitely buy you a highly intelligent machine butler.” Zhao Peng promised.

“Thank you, uncle Zhao! Uncle is too kind!” Ren Sheng’s eyes were shining brightly.

It was obviously something that she bought, but it actually allowed Zhao Peng to get thanks. Shen Qiushi glared at Zhao Peng and immediately sat beside Ren Sheng. “Ren, have you tried on those clothes yet? Auntie bought those in your size, you’ll look great in them.”

Was his wife jealous? It seemed that the object of her jealousy was not quite right.

Seeing that Shen Qiushi, who always used to be jealous because he was too popular, was actually glaring at him because Ren Sheng had gotten a little closer to him, Zhao Peng couldn’t laugh or cry.

However, it really had been a long time since such a vivid Shen Qiushi had been seen.

Zhao Lingyu said that Ren Sheng was smart and after Shen Qiushi tested it out, she found that it was indeed true.

No matter what kind of knowledge, as long as you taught Ren Sheng once, he would understand and there was no need to repeat it a second time. The books she showed him, Ren Sheng only skimmed through it once, but he even memorized them. What low IQ? What fool? Her daughter-in-law was clearly a genius.

No, she was afraid she could no longer call him her daughter-in-law. The child was too young and her son was too old to eat this kind of tender grass.

Ren Sheng who had already lived for more than a hundred thousand years, but was treated as tender grass, scanned the books in front of him with his mental energy and was wondering how many more dictionaries he could find to memorize.

He desperately needed to translate that technique. Only then could Zhao Lingyu practice it himself.

If he practiced it, Zhao Lingyu wouldn’t have to lie sick like this all the time, how great would that be?

As for relying entirely on his help… After feeling how painful it was to practice that technique, Ren Sheng didn’t want to do it again.


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