FDS – Chapter 2.2

When he woke up in the morning, he saw Lin Mingyuan’s sleeping face as soon as he opened his eyes. Zhao Yunxiao resisted the desire to get into the other person’s arms and looked at the other person for a long time. Fortunately, although Mingyuan was busy he seemed to be paying attention to his diet and did not lose weight. It was already  8 o’clock, when Zhao Yunxiao got out of bed softly to make breakfast. Zhao Yunxiao didn’t let Lin Mingyuan buy a nanny robot so there were only the two of them in the house, so there was not much housework to do. He was completely fine alone. If anyone shared his housework, he wouldn’t even know what he would do every day.

After washing, Zhao Yunxiao went to the kitchen to make breakfast. It was rare that Mingyuan was at home so he wanted to make a rich breakfast for Mingyuan. At around 9 o’clock, Lin Mingyuan came downstairs and Zhao Yunxiao, who was waiting in the living room, stood up immediately: “Mingyuan, you got up.”

“Well, what time did you get up?” Lin Mingyuan came over with a yawn and asked.

“I got up after eight o’clock. Are you still going to the office today? You’ve been so tired lately, take a day off and stay at home. “

Lin Mingyuan said sleepily, “No, I still have to go to the company.  We have been talking about a big project recently so I can’t just leave. “

Zhao Yunxiao was more or less disappointed but he just said: “Let’s go to the meal. I’m done.”


Putting breakfast on the table, Zhao Yunxiao, who had already eaten, sat opposite Lin Mingyuan and watched him eat. Lin Mingyuan was obviously hungry and took a big bite of food and drink. After hesitating for a long time, Zhao Yunxiao said, “Mingyuan, I want to have a child.”

Lin Mingyuan, who was eating a bun, raised his head and frowned. Once he saw his expression, Zhao Yunxiao held back the sourness in her heart and said, “My father has been pushing me, and I want to be a father myself. I have nothing to do at home, so I can just take care of the child.”

Swallowing the food in his mouth, Lin Mingyuan said: “Didn’t we agree to think about children after we’re 30? I’m very busy now, and I want to rest when I get home. My brother has children so there is no pressure on my side. You also should not pressure yourself, you can have children as soon as you want. I’ll take you out on vacation when I’m done with this project.”

Zhao Yunxiao couldn’t help but ask: “Mingyuan, do you not like children?”

Lin Mingyuan looked down and drank his porridge, avoiding Zhao Yunxiao’s gaze he said: “I don’t particularly like them or dislike them either.” Then he looked up, “I’m used to having my own plans and arrangements for each stage of my life, and I don’t want things to happen that are beyond my plans.”

Zhao Yunxiao sighed in his heart and compromised again, “Okay. But you have to come back to my father’s house with me this week and have a meal with him.”

“Alright. I’m going on a business trip next week so I’ll be gone for about ten days.”

“Where to?”

“Several places.”


Seeing that Mingyuan did not want to elaborate, Zhao Yunxiao also did not ask. The matter of the child was put aside again, and the table fell into silence. Zhao Yunxiao could not find anything to talk about, and Lin Mingyuan, who was concentrating on eating, obviously intended to eat without saying anything. After eating, Lin Mingyuan changed his clothes and left. Zhao Yunxiao sat in the living room reading a book without having anything to do. He did not want to go shopping or travel, or spend time leisurely reading a book. He just couldn’t read today, he suddenly felt that such a life was terrible. His life seems to be nothing but waiting for Mingyuan to come home every day. He wanted to find something to do, he also didn’t want to get upset with Mingyuan because of this, but he really didn’t want this kind of life anymore.

Maybe, he should go back to the company, even if he only had a small position in the company it wouldn’t matter. If he goes like this he would suffocate himself sooner or later. If Mingyuan doesn’t agree, he will secretly look for  another job. It’s just that the number of job neuters can apply to was limited. This was not because of gender discrimination, but because of security concerns. A neuter working in a place where there were many pure men was the same as a sheep entering a wolf’s den, and the wolves wouldn’t care if you have a husband.

He decided that he wanted to do it. Zhao Yunxiao went upstairs to change his clothes and went out. When he drove to the company and parked his car in the underground garage, Zhao Yunxiao hesitated again. Mingyuan has been so busy recently, isn’t it bad for him to bother him during his work? Or, he should ask Shi Fang to persuade Mingyuan to let him work, and when he has a child he can quit or open an online store. When he still couldn’t decide, a sports car parked in the empty parking space next to him. Zhao Yunxiao looked at the car and thought it looked familiar. Mingyuan seemed to have given him such a car on his birthday last year but because he was not used to driving a sports car he let Mingyuan drive it himself. Later, Mingyuan didn’t seem to drive it either but he didn’t ask where the car went.

The person in the sports car never went out and Zhao Yunxiao was still hesitating to go out and look for Mingyun. He took out his cellphone and tried to dial Mingyuan’s number several times, but he hesitated because he was afraid to disturb his work. The driver’s window of the sports car next to the car opened while Zhao Yunxiao, who still felt troubled, had been staring at the car. As soon as the window was down, he saw the person in the car. She was a very beautiful woman with light makeup. Zhao Yunxiao looked at her with pure appreciation, his car window film was black so he was not afraid that the other person would see him.

The woman seemed to be waiting for someone, holding a cell phone in her hand from the car window as she stared toward the elevator, wondering who such a beautiful woman was waiting for, he thought it was probably her boyfriend. After more than ten minutes, a man walked quickly towards them but when Zhao Yunxiao saw what the other person looked like, all the blood on his face faded. The other party hurried past his car without noticing that there was a person he knew well in the car and got into the woman’s car, closing the window and starting the car.

Zhao Yunxiao did not know what he was doing, but when he came back to his senses he found himself following that car! He couldn’t tell what his heart felt or that his face was wet, Zhao Yunxiao’s eyes were fixed on the car as his shaking hands gripped the steering wheel. The sports car drove into a residential area, and Zhao Yunxiao stopped the car.

What was he doing?! Zhao Yunxiao stared at his face filled with tears in the rearview mirror. Mingyuan might have forgotten what car he drove, and what was his license’s plate number, right? Otherwise, why didn’t Mingyuan, who walked in front of his car, find him there?

He didn’t know how he drove back home and it wasn’t until he spent an hour on the sofa that Zhao Yunxiao nodded to himself: [No wonder Mingyuan always comes back late; no wonder Mingyuan always travels and does not come home; no wonder Mingyuan does not want children.] His heart was broken but his mind was strangely calm. Zhao Yunxiao dialed Mingyuan’s mobile phone, which rang for a long time before it was answered.


“Mingyuan, are you coming back for dinner tonight?”

“I may not be able to come back. I’m in a meeting, I’ll call you later.”

“…… Okay.”

Hanging up the phone, Zhao Yunxiao sat quietly. Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was a clear sky, but the sky above Zhao Yunxiao’s own head was like dense and dark clouds. He, what should he do?

If he divorce Mingyuan and Mingyuan was found cheating by the matrimonial police, he would never be able to get married and have children in his life. But if they don’t divorce what should he do? Thinking of his father, thinking of his mother who is no longer there, thinking of himself and Mingyun who were together for so many years…. The thought was still flashing in Zhao Yunxiao’s head [No wonder Mingyun…. doesn’t come home.]


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