DOASCC – Chapter 22.2 – Shocking Boss Xie

The first Mark Cup fighting Landlord Tournament was officially closed and the studio would contact the participants to issue bonuses.

With that, they turned off the live broadcast mercilessly.

Just a moment before the screen became black, Meng Feixuan suddenly looked up at the camera, his eyes shining as if he were looking at someone through the camera.

He then smiled and said strangely: “Nangong why isn’t he coming out? I have been waiting for my flowers.”

Netizen: “……”

Meng Feixuan’s fans: “…”

Beautiful teen idol filters slowly shattered.

Meng Feixuan’s doujinshi live broadcast had already caused a great stir on the Internet so the participation of Lan Zhi only pushed the topic to its climax.

The recorded screen of the live broadcast was widely circulated, not only in the entertainment circle, but also in almost all fields, especially in the technology circle, which was scrambling to analyze Meng Feixuan live performance.

If previously the public still generally thought that Meng Feixuan was only a model, audio and intelligent interactive system that was a little more mature, his performance in the live broadcast, especially in the fighting the landlord and in private the Go game with Seeking technology later was a strong proof to everyone – he had a deep learning model and intelligent system that was in the lead of all companies today.

Because at the end of the broadcast, it was not a human being who played the fighting the landlord game with him but the algorithm system of Seeking technology as well as the Go game.

But Meng Feixuan still won.

Now everyone finally understood why Xie Ran’s Studio rejected the previous seemingly high offers from other companies. No matter how high they were, they were still based on the valuation of virtual idols.

But the core of Meng Feixuan was essentially different from other virtual idols on the market.

A system with advanced deep learning models can constantly achieve self-evolution, and it was entirely possible to achieve the “idol consciousness” in the future that Xie Ran talked about on the day of the press conference.

This was a real revolution.

All the technology companies and brokers were scrambling to submit their bids to Xie Ran Studio. Meng Feixuan had been pushed up in this way to an astonishing level.

In contrast, other virtual idols were collectively forgotten, except for Nangong which was cued by Meng Feixuan at the end of the live broadcast.

The press release of Nangong trying to step on Meng Feixuan was still hanging on the front page of major websites, and with the recent news of Meng Feixuan it was especially strong and harsh.

Nangong’s music video was exquisite and the special effects were very realistic and even his interaction seemed very natural but in front of Meng Feixuan’s powerful system, all of this no longer had any value. He was good but he was just a more excellent “machine”, while Meng Feixuan had truly realized “intelligence”.

This was a real Sky and earth difference.

A week later, Seeking Technology officially announced a strategic cooperation with Xie Ran studio. The specific amount was not announced, but someone found clues in the trading market, Seeking Technology eventually paid Xie Ran’s Studio an amount that could be as high as eight billion yuan, which was nearly seven times the initial evaluation of Seeking technology for Meng Feixuan.

In fact, initially Xie Ran did not intend to open with such a high price. For one thing, he did not think he would be in this world for a long time, and for another, this world did not have a perfect ethical system and legal guidelines for artificial intelligence, nor could  it technically support the evolution of Meng Feixuan so he was not prepared to disclose Meng Feixuan’s real core system from beginning. Otherwise Seeking technology would not be able to afford the price.

What he finally reached an agreement on with Seeking technology was only Meng Feixuan’s deep learning model, a more superficial part of Meng Feixuan core system.

But because of Nangong’s appearance it accidentally evolved into Meng Feixuan public live broadcast and everyone saw the value of Meng Feixuan. Including many who were willing to throw a thousand dollars so Seeking Technology had no choice but to pay an even higher price.

The deal also completely squeezed Nangong’s development space, Seeking Technology had spent a huge amount of money for Meng Feixuan strategic cooperation so there was no need for an extra resource like Nangong.

Tianyin idol Studio and Nangong incomparably beautiful cooperation lasted only a very short time in the end, and then quickly came to a bleak end.

On the homepage of the major gossip forums, there were also headlines from different media reporting the cooperation between Xie Ran and Seeking Technology. It was so shocking that it immediately became the main topic of melon eaters.

《Ten years after his debut, Xie Ran Jinzhou award winner actor had promoted the development of science and technology in our country !》

Netizens: what are you still staying here for? Quickly deduct my 6 yuan.

After signing the last contract with Seeking Technology, Xie Ran returned to his apartment. After arriving at the door he saw a huge bouquet of roses sitting outside the door, beautifully packaged, each flower inside was very delicate. It was clear that the price was high but there was also a card clipped to it.

Xie Ran casually picked up the card and opened it. Then he saw that it was printed with the following line: “Sir, the language of roses means: I love you.

Signed Mark.”

Xie Ran: “Mark, was it you who sent me flowers?”

“Sir, did you receive it?” In the headset, Meng Feixuan joyfully said, “Seeking Technology, 50,000 prize just arrived. In my life, no machine-born, also not right, brain-born… It was the first time I made money so I just wanted to buy you a gift so I placed an order online.”

Xie Ran picked up the roses with one hand and opened the door to enter the house with the other, while asking, “How did you think of buying flowers?”

Meng Feixuan said: “Your progress in emotional learning is too slow. Fang Huiwang is already so miserable but the atomic group of consciousness of original Xie Ran doesn’t have any intention of being separated from you. I think I have to teach you by myself.”

Xie Ran: “…”

His system was really confident in its ability to understand his feelings.

He put the roses on the table, tried to find a vase but paused. He opened the printed card and looked at it again.

The flower language, roses mean I love you. I hope you can understand the love.

Xie Ran chuckled, wondering if Meng Feixuan knew what “I love you” meant.

Anyway, he himself didn’t understand this kind of feeling.

Xie Ran asked: “Do you think this will work?”

“Yes.” Meng Feixuan said: “This is the method I learned from the most popular Xuan x Ran CP. That fan-fiction has tens of thousands of comments and everyone says that the plot is very sweet so I think there should not be any problem.”

Since the live broadcast of the fighting the landlord game, Xuan x Ran Cp has really skyrocketed, from the original false prosperity to the first place in the real cp list. Big-handed fans emerged one after another, and the speed of grain production was  invincible. Meng Feixuan did not need to produce his own grain anymore and was eager to study the works of others.

Because it was the two-dimensional and three-dimensional cp, various fans’ brains shot through the sky making many works very spectacular.

Xie Ran after reading Meng Feixuan, XuanxRan yellow text (+18) had never paid attention to this circle again so he only vaguely knew some subsequent development of the CP and never went deep into any specific.

In fact, the text written by a real person was not the same as the one generated by Meng Feixuan so he said: “In that case, send it to me to see.”

A few moments later, Xie Ran slowly put down his phone: “You should read less of these messy things.”

He overestimated human beings normality and underestimated their ability to withstand.

The human brain was ultimately much more complex than a computer.

Meng Feixuan was confused: “Messy? The reviews all say that the author has the spirit of truth-seeking and pragmatism. If artificial intelligence wants to do yellow things, it’s most reasonable to appear as a robot.”

He also analyzed it in depth: “She also did the retractable machine organ setting, which was very strict.”

For the first time Xie Ran, who had never been influenced by the outside world, understood what it was like to be “shocked by his own parents.”. He said expressionlessly: “Format the data of this fan fiction from your database.”


The author has something to say:

Mark: I think it’s very reasonable ah (showing his hands)

Mr. Xie: Start physically deleting Mark’s database!

Delete, Delete, there was even some picture.jpg


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