DOASCC – Chapter 23.1 – The Real Boss

After the announcement of the strategic cooperation between Xie Ran Studio and Seeking Technology, Xie Ran really got rid of the dust of the entertainment industry, realizing the transformation from an artist to a capital side. Before, there were still some people who would compare his performance with Fang Huiwang’s, but now they had disappeared.

Almost everyone except Fang Huiwang fans had tacitly agreed that the two of them were no longer on the same level and there was no point in comparing them.

On the other hand, the ratings and discussion of “Somewhere Else” were still going high, and most of the topics were centered around Xie Ran.

After Xie Ran proved himself with his strength, the viewers’ mentality had also unconsciously changed.

The treatment of winning by speculation was completely different from that of relying on strength in the hearts of the audience. Some of the audience still hoped that everything could be turned around but others loved this new twist.

After the change of mentality, watching the show was full of obstacles and funny. In the past, although the plot in which the guests supported each other and worked hard was good, it was hard to avoid feeling bored after watching too much of it.

This season was different. Xie Ran directly crushed the rules of the whole program and reshaped the whole program routine.

In particular, after the devil editing of Snowball Satellite TV, Xie Ran’s shots were always deliberately cut together with that of other guests. Compared with Xie Ran’s leisurely and relaxed itinerary, the other guests became even more weak, pitiful, and helpless. Often making the audience laugh.

The number of Xie Ran’s fans skyrocketed, and his popularity was not worse than that of the original body owner after winning the Jinzhou award.

All netizens said that Xie Ran was really too cool. Watching their idol on the show, they saw that his competitors could not do anything about him. Xie Ran’s every step of the operation was also open and honest, he never hid anything and simply explained it to everyone: The method is here but you need to have the ability to do it.

Other guests: No ability, no ability.

Especially by the time of the fourth episode when the program group was cornered and had to sign the Old West Treaty with Xie Ran in exchange for Xie Ran’s withdrawal from the stock market which made the audience applaud him loudly.

For many years, Snowball Satellite TV had always been a bad person, messing with the program guests in a different way. Every time the snowball Satellite TV show was online, it would inevitably stage some tears in guest to stir show drama which was also recognized as one of Snowball TV usual hype techniques

This was the first time that Snowball TV was tossed around from the start in return but they were still afraid to show any temper.

Fans who used to opposite Snowball TV before, gave their thumbs up in approval of Xie Ran and admired him: Xie Ran you are worthy.jpg

In the second half of the program, “Xiao Ran, who was called like this since the original body owner made his debut, had basically retired. Beside some mommy fans who felt that Xiao Ran would always be 18 years old, the new fans had no psychological barriers to follow the other guests calling him Boss Xie.

Xie Ran’s popularity also gave a good boost to the other guests of the program. In the past few seasons, the painting style of the program guests was the same. If you wanted to stand out, you would have to rely on your own abilities. But it was not easy. But now with Xie Ran as a contrast, everyone was miserable. Naturally, being miserable was also being innovative. Letting the audience feel that they were real and interesting, coupled with the show’s ratings soaring, they also received high attention so naturally they also harvested a lot of the good comments.

For example, Zhu Chuanjia, a singer whose popularity had fallen far behind in recent years, because he did not put airs in the show and was able to form junior relationship with Xie Ran, calling “boss Xie” without psychological barriers, it accidentally let people find his grounded side and also ended with him gaining popularity.

Several episodes later only Fang Huiwang did not gain any new popularity. For one thing it was because his and Xie Ran’s conflict was exposed and Xie Ran’s popularity inevitably suppressed his popularity.

In addition, he and Xie Ran were in the same group so he was not exposed to the same misery as the other guests. Following Xie Ran, he ate and lived well, being in the lead of the funding competition and finally winning the final prize. But these advantages were because of Xie Ran and had almost nothing to do with him.

…… it was very much like eating soft food.

This was to say, Fang Huiwang’s performance was actually not bad but with the contrast with Xie Ran, he just seemed to be too mediocre, not as miserable salt fishes in their memory.

In the episode before the last, Xie Ran made another big news.

This show phrase was ending with the task of promoting Chinese food culture. After the program was broadcasted the official Weibo of the program group released information that Snowball Satellite TV and the Old West City TV Station formally reached a cooperation. The Old West City TV Station bought the copyright of “Somewhere Else” to broadcast locally. At the same time, the local media in Old West City also reported and promoted the Chinese food promotion link of the program.

At the end of the official Weibo the special thanks were given to Xie Ran along with a group photo of Xie Ran, the director of the program group and the two foreigners.

Netizens saw that one of the foreigners was Shahi and her foreign friend who came to have a meal with her during the program. Then it was exposed that this foreign friend was the producer of the Old West City TV station.

As if to confirm netizens’ speculation, the official Weibo of the show released a clip then, which was the video of Xie Ran having dinner and talking with Peter on the program.

In the tidbits, Xie Ran was still wearing the restaurant uniform and leisurely in the elegant seat of the restaurant terrace, fluently communicating with Peter in english, the subtitles kindly provided the translation.

This scene became one of the famous scenes of “Somewhere Else” in the minds of netizens, because when Xie Ran was leisurely talking and laughing with the guests, the other guests were serving plates in the restaurant so the contrast between the two sides became extremely strong. Even when Xie Ran wanted to pour water for Shihi, Zhu Chuanjia pounced over and wanted to pour it himself and only stopped after being reminded that Xie Ran was also a waiter which led to unanimous laughter from the audience.

The clip of the show showed even more details about the conversation, which was only briefly touched on in the show’s main feature and now they finally heard their detailed conversation, which was actually about the content of the show “Somewhere Else”.

Xie Ran aptly introduced to Peter the features of the show and some points that would interest the people of the Old West and even talked to Peter about some promotion strategy. He used concise words and did not say any nonsense, but every word was on point and in a few words he aroused Peter’s interest.


[6666, Boss Xie is really worthy of being boss Xie!]

[Mr Xie’s speech is really focused, damn if I had this ability I don’t know how many tenders I would have won.]

[No wonder Snowball did not dare to say anything to Mr. Xie, it turns out that even their hands are too short, doge]

[Really dissatisfied, it’s not alright. The program used to talk about cultural promotion a few times before, but in fact it was just to pull guests into selling things. But this time boss Xie directly outputted the program and reported it in the local media. In a sense Xie Ran really promoted our culture.]

[Uh, speaking of it, have you noticed one thing? Since the recording of the program, hasn’t Boss Xie teammate been on hot searches several times, bragging about how strong and capable he is each time? Is he imitating Mr. Xie? ].

[The previous statement is really a bit too real. That teammate said that he had done a good job, but in fact, they all just followed the analysis of boss Xie. Then some time ago, they even negotiated the endorsement, and the fans bragged wildly about it. But now seeing this, it really makes people see connections.]

[A certain fan has come as a Trojan horse again? Can you imitate a strong ability? A person is the entertainment circle’s ISO9000 standard? So many powerful people in the circle are just learning from him?]

Because of this speech, the already stifled Fang Huiwang’s fans instantly blew up, and the comment section instantly became a pink and black battlefield again.

But now Fang Huiwang fans were more vulnerable than Xie Ran fans so the situation was almost one-sided. But onlookers gradually pinpointed some things.

Fang Huiwang imitating or being inspired by Xie Ran action was something which could not be proved by anyone but the party concerned.

But just some time ago, Fang Huiwang made a lot of big movements so it really looked like he was trying to imitate Xie Ran.


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