DOASCC – Chapter 15.2 – Promotion Of Chinese Food

Fang Huiwang did not dare to think about it any more, but just directly looked at Xie Ran wanting to know what amazing decision he would make this time.

Xie Ran was silent for a moment. He didn’t understand what Zhu Chuanjia said.

Meng Feixuan recognized Xie Ran’s current status and skillfully explained: “He said the line from the movie ‘Nine-grade Sesame Officer’, which means that you deliberately lie and pretend you have no idea.”

Xie Ran: “…… hmm.”

Xie Ran did not change his expression as he said: “Just a little idea for the plan you proposed earlier.”

He reported a few place names: “These places are within walking distance of the restaurant and are the main commercial entertainment areas around the restaurant. With their flow of people, there is a demand for dining out so if you want to solicit a little more guests, giving flyers in these places would be the most appropriate.”

He said it briefly, but Jiang Wei was still very impressed: “Boss Xie’s homework preparation was really well done.”

On the first day, he had an insight into the customer flow and business situation of the scenic spot where they worked, and now he showed his knowledge of the local area.

Zhu Chuanjia gave a thumbs up: “No wonder Boss Xie is so successful!”

But even when everyone admired him, no one was afraid, Xie Ran shared what he knew and when the time came, it still depended on their respective ability so Xie Ran did not have too much of an advantage.

Zhu Chuanjia hit his board: “I believe I can be the brightest star.”




After the plan was settled, the relevant work would be carried out in an orderly manner. Most of the material, program group had already prepared in advance so in the end, the focus of their task was recruiting guests and interacting with them.

Soon everything was ready, the Chinese restaurant officially opened, and the program group hired a lion dance team from Chinatown, which made the atmosphere very lively.

As the last chance to make a comeback in the funding competition, and in order to have more shots, the girl group sisters and the senior group showed a lot of effort. They also listened to Xie Ran’s suggestion and divided the places proposed by Xie Ran.

When the lunch time on the first day was over, several people could finally stop and rest. But instead of taking a rest, they immediately got together and counted the turnover of the first half of the day.

As a result, Zhu Chuanjia really won first place. The folks of Old West City were enthusiastic and liked the lively and new things. Zhu Chuanjia breaking boards really attracted many people.

Finally, Xie Ran failed to make a bright performance this time, mainly because he didn’t seem to want to perform at all and refused to take even a few extra steps. Just standing in front of the restaurant handing out flyers.

He was also not very friendly, standing upright like an elite and if it was not for him wearing waiter’s clothes, no one would have thought he was handing out leaflets.

Thanks to his good face and good English, some customers who were fascinated by his beauty took the initiative to ask him questions.

There was no doubt that Xie Ran took the bottom spot.

“I think we have a chance!” Zhu Chuanjia excitedly patted Jiang Wei’s shoulder and began to do the math: “The difference between our current funding and Xie Ran’s is more than three thousand, right? Now with just half a day our group turnover is almost two hundred more than Boss Xie, so if we work hard in three days overtaking Boss Xie is not just a dream.”

Meng Xixi listened confused: “I don’t think it’s right. We get 200 more in half a day so even if we worked hard in these three days, it would be a total of a thousand or two thousand, so how can we surpass Boss Xie?”

Jiang Wei looked at her lovingly: “Silly girl, have you forgotten how much money Boss Xie can spend?”

Xie Ran’s profit was close to seven thousand dollars in the first three days, and if it wasn’t for his unflinching spending, the gap wouldn’t have been reduced to less than 3000.

Even when they were doing the mission the day before, Xie Ran, who passed the mall, bought a pair of white gold cufflinks, spending five hundred dollars, which was just outrageous!

Zhu Chuanjia looked at Xie Ran expectantly: “Boss Xie, are you considering saving money in the next few days?”

Xie Ran gave a light laugh: “There’s no need.”

He didn’t value the advertisement of Ruiyan and from the beginning, he did not put victory or defeat in his heart and did tasks just to finish his work.

Fang Huiwang suddenly said: “Xiao Ran, you -”

He really didn’t expect Xie Ran to spend so much, even after eating the best food and living in the best housing, he still bought unnecessary cufflinks. According to his way of spending, he might really be overtaken by others.

But just as he was about to shout, he was abruptly stopped, he suddenly realized that he seemed to not know how to talk to Xie Ran.

Xie Ran would not listen to him anyway.

Zhu Chuanjia and Jiang Wei had already cheered out, and the two of them gave a high five, this time with a real burning fighting spirit: “We’ll fight till the end, we can do it!.”

When Meng Xixi and Chen Xiaoxuan heard them do the math, they also saw hope: “Then we’ll try too, we might really have a chance!”

When the program team saw that the guests finally showed the correct appearance that they should have in this program, they could not help but shed tears of joy.

Just then, the team leader in charge of the translation hurried over, holding his cell phone and said: “Director, we just got a call from Shahi, that said she is looking for the author of the photo taken in the location of the “New, Old West”.”

“Shahi?” The director was surprised when he heard the words: “The great painter Shahi?”

Everyone who heard his voice looked over, even people in the program group who knew nothing about art had heard a lot about Shahi in the past two days.

The team leader nodded: “That’s her. She specifically asked someone from the Old West City Tourism Bureau for our number, hoping to get her in touch with the author of the photo.”

The director nodded and asked the team leader to hand over the cell phone to Xie Ran.

Everyone else was also a little excited at this time, but Xie Ran’s face did not fluctuate. He answered the phone and communicated calmly with the other person. He was very fluent in English and spoke slowly. It seemed like such a conversation was very common to him.

After a few casual sentences like this, he suddenly paused, covered the receiver, turned his head and asked the program group: “Can we reserve the restaurant?”

The program group became a little confused but they still nodded. The goal of guests was to complete the turnover, each according to the ability of each guest. If some of the guests could pull off a package deal, it could still be considered as one of the points.

Xie Ran who got a positive reply then said ‘okay’ to the other party, and briefly spoke a few words, then hung up the phone, looked up at everyone around him and said: “Shahi has reserved our restaurant tonight.”

The director subconsciously asked: “Why?”

“She wants to meet with me but I have to work. She thinks I should be free if she reserves the whole venue.”

Everyone: “……”

In the midst of a silence, Zhu Chuanjia’s voice cut through the sky: “WHY————–”


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