DOASCC – Chapter 22.1 – Shocking Boss Xie

Fang Huiwang was furious reading the words “old age” in the comments section, he slapped the table and angrily exclaimed: “He’s a puppet, of course he can be young forever!”

The table made a loud bang, and the water in the glass on the table was also shaken, which startled Kuang Youfang who looked at him strangely and was secretly shocked.

He had always thought that Fang Huiwang’s inexplicable hostility towards Meng Feixuan was because Meng Feixuan had defeated Nangong and caused Yewang studio to nearly break its financial chain.

But in this situation, his heart couldn’t help but rise up with a thought that would never have appeared before – Fang Huiwang couldn’t treat Meng Feixuan as a love rival and be jealous of him, right?

This idea was so absurd that if it was in the past, Kuang Youfang would have scoffed, how could this be possible? Meng Feixuan was just a virtual character, an artificially created image, not even an entity.

How could Fang Huiwang who was so ambitious and focused on fame and wealth, regard puppet as his love rival? Therefore losing his cool.

But at this moment Kuang Youfang couldn’t control himself from thinking like this.

It was really because Fang Huiwang’s angry look was just too juicy. He even compared his age and appearance with the virtual character! Was this really not a loss of wisdom?

Fang Huiwang even thought of various strategies recently to deal with Meng Feixuan. Before he only felt that he was enterprising and more eager to win than before but if he was jealous…. It would make much more sense.

……. Of course, it was even more ridiculous!

Kuang Youfang was so shocked that he couldn’t say how he felt for a while, but now he doesn’t have the energy to pay attention to Fang Huiwang any longer.

Their real trouble was still on the air at this time.

Meng Feixuan suddenly thanked the audience for the rocket and caused a great shock in the live broadcast. His previous interaction with Xie Ran was vivid enough and won the unanimous praise of netizens, but everyone subconsciously still felt that this was just a more advanced interactive procedure.

But this thanks was an instant interaction which was very difficult to design in advance, even if it was a program. This program intelligence was still undoubtedly far ahead of all the current virtual idols.

Nangong previously released the music video that had been outstanding enough, but the music video went through rigorous post-processing, his language, action, interaction and special effects could be modified one by one in post production so he could finally achieve the stunning effect. Of course, this also needed very high technical requirements, so it was sought after by everyone.

But Meng Feixuan was doing it on live broadcast!

Never before had a virtual idol shown such a natural interactive effect in a live broadcast.

Seeing the bullet screen full of praise and amazement, some people began to write: [Nangong and Meng Feixuan are really awesome!]

[The previous one, don’t be blinded by Nangong publicity, if they were really on the same level how could Nangong be left out after the press conference?]

Kuang Youfang could no longer keep calm, he no longer cared about Fang Huiwang’s emotions and immediately used his account to purchase special effects pop-ups and sent: [Pretending to be a virtual idol, who knows if Xie Ran did not arrange an actor?]

But before he could pick up the rhythm, he saw Meng Feixuan beat another contestant and with a flick of his finger, Xie Ran chose a new registration ID, and read: “Next, Lan Zhi.”

The contestant entered the fighting room and then typed on the public screen, “Hello Xie Ran. I am Lan Zhi from Seeking Technology.”

Comment section: [??????]

[Lan Zhi also came to participate?]

[What’s up with this situation?]

Lan Zhi, the chief technical director of Seeking Technology, was the one who praised Xie Ran professionalism on Weibo during Meng Feixuan’s debut launch.

After that, it was also Lan Zhi who suggested to the company to buy Meng Feixuan co-operating rights. It was just that Seeking Technology failed to reach an agreement with Xie Ran studio after several offers, and Seeking Technology agreed for Tianyin idol Studio to invest in Nangong.

However, Lan Zhi personally still held a great interest in Meng Feixuan. Today when Meng Feixuan suddenly posted a Weibo claiming to be the champion of the fighting the landlord competition, Lan Zhi suddenly realized that Seeking Technology previous estimation of Meng Feixuan value was far from enough.

So when he saw Meng Feixuan playing live fighting the landlord with the netizens, he specially registered an account and joined in.

Appearance of Lan Zhi caused a great uproar in the live broadcast. But on the contrary, there was no fluctuation in the parties concerned. Xie Ran only looked up at Lan Zhi words and suddenly asked: “If Meng Feixuan wins, will you give him back his bonus?”

Comment Section: [Ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[Boss Xie ruthlessly collects debts online! ]

[Lan Zhi: I am at least the CTO of Seeking, you are embarrassing me. Can’t you give me some face at last?]

[Xiao Ran hanging his head for Meng Feixuan? It’s so sweet, I was hit again! ! !]

Sure enough, Lan Zhi’s ID was silent for a while before he spoke slowly: [yes. ].

Then he continued firmly: [Meng Feixuan may not win, but we will give him the championship bonus regardless of whether he wins or loses.]

Xie Ran ignored Lan Zhi words after getting the answer he wanted so he just nodded with ‘Um” and said: “Let’s go.”

The system dealt cards and three accounts began to play cards, this time the speed was even faster. The three accounts were dealt out almost in seconds, and just as Lan Zhi said, Meng Feixuan did not always win. The games Meng Feixuan lost were all straightforward folds in the moment he got his cards and he didn’t even play them.

Some people tried to mock Meng Feixuan, but were immediately contradicted by those who knew the game: [The game fighting the landlord is very random, and there are also strategies to play with your teammates. But no matter how good your calculation ability is, there is no way to deal with the situation of Tianhu (getting the card directly). There is nothing you can do after getting cards. Meng Feixuan abstained several times, but in other times, even if he gets a bad card as long as there was a chance of winning, he would turn it over.]

[Shocked, the one in front can see the cards they play clearly? My eyes are dazzled! ]

[Lan Zhi is so good. Why is he playing his cards so fast? ]

After more than 20 quick games, Lan Zhi ID finally lost more than he won and finally stopped as he sent a message on the public screen: [I don’t think I need to continue to play. It’s not me who just played with Meng Feixuan.]

Xie Ran slowly raised his eyelids: “I know, it is the algorithm system that is playing cards.”

Lan Zhi: [The algorithm of fighting the landlord is very simple and does not have much reference value. If possible, I would like to invite Meng Feixuan to play Go.]

As soon as Lan Zhi’s words came out, netizens in front of the screen whispered that the algorithm of go was so complex that only a  few real cutting-edge giants in the world could have developed corresponding algorithms. Seeking Technology was one of them and now Lan Xhi was inviting Meng Feixuan to play a game of go?

Before Xie Ran spoke, Meng Feixuan said disapprovingly: “The loser is not qualified to make a request.”

When Xie Ran looked at him, Meng Feixuan said proudly, “it’s very simple, only the person who won is convincing.”

Xie Ran: “…hmmm.”

Lan Zhi: […] You guys are really not giving any face to this CTO!!!

At this point, Xie Ran’s Studio no longer needed to explain anything to the public, what remained was private meeting talks between Xie Ran and the senior management of Seeking which didn’t need to be made public.


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