In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 99 -Commissioning Of The Mecha

Looking at the nourishment potions in his hands, McCarthy opened his mouth in a slightly bewildered manner, somewhat unable to react. These things, how much did they cost? Also who gave them?

He was very curious, but there was nothing in the box that would let anyone know the source of the potions.

These days, Nourishing Potions are sold online in groups of ten and if someone is able to snatch them, they would be anonymously delivered soon.

This makes people sure that the seller was on the planet, but they weren’t able to find much more. Not only because the courier was sent to a different location each time, but also because the person who handed the parcel over to the robot used camouflage.

Some people on the Internet suggested that you can find the person behind the anonymous courier by banning it, but it soon attracted a group of opponents. After the anonymous courier is gone, what if the person doesn’t sell the Nourishing Potions anymore?

Anyway, the potion will be sent to the buyer via anonymous courier, this was now certain. But if they did not buy the potion how could it be sent to them?

“We got a shot at the Nourishing Potions?” Dounia suddenly said. As soon as her voice dropped, she immediately took out a bottle of Nourishing Potion and drank it.

McCarthy was a little dazed at first, but quickly responded. “Yes, we got the Nourishing Potion.”

They didn’t get the potion, but they still received it. It was obviously sent to them by someone else and the person who sent them potion… they thought of Greenton.

That Greenton was very mysterious and the last time he took out some strange pill.

“This potion tastes a lot like that pill. McCarthy, it’s time for you to call others and inform them of the good news.” Dounia said. This potion was probably sold by Greenton, so they must keep it as a secret. The best way to keep it as a secret was to say they bought it on their own.

“Yes, this is good news. I should inform the others!” McCarthy smiled, took out his contact terminal and started calling his friends and family. “Brother, I have bought the Nourishing Potion! Your sister-in-law’s illness is cured! “

At first, there were several people who made it public after grabbing a Nourishing Potion, but after they were coerced and lured to sell the potion in their hands, most people would not tell anyone even if they bought it. So even if they now lied about getting it online, no one would suspect it.

McCarthy called people excitedly, but Dounia drank all ten bottles of Nourishing Potions, bottle after bottle.

Those who got a Nourishing Potion and did not speak about it were all basically planning to save it for a more critical time and not give it to others. But since Dounia drank all of it, there was nothing more to say about it.

Many people came to congratulate Dounia and even some people from the hospital came to check Dounia’s body. At this time, McCarthy’s broken house became very lively and many people even wanted to buy the box that once contained the Nourishing Potion for a lot of money.

McCarthy’s place did not calm down until the evening. But even at this time, the internet was bustling with news. Dounia’s before and after body reports were also put on the internet.

In addition to calming the fetus, the Nourishing Potion could also nourish the body! Although Dounia was still in bad health, she was much better than before. At this time there were countless people who envied Dounia. Not only because she got the Nourishing Potion, but also because her husband after grabbing the Nourishing Potion didn’t hesitate to give it to her to eat. Rather than thinking of taking another wife.1 Dounia’s body was too weak, so even after eating the Nourishing Potion it was impossible for her to have a child.

When Dounia’s photo was widely circulated on the Internet, Master Fern was working with Ren Sheng on his ‘masterpiece.’

There were all kinds of parts and weapons in the mecha, so even if Ren Sheng wanted to change it, it was best to wait until he became more familiar with it. But the shape did not matter.

“Red was the color that Chapman wanted, do you want to change it?”

“All red is indeed a bit too gaudy, I think green and earthy yellow will look good. We can use these two colors to get the stripes?” Ren Sheng looked at Master Fern who was planning to change the color of the mecha. His seeds were red, but that was his seed not him. He himself was earthy yellow and green. After a moment he felt these two colors were very good.

The corners of Master Fern’s mouth twitched. Some people might not understand Ren Sheng’s aesthetics. How high class was a mecha? On the Internet, there may be people who will make their mechas look like art, but in reality no one would spoil them and the color matching of mechas was always very good.

Yellow and green stripes on the mecha? What is this? A caterpillar?

When he first made this mecha, he wanted to make Ruoya the most powerful mecha and put a lot of painstaking effort into it. But now, someone actually wanted to paint this mecha with stripes…

“So the bottom is earthy yellow and the top is green?” Ren Sheng noticed that Master Fern’s expression was a bit strange and gestured to the waist of the mecha.

“…” What a curious way to paint. He really shouldn’t ask about other people’s preferences just because he was grateful. Master Fern couldn’t help regretting it. He should have just rubbed off the red Chapman had requested to make it silver and white.

“Ren, how about using yellow for the mech as a whole and making these parts green?” Zhao Lingyu pointed to some small raised places, which would normally be accented with red or something like that for silver-white mecha.

“Good.” Ren Sheng looked at it and agreed.

“As for what yellow and green to use, and whether to put patterns and such on the mecha, why don’t we leave it to the special design staff.” The yellow that Ren Sheng chose really didn’t look too good.

“Alright” Ren Sheng nodded again.

When Master Fern saw that Ren Sheng obediently agreed, he gave Zhao Lingyu a slightly admiring glance. He didn’t expect Ren Sheng would still be so well behaved.

Zhao Lingyu, however, looked at him seriously. “Ren is not the kind of person who is not willing to accept other people’s opinions. If you think he has done something wrong, tell him directly and he will change.” If others didn’t say anything, of course Ren Sheng wouldn’t know that his behavior was a bit strange.

Hearing Zhao Lingyu’s words, Master Fern felt a little ashamed. He was just not satisfied with Ren Sheng’s ideas and preferred to not say anything too harsh, but he was a little too narrow-minded.

“I have done something wrong?” Ren Sheng looked at Zhao Lingyu incomprehensibly. “When I used the mech just now, it seemed that I made some mistakes in my movements and those weapons were not used skillfully. I almost didn’t prepare the direction. Well, I will strive to be better and do it more skillfully in the future.”

“You did a good job and it was already very good. Before, I thought it would be beyond your reach, but now it seems that I looked down on you.” Master Fern hurriedly said. When Ren Sheng used this mecha for the first time, he could make all kinds of movements. He was a genius.

Back then, if he was to make a mecha for such a genius, maybe he would have done better than this one in front of him. No… it was not too late!

Master Fern was suddenly full of ambition. He must design an even better mecha!

Chapman was actually looking forward to this mecha, but after the accident, he was too embarrassed to ask for it. But now he is going to give this mecha to that guy’s enemy!

Master Fern was in a good mood for a while, but he didn’t expect to see Zhao Lingyu watching his daughter’s news when he turned around.


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