In the Future, My Whole Body Is A Treasure – Chapter 118 – The Battle Is Won

“That pilot can actually drive the mecha while throwing things. He’s definitely a person with very strong mental power! I think his mental power might be even stronger than Lord Marshal’s! Don’t hit me in the back of the head… I’m wrong, I’ll never say it again! Don’t you know that the easiest place to hurt a person is the back of the head? To cut to the chase, I’ve decided to make him my idol!” 

The little warrior continued to narrate. “Come on, everyone, let’s see a close-up of him throwing something! I’ll play back the bit from earlier so maybe we can still guess who this guy is from his hand! Wait, why is this hand so pink and tender?”

The little soldier enlarged the white and tender hand picture, and stretched out his own hand. After the comparison, it looked like… it was clearly the difference between a shelled boiled egg and a shelled egg.

“Wait, what is this thing? Erotic clothing? This is for children who like costume clothing, isn’t it? Isn’t it too evil for him to carry something like this with him? According to the Law on the Protection of minors, someone who uses such a thing should be sentenced! Sentenced! And in serious cases, hypnotherapy! We must not condone it!” 

The little warrior pointed to one of the animal suits that had just flown out and was cut by the spatial blade with a face full of anger. “This kind of person can never be my idol. I want to spit on him!”

Hey! This is a battle going on in the palace. The Empress might be in danger! Can you please stop giving us lectures about the protection of minors law? But this mecha pilot was indeed a scum to misbehave like this.

Wait, our focus seemed to become skewed as well? The people watching become speechless for a while.

Ren Sheng didn’t know what other people thought. He threw so many things out just to confuse the line of sight and make it easier to throw out some pills. As for why he even threw away his own clothes… He could not wear them anymore, so they were put together with some other things he did not use anymore. This time to confuse the line of sight, of course, he had to throw these useless miscellaneous things.

The pills that were sprinkled diffused, but the people on the outside were completely unaware of it because of all the barriers. But Chapman soon felt that something was wrong…

Just when the little soldier found some furry clothes for teenagers in the video just now and could not help attacking the pilot, Chapman who was still majestic, suddenly fell head first to the ground… and the cracks in the surrounding space gradually became smaller and smaller.

The Empress and the others who had been escorted out of the underground by the ability users saw this scene. Big Baby stared at Chapman for a moment, before suddenly running toward the battlefield cheerfully.

“Stop him!” The Empress immediately yelled, but did not expect Big Baby’s movements to be so excessively nimble as he quickly shook off the ability users. The robots also did not catch him and were left behind in the end, cut into pieces by the space blades.

Emperor Will was also not fast enough. Seeing this scene, it was already too late to try to stop it. He simply tried to control the surrounding space and smooth it so that the space blades would avoid Big Baby. The child would certainly be fine with the unfathomable strength of the mecha pilot in the field. That kind of powerful spiritual power, even he who had lived for a thousand years, does not have.

“Big Baby!” Ren Sheng yelled. “What are you doing?!” Chapman’s space blades hadn’t dissipated yet, and he was still inside his mecha!

“Delicious.” Big Baby’s footsteps didn’t even stop as he easily jumped between the various spatial cracks, then looked excitedly at Chapman lying in the middle. Or rather, it should be said at the energy escaping from Chapman’s body.

Chapman had already overdrawn his body and powers, and was already at the end of his rope. The powder that Ren Sheng sprinkled out was the last straw that broke him. It directly caused him to leak like a punctured balloon. All of this meant nothing to anyone else, but to Big Baby who had already practiced cultivation, it was clearly a feast set before him.

The orange mecha was already broken, so Ren Sheng observed the situation from outside. Jumping from the mecha, he rushed speechless after Big Baby, intending to find a way to cover up the scene of Big Baby ‘eating.’

“Isn’t that a plant in the mech? How did it become human? What is this? A plant?” The Ruoya Empress was full of amazement. She was still holding a flower pot with ginseng.

“That’s Zhao Lingyu’s companion? Looking at the photo, I thought he should be very small. I did not expect the real person to look even smaller… so small and Zhao Lingyu still go together with him?” Raymond said. When he was facing the overly beautiful and still very young Jenkins back then, he felt very guilty. When he accidentally ate him…

“That pervert is about to come down from the mech! Everyone must remember what he looks like, to avoid him in future! Wait a minute…” the little warrior on the air suddenly blushed. “He’s so small. Was that really him driving the mecha just now? He should be less than 20 years old, right? White and tender. His voice also sounds good, not at all like a pervert. Yes! He is certainly not a pervert. Those clothes should be his own. If he wears clothes like that…”

Once again, the little warrior was not doing his job and used the computer to synthesize an image. The image was of Ren Sheng wearing a tiger suit and smiling slightly. “He is indeed not my idol. He is my male god and my male god is definitely not a pervert.”

Yes, he was by no means a pervert, but rather he made others perverted. This time, everyone scrambled to take a screenshot and even forgot to curse the little warrior.

“Big Baby, be careful.” Ren Sheng didn’t know about the live broadcast, so he only whispered and looked around alertly, making him look even cuter.

Big Baby had no time to talk, he already turned Chapman over and took Chapman’s hand.

Chapman thought he was going to die, but unexpectedly, a little angel held his hand. Then his rioting ability slowly disappeared and his whole person became much more comfortable. He thought he would blow himself up under all kinds of protective cover, but now his physical condition was getting better and better. This was… his eyes were still a little dazzled. How could this little angel holding his hand grow bigger and bigger?!

The scene of the Big Baby’s ‘eating’ was silent, but after absorbing a lot of energy, he slowly got bigger. His son was growing up so fast, he was so envious! Ren Sheng was both envious and jealous, but then looked around with a little worry.

“What are they doing?” This was the question of everyone who was watching this scene. How come this child started growing bigger after holding Chapman’s hand? It wasn’t because they were going blind, right?

Of course they were not dazzled. Before long, Big Baby’s clothes stretched as he grew a whole head taller, but Chapman’s expression only grew more and more gentle.

Jenkins had arranged for the ability users to capture Chapman and then bring the child who broke into the battlefield. But unexpectedly Chapman’s people who were unwilling to surrender and were confronting them, were rioting.

Chapman had been operating for many years. Although some people gave up on him after seeing him fail and surrendered. There were still many people who were loyal to him and would never betray him. The two people he sent to the Human Federation before, were also loyal to him. So there certainly were also this type of people here.

These people’s strength was not low, so as they continued to resist, they even took some ordinary people near the palace as hostages in order to win a chance for Chapman. Unexpectedly, Chapman was now silent. They already knew they failed, so seeing Chapman’s choice, they did the same thing as Chapman and rushed towards Ren Sheng and Big Baby.

No, what they did was worse than Chapman. Some of them chose to blow themselves up after the injection.

Originally in the vicinity of the battlefield, Jenkins and others took the brunt of the energy explosions and almost spit out a mouthful of blood. Their abilities nearly went astray. while Ren Sheng and Big Baby were still in the middle of the battlefield.

Ren Sheng covered Big Baby with earth and wanted to escape. Thankfully, the previous troubles exposed some soil. But he did not want to suddenly jump down from above someone, so he protected Big Baby.

The energy shook above him and Big Baby, but Ren Sheng and Big Baby did not suffer any harm. In the next second, a person jumped toward them and then picked up the ability users that were close by and smashed them to the ground one by one. Wasn’t this person Zhao Lingyu, who was said to have returned to the Human Federation?

Zhao Lingyu had just hit them a few times when another person jumped down from the top. It was a beautiful woman, dressed in dark red. Full of mature charm, she looked very sexy, attractive, and as enthusiastic as fire. But you would not expect to meet the opposite reaction… she directly froze the people beaten by Zhao Lingyu with her ice ability.

“I didn’t expect Chapman to have the drug that stimulates potential on him.” Emperor Will said after he finished smoothing out the space cracks.

“Are you okay?” Zhao Lingyu didn’t have the time to pay attention to Emperor Will, who had put his partner and children in danger. He just looked at Ren Sheng worriedly.

“Fortunately you are fine. Otherwise, Zhao Lingyu would have beaten me to the death. If I had known the situation was so urgent, I would never have stopped halfway.” The woman in red said. While speaking, she slapped Zhao Lingyu’s shoulder.

Zhao Lingyu dodged, but Ren Sheng opened his eyes wide. Putting Big Baby, who had gotten heavier into Zhao Lingyu’s arms, he pointed at the woman and asked in a stern voice. “Zhao Lingyu, who is this?” This woman stopped people halfway and tried to slap Zhao Lingyu’s shoulder. Who the hell was she? He hadn’t liked seening Zhao Lingyu get close to her!

Was it appropriate to be jealous on the battlefield? Emperor Will was speechless.

Fang Chengjun and Gerd already came down at this time. Fang Chengjun’s mouth corners hooked as he said helplessly, “Ren Sheng, this is my mother….” This was his mother who was missing for a long time… It was said that she was much older than Zhao Lingyu’s father and even saw Zhao Lingyu’s bare baby butt…

“Help…” Chapman, whose life was finally saved, was half buried in the dirt. But after he opened his mouth, his mouth became full of dirt.


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